Unboxing Treasure Studio Arts

Unboxing Treasure Studio Arts

well hello hello everyone welcome back to the channel miss crochet and coffee here and today we have a package this package comes to us from treasure studio arts I keep wanting to call it treasure art studios but it's other studio arts I kept getting people saying oh you have to try this company you have to try it so I was like you know what fine fine fine I'll try it so I did I ordered something now as I get into it I order this June 22nd it shipped out cuz uh from what I was told they make their canvases like to order like her MTO made to order so she doesn't just have canvases just chilling around you guys the lady that runs the company or is HR or whatever her name is Rachel not to be confused for our very own Rachel Ray but uh yeah they make these to order so I'm guessing that might have been why it took so long but I ordered it June 22nd it shipped July 1st and then it literally just got to me today today is July 25th so it took twenty four days after shipping to get to me wow that's a lot I've had canvases get to me from aliexpress a lot quicker so I'm not sure what the hang-up was after like a couple of weeks I actually went to go check the shipping and when I did it was weird I got a email from the lady Rachel saying about you know we noticed you just checked your shipping I check it as well sometimes things can get hung up in China and I'm like okay kind of like some Big Brother stuff going on but uh yeah it's a 30 by 50 square that I ordered and I'm not sure if you will be able to see it but yeah you can't see it but as you can see the box is banged up which is never a good sign alright so let's see let's cross our fingers let's see if we can go woo maybe this one might turn out a little bit better so yeah that came in this little crinkle up box it's just a yeah you don't care about no boss so let's see so it is crinch right there and I say crunch cuz it's crinkled and scrunched I can't tell that's not thick canvas is I don't know alright I do like the branding on it it has treasure art studios on it honestly it kind of reminds me of something that you get from like CES deals like new frog the just wait like just looking at it that's what it looks like um I'm not saying that you know it is or anything but but yeah so this is the image it's like I said it's a 30 by 50 and it's supposed to be a little girl I think with a balloon I can't remember to be honest I ordered this so long ago I don't remember what it looks like I obviously will add pictures in oh okay so okay try to take the plastic off and you know the plastic came off get rid of that maybe we tried okay no all right so it has 25 colors hold this back I don't think this is poor glue but uh we do have some bubbles in this area from the way it was crunched in the bat or in the box trying to see if it's actually a bubble or it's just yeah that's that there is a bubble and so is that um what did I pay for this now that's one of the few reasons why I hadn't ordered from this company because the canvases are priced a little higher and I don't like a again I don't mind paying price for if it's worth the price but there I I didn't want to pay top-notch prices and get something that to be honest looks like this the glue comes out to about here it has all the information for treasure our Studios down here at the bottom there Instagram Facebook which I will have all of that information in the description box down below it is wrinkled which you know I can flatten that out I'm gonna pause you so I can get pull up the information all right so for this 30 by 50 square I pay $27.50 honestly I don't think it was worth $27 like I don't see anything special or spectacular about it viewing it from my standpoint here I can't make out what it is and yeah it's only a 30 by 50 but I should be able to make out like this is supposed to be a book I think he'll let me pull the image up on my computer so I remember seeing the image and was like wow I really really like this image and just looking at it here you can't tell like yeah so there's supposed to be a little girl with a balloon here and then this is supposed to be a book and then you have a tree and you have I think it's supposed to be like a leaf and then around the edge it's supposed to be blacked out now this one will probably look better with drills on it like looking at it like this it probably doesn't look the best but and you guys can sort of see the image a little bit better than I can but I really really love this image and that is that it's still tacky there so I should be able to fix it but honestly for that price you shouldn't have to fix a canvas before working on it and you know I'm all about quality if I'm paying a good price and I don't know yet again I've just got a bum canvas or what but yeah I I'll contact her and send her some pictures and show her how it showed up cuz I'm not gonna say I'm not happy with it I do like it but I don't know so let's see we got that strip of plastic that came off all right so here's our tool kit and it's a little bit more than basic it's like starbucks Frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso so you've got two plates of wax a white boat with a funnel you got a brand new pair of PTSD twelve tweezers I don't I don't know I would really like that if these companies like they spent all that money for that branding on their one branch or stuff like get some branded stuff I love branded stuff that's just me though like that's just my suggestion but it comes with this weird non placing that's like a little thing right there Heather nine placer or a ten place or whatever this is I think this might be a ten place or it might be a nine place where you you know call what you want is a three place are on the back of the pin and it has a yellow squishy on it okay they do get brownie for this I do do love baggies I really do so let's get into the baggie shall we but I do like the fact that it looks like a poured glue method but the quality like it for what I paid I'm not sure if this is worth it like maybe I'm being super picky today so let's see let's see if it has all of its colors did they at least number the bags no all right so it has the DMC code on the bag usually when they do that they give you like the number on the canvas and this one just tells you the weight and it says number 598 which I have no clue what that is is that maybe yeah that's it so on the baggie it says where's my pin about the Vanna White this 598 this is color 400 and it's 15.29 ounces I guess so it doesn't tell you it doesn't give you the number from the canvas so like if they could add like on the side here like this would be number one so put like a number one there like I don't think that would you know hurt but I can do that myself that's just that's just me so let's see we're gonna see oh we got six six six yes Oh guys I spent all morning cleaning so like my brain is frazzled I actually have like no more cleaning to do but then a moment I sat down the mailman's like I have stuff for you uh so we got some mixed drills in that bag got some mixed mixed drills aren't a big problem that's not a problem at all you can just they look like three three seven one so I'll just put them in that bag and then it looks like I have a 38 65 in there too either way um let's see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 2 3 4 5 so it seems like all of our we got stuff falling out it seems like all the bags are there I do like the tweezers we're about to break them out of jail here because I want to see if these are the good ones they look like a good one okay we got them out get rid of that trash yeah I just plant the house whoo okay so they are the pointy one so be very careful if you get them but they are the they're really sturdy too so they are the good pleases they the good ones so they get brownie points for the good tweezers but seriously brand those tweezers I would love to have branded like accessories from these stores like if we're gonna pay that premium price brand your stuff so we can be like look we got these tweezers from treasure studio arts at least put like a little scribbly flower on it or something come on anyways let's look at the drill field so we're gonna zoom you in but can't see the business no we got to get you we gotta get you all up in the business all right so we're gonna pull this plastic back so there's nothing hindering our view that really makes me sad too cuz that that one spot right there I hope it turns out okay I'm gonna have to wipe it with a wet wipe so that it doesn't get all weird so let's see we're gonna take a good look at these forgive me if I'm quiet but last few canvases I reviewed I noticed that some symbols were blurry and I missed it so I don't want to miss it this time so we're gonna take a good look so far I don't see there being any issues and we're gonna move you around so you're not looking at the same part of the canvas now I don't know what part of the cameras you're looking at but look it says pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup oh it's like a heartbeat right there but yeah even though oh god that makes me mad I'm so sad and I do like it wouldn't be so you're still zoomed in what are you doing get out of there get out of the business all right and it wouldn't be so bad but if it was just like a mark on the canvas I could understand if it was just a wrinkling of the canvas I'd be cool but there's a whole spot right there like shipping did not treat it well and I can't blame shipping on the company because all they do is put it in a box and ship it out the canvas is thin kind of it I can't say that kind of reminds me of the oil canvas it's not a bad canvas they're actually really sturdy and you can like stretch them see sometimes if you pull at them knock some of those wrinkles out but it's not a bad canvas I just I think I should have got this image a little bit bigger but that is what is really making me sad right now and there's another one here but I will still work on it I'll send her some pictures and let her know I don't want to get another canvas or anything I just want to let her know make her aware that you know this one came with a little booboo on it you might want to put a boo-boo bandaid on whatever they're doing at that factory because yeah there's another one right there crap either way I say yeah sure go check them out they're not a bad company I think it just I should have ordered this image a little bit bigger I thought that the size would be good but let's see if they actually measure two sides because that's if I can find my tape measure if there's wart nose Maggie runs off of all the things oh wow she actually put it back get out our handy dandy measuring tape all right so they're supposed to be a 30 by 50 so we're gonna stick it edge to edge and edge on the zero so it's a little bit short of 50 and they tell you to give it like a what 1 inch or 1 centimeter whatever for it so yeah it's just they're just cut a couple of NICs off of where they should be but it's pretty much to size because I don't think those little niches will make the image any more clearer here but again I won't know what it looks like until I put diamonds on it I don't think it looks too horribly bad but yes we'll have to wait and see either way it's not a bad canvas if I had any suggestions one package a little bit better because this is annoying and the fact that I'm not it's not a bad thing for me because I have plenty believe me plenty of canvases to keep me busy while I wait for this to flatten itself out or I have to iron it but if I had any suggestions I would say maybe possibly use a foam roller because if you're gonna have like all this pretty designs and stuff up here you don't want that all wrinkled up in the box around some drills and because there's nothing really the drills are in baggy so they're not gonna be hard enough to keep it from bunching up like this so so I would have to like iron this or put it under a mattress which I don't do the mattress thing that's to me I don't I can't get down with that I put it down behind mr. coffee suits he don't wear them so I'm gonna have to let this sit for a couple of weeks under some suits before I even touch it but if I had to give it a star rating out of five I'd give it a three and a half I'm being generous today alright so yeah that's it for me folks I hope you enjoyed this unboxing if you did please feel free to give it a thumbs up or give it a thumbs down if you don't anyways if you're not already a subscriber and would like to subscribe to see more random videos just like this one please feel free to hit that subscribe button and the bell to be notified anytime I randomly decide to put up a video and believe me it's random but that said I'm going to bid you adieu and remind you like I always do try please try to be kind be courteous hi guys

24 thoughts on “Unboxing Treasure Studio Arts

  1. Foam rollers make a world of difference. A simple tweak will change a lot of things.

    That looked a lot like a crystal kit I got from the LaoJieYuan store on AliExpress. The box is the same, the thumbnail image on the end of the box looks like it was cut from the canvas and taped on, but it's not cut off of the canvas, and the labels on the drills are exactly the same. And no inventory list. I wonder if they are from the same manufacturing plant.

  2. I absolutely loved your video on TSA, and I value your honest opinion as no one can fix something unless they are made aware of it… I stand behind TSA as Rachel has some of the best customer service and her custom images are amazing… I can’t wait to see the next kit you get from TSA…

    Many Blessings
    #vibetribe 🌈

  3. That sucks! I ordered two and they were in great condition but they were probably from her previous supplier. She needs to go back to them

  4. Hmmmm. I’m torn. The price for the canvas concerns me when there’s glue blobs all over it. Hope you can fix it!

  5. I wouldn’t be happy paying that money for an unclear canvas. I have several in my stash which look good pre drill so I know they will be amazing done and you will know yourself that some Mandie DAC’s look just like posters and don’t need drills to look good. Glad they have acknowledged the issue and are correcting it for you.

  6. I could be wrong but it seems to me that poured glue is preferred so maybe they put a clear cover so it would appear to be poured. I think you get my point…lol

  7. I really like this image 😊 I like the book..stories coming to life!! I do hope it turns out nice, shipping is our nemesis tho…for sure!!

  8. I agree that for this price it could be a little better. Seems like a general AliExpress canvas. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just that the price should be according 😀

  9. I kept calling them "Treasure Studio Arts" throughout my whole unboxing LOL.

    Now I'm sad. My kits were still from her old supplier and those canvases were really, really good. You know the sparkly type with the wavy edge etc. I was hoping the new supplier would mean even better kits and I know that was her intend behind switching suppliers. This is a bit of a bummer now. Fingers crossed this was just really bad luck and the replacement will be much better 🙂

  10. I bought a kit from them 40×50 pd 33.50 the symbols are so small I will have to use a magnifying glass had bubbles also service was very good I won't order from them again I'll stick with Dac and evermoment

  11. I am so tiered of getting junk Diamond Painting,I would rather put my money on a DAC kit, but that’s just me, Thank You for Sharing Your Videos

  12. I agree, dont mine paying the price as long as the quality matches. Thank you for the upfront and honest review. Have a great day!

  13. thanks again for the honest review and glad to see their customer service was really good, fingers crossed the replacement gets to you in a lot better shape tfs hugs Cal x

  14. Hello Mrs. Coffee, I have to agree with some of your points about the size and adhesive in places for the price. Then I read her response to you and was definitely impressed.
    I do like what the image will look like. I'm a reader and I love what it represents.
    I saw on Instagram your great news about our Maggie girl. The picture of her and Mr Coffee is so cute! I do praise Jesus for answered prayer that you got the help for her you wanted. Also you made it there and back safely.
    You have a funfantastic day!
    Jesus bless you and yours,Lin ✝️🐶🐶🐶🐶🐢🐦🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎💖🦒🐧🐲🤗

  15. Thank you for your honest reviews , I don’t mind spending more for a canvas if I like the image but to spend my money and have to fix them it not acceptable.

  16. If I am pay $28 for a 30×50, that canvas should have come near perfect. Especially if I am also paying for shipping.

  17. I'm so glad it isn't just my kids that like pinching my tape measure!!! Wow that canvas was in bad shape, I wouldn't have been happy with it either! TFS 💖🤗

  18. Yes I agree with you, I wouldn’t be happy with that canvas for the price. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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