UnBoxing Mac 28: New Noodle Tester, Artisan Crafted, Simply Balanced, and Good Citizen

UnBoxing Mac 28: New Noodle Tester, Artisan Crafted, Simply Balanced, and Good Citizen

this might be the smallest box we've ever had on unbox this is the smallest box we've ever had I got my beading pillow here I'm not afraid to use it it's my classic never go fishing with a notary public below and it's also now a beating below yes so this box comes to us from Dallas Texas from mr. Matthew grandma do we have the largest concentration of fans in Texas is where Canada do you have a pretty good number down there don't you guys celebrities in Texas only think of a show up there like do I get a cost of the beer yes what country in Texas is Canada okay so here's the letter but it's a little burned is this a school project when you've been totally oh because somehow written materials got burned at some point we just believed that fires were a common occurrence it's long strap in Deer Frankie Nina Gloria Johnny J Zak manservant Mac Keith and other people you haven't shown on camera like the assistant ad is the producer description too lovely in white jerome who is this mr. John all the people who've never shown on camera all the assistant ADEs and the producer and the script soup and the assistant to mr. hunter yes my lovely assistant Jerome white Jerome while shopping in Walmart recently I came across these five artisan crafted max cheddar Havarti Italian five cheese white cheddar and black pepper garlic and herb and smoked gouda I paid a dollar ninety eight per box I know you've had smoked gouda and cheddar her very own box mac 124 it does really taste like smoked gouda that's awesome and it's only two with something $2.99 it's really solid the flavor does not taste in thetic at all this is this is like Cracker Barrel levels good Wow you definitely want to give these a try there's a bunch more type flavor we'll do another show sometime with a few more types however I'm setting in all five max John said there was upwards of nine of these new max so I did a quick search and found the artisan crafted brand actually crosses over into the skillet style and microwavable Cup style meals with a few other varieties so their box max include loaded bacon cheddar and pimento cheese yes their skillet meals include Philly style cheesesteak chicken and broccoli cheeseburger and beef stroganoff and the microwavable cup meals white cheddar and black pepper cheddar Havarti smoked gouda Italian fire the whole line he's laid it out for us do all of those facts jive with your understanding completely maybe just maybe other fans are interested in attempting the source and send in all of the artisan crafted max or at least all of the Box max because the set will look so nice display it on a bookshelf I feel like that would appeal to John anyway thanks for all your her we're putting together a show that I've enjoyed for years I'm a video producer in Dallas Texas and have long sessions editing at the computer with box MacOS background noise in the room I've looped through every episode a few times and I laugh every time especially when Frankie premier prose judge lastly I've made John's 2016 a holiday homestyle Mac for a few family holidays and I've become this Mac Genius so thanks for that enjoy the Maxima through grammar wonderful and then at the very very bottom the festival of spirals was never a joke it's what John has always wanted it is kind of beautiful isn't it this one kind of throws you off right yeah that one looks a little muddy he put them in that order to try to throw you off less imagine if the Earth Eve diarrhea one was next to the football yeah the white cheddar and the black pepper which we did not try on the show exciting so this line is all the same shaped pasta they're all about little snail shell one yeah what do we call these people my pets pipettes that's actually accurate and they are now pipettes used to call a different thing pipettes yes these are actually yeah we have five cheese Italian cheddar Havarti which we had on the show very good and smoked gouda which we had on the show it's our favorite macaroni and cheese at the moment yeah like I've not seen this one before garlic and herb so this leaves the only one that we don't have is the pimento it would be a cold day in heck when I was eating pimento magnums pimento cheese cheese yes so does the day and heck have to be quite so cold it's Mike from Breaking Bad's favorite cheese pimento cheese they call it the caviar of the south all right we got one more box Frankie this package costs twenty three dollars and five cents and it's from a1 Amy Seder Brown who has the record like actually does yeah I mean what could possibly be in here at this macaroni and cheese oh I don't know if you remember she's the one who sent really good barbecue sauce yeah and you ended up being the beneficiary of some barbecue sauce I was she sent me some independently because she knew that you ended up with it yeah look we have a whole line of simple balance I'm doing everything I can to stop myself from playing with tools that are in here listen Frankie and John I found a fun new selection but not Nina rude I believe these are all I believe these are all the available varieties from both simply balanced target and food citizens as well as a Velveeta microwavable the spoons are made by a company called epicurean which is based in Toulouse neighbor city of superior Wisconsin that's amazing that's great Wow the larger of the two could make a good noodle testing spoon or even a measuring spoon the spoon that's a new challenge like integrate new tools into our kitchen so that you can be on every episode play a long game I love the fact that it's got the integrated measuring cup ends you can drain the residual hot water so you can test that tool is like a knock so tool plus plus so that's Gordon is also very nice I thought it was wooden but it's some other kind of fiber yeah but it's got a nice feel to it this is a good like pointing spoon hmmm responded well to that not like we've needed a pointing spoon this would be a good ass weapon it is a good ass weapon spoon like not too much surface area the ass isn't gonna get like ruined right what makes a badass weapon spoon is if it's too shaped and you end up with like weird welts on your ass yeah actually the backside is totally flat so if you as long as you might maintain your yeah good ass weapons hope we didn't turn on too many people at home communist like good citizens eat this it's also sort of bleak first of all there's a very busy back of the box organic semolina flour semolina flour David I think that's just a standard flour for making pasta shells and white cheddar whole wheat I know how much you guys love your whole whole-wheat shells in white Jeff oh the whole new target line our old target line which was feasted in the very first episode of box magnets go on really this is new what was it called again market pantry yeah market Bindra these are organic Deluxe's shells oh my cheddar gimmick Deluxe's yeah we have yeah there's a nanny's one to try this today we think we might have today put in the microwave right now okay the 60 seconds you figure we just do it right this moment oh yeah alright cuz we'll never eat it on a show it's one of those Mac's that'll definitely just get thrown away otherwise don't put that in the video she's doing an excellent Mac dance I like meat his dance more than I like this Mac you're only gonna get 90 seconds of it shake that spoon more yeah wipe your ass with it turned on forget the amount of time hey I've noticed that YouTube now is starting to roll too commercials have you seen that yep they're like here's commercial one and you're like skip they're like here's two of two you hear the that chrome is really gonna eliminate ad blockers – really yep now what Firefox it's gonna be great why was the macaroni and the beef in one container like why wasn't the sauce in it probably – because the cheese sauce is better separated it look like a macaroni and look at like a macaroon it don't smell like a mecca ruin it this was a cheeseburger let's see cheeseburger mr. Digby – okay that's just one cheesy noodle and it's just all beef stew man yeah all beef stew baby before I mixed the cheese in there was this slightly red pigmented slathering of moisture on all the noodles that i think is the beefy flavor let's go ahead and throw that out it was pretty bad that was into that truth and then the plate so much better no but these are gonna be a lot of fun these other ones that one it's not like she didn't know you weren't gonna like it I know if you were starving you could eat it right it's not gonna it's like I end your life a refrigerator after opening once open to use within five days they're like please use this even before your fresh fruits and vegetables and meats and cheeses everything I could just get a Lindsay Moore beef stew one of these which actually heats up quite nice to taste like we've stayed I'm not like super into beef stew my father makes a delicious beef stew does you think longer than 60 seconds yes well thank you all have it thanks for sending me these backs and you I'm sure you'll be seeing some of these on a future show you will ok John's gonna bet which packet a memento sorry what pimento sandwich pimento no I mean what are you Karen you know peace pimento is a cheese they call it the caviar of the south

12 thoughts on “UnBoxing Mac 28: New Noodle Tester, Artisan Crafted, Simply Balanced, and Good Citizen

  1. Nina's interruptions threw off the flow of this UnBoxing Mac. That said, I am looking forward to seeing the Great Value macs tested! I just went and bought the Smoked Gouda to try today for lunch!

  2. We need Junt's Test Kitchen where you guys attempt to make popular mass produced mac and cheese delivery types (easy mac, deluxe, canned)

  3. It’s a true blessing when we get Nina dancing! Usually it’s only on junts cart but to get it on unBOXing is Christmas in July!

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