Ultimate Dare Challenge!!

Ultimate Dare Challenge!!

Joey: shave a stroke of hair off your leg Bobby:YES!! We have the razor and shaving cream. Let’s do this! Bobby: Yeahhhh Bryan: No clean it off. Bobby: No Clean it off. Clean it off. Bryan: Ewwwww ewwww!!!! Joey:HELLO! And welcome to the Truth Or Dare challange Is it truth or dare? Bobby:Uhhh.. The ultimate truth or dare Joey:The ultimate truth or da-*Giggles* [Please stand by] Bobby:So basicly this is how it works Joey:Nugh! Bobby:We got all the truth cards… And just threw them away Because noone really likes to watch truth Joey:Really? Bobby:This is all dares Joey:I never said that I feel like that would be cool People would like to see me- Bryan:They would’ve been lame Bobby:Do you have a dog? YES! This card this stack right here There are regular dares from the actual Truth or Dare game And they’re worth 1 point If you don’t wanna do it you don’t get any points But this deck right here Is the ones that we came up with These ones are worth 5 points But you can pass it to someone once And when you pass it to someone they have to do it But they get 6 points Joey:BORED! [Please stand by] Bobby:Call a random in your phone and sing Happy Birthday to them Joey:Yes! *Clap clap clap* Bryan:Wait we gotta pick-I gotta pick the person Bobby:Oh dang it my phone is over there Wait a’l call Billy, Billy’s home now Bryan:Thats not random>:) Bobby:OH SHOOT! Bryan:Where is it? Bobby:This is gonna suck! Why did I- Man Just 9:00AM in the morning just HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joey:HAPPEH BIRTDAY TO- Bryan:Don’t say anything once you’re done singing you hang up *Bobby dies of laughter* Joey:Maria [Sorry if I spelled that wrong (ಥ﹏ಥ)] Bobby:Oh? Maria? Joey:I bet you’re not upset about that Thats sarcasm whats up Maria Bobby:Oh ye- Hey Maria! Okay Should I tell her like hey- Joey &Bryan:NO! You just start singing! Bobby:Dang it! Maria:Hello? ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy birthday dear Maria ♫ ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Maria:Hehehey Well thanks but um.. My birthdays in June *Hangs up* Bobby:OH I GOTTA TEXT HER RIGHT NOW! Joey & Bryan:No no! Bobby:What am I supposed to do?! D: Maria, im sorry You have no idea what just happend Joey:Shes like thanks but my birthdays in June Bryan:One point for you! Bobby:V-one! Joey:Thats the good stuff right there Bobby:This is 5 points Bryan:And if I pass it on Bobby:You can pass it on once But the person who you pass it to, has to do it for 6 points Bobby:Ohhhhh Bryan:The ultimate one Let a player take control of your Twitter for 1 minute Bobby:Ohhhh Bryan:Its okay its okay Bryan:Bobby.. Joey:Oh cmon dude why
Bobby:Ohhhhh Bobby:”Sometimes in the morning, I sit when I pee” Bobby & Joey:Tweet! Joey:NEXT TWEET! Bryan:OH NEXT TWEET Bobby:Uhh tweet!
Joey:People are gonna know Joey:”I need lotion! #ashyyyyyy” Bryan:Go follow me on Twitter! Bobby:Either one The loser of this challenge The ultimate loser Has to get ice cream cones stuck in their head [This can’t be safe] Bryan:In the eyes! Joey:Just the cone part? Alright im choosing this- this deck Ping pong in your stomach Bobby:Each one of us gets to slap a ping pong ball on Joey’s stomach Bryan:Sweet! Joey:You’re awful close right now Joey:Ooooh YES! Bryan:Dang it! Joey:You almost hit me Joey:Awww
Bryan:OOOH YES! Bobby:Is there any redness? Joey:Its gonna be coming in real hot real soon Bobby:Augh! Augh! [Please stand by] Bryan:Let Natalie post whatever she wants on your Instagram Joey:iNStreGrAM Bobby:Alright alright I can do that Natalies cool Joey:InsTrEgIm Joey:”Didn’t need to know that” “This is either J-Fred or Matthias” “Bryan this is something you shouldn’t say online” “Thanks for sharing I guess” “This is 100% a challenge” Bryan:Yeah everybody knows “TMI” “Are you okay?” “Best way to pee” Natalie:I want you to take a really girly selfie And put your hand like this And do a duck face No, like this Joey:I love it! Natalie:Yeah LIKE THAT LIKE THAT! Joey:You gotta be kissing the camera Bobby:( ̄ ³ ̄) Bobby:It’s so bad dang it! [So gorgeous ★~(◡ω◡✿) ] Bobby:Oh I get 5 points Joey:Have Dan whip you with a dish towel Bobby:Alright Joey:Hes got it ready! Bobby:Dan says he won’t miss Bryan:I can pass this ♫ HUAHH! ♫ Joey:WHAT WAS THAT DUDE? Bryan:I can pass this ♫ HUAHH! ♫ Bobby:Wow hit that high note Jeoy:I remember when I went through puberty it was tough Bryan:Just the way Dan was winding up that towel You can tell this is not the first time he’s just like this: *WHIP* Bryan:Forget that dude, you can have it Bobby:OHHHH! Joeys getting beat up Bobby:LETS DO THIS
Jeoy:Pain doesn’t bother me CUS IMA BEAST *BONK* Bobby & Bryan:OHHHHH! Bryan:LEMME DO IT LEMME DO IT! *Whip* Joey:OOOH Bobby:Wait show the camera NO ju- [Please stand by] Bryan:Ive should’ve just done it that was a mistake Bobby:Yeahh Bryan:MiShTaKe Jeoy:tHaT WaS A mAshAkE Bryan:mIsHiAkE Jeoy:Try to laugh for 30 seconds without smiling or grinning hOhHOHoUh*Laughs and grins* Bobby:He did not do it, he didn’t do it! Joey:Alright a’l do it again Bryan & Bobby:NOnonono Bobby:You don’t get the point Joey:OhOhoHHOhoHOHOho hohohohOHOHHOohhoHOo AHAHAHAHhahoohho Bobby:No point awarded Joey:Dang it! Bobby:I don’t wanna lose Put toothpaste in your mouth and drink a glass of orange juice Bobby:AUGHHH!
Bryan:Like, alot of toothpaste Joey:He was so excited giving that one Bobby:Yeah I was excited about giving it AWW NO AWWW NO! Joey:Brush it good baby! Bryan:No, the tongue, Bobby not eh- Bobby:I am Bryan:The flavors gonna hit the tongue and the roof of the mouth Bobby:Alright im good Aww this is gonna suck! I have to drink the whole thing! O_O Bryan:His eyes! Bobby:AUGH! Bobby:5 Points Im not gonna loose Bryan:MY TURN! All:WOAHH! Joey:TRICKSHOT! Bobby:Dude perfect! Joey:Dude Perfect sponsor us! Bryan:Eat a spoon of super hot sauce Bobby:Ok This is called the Extra extra hot Harry Perry sauce And it has a big X on it Joey:A spoonful Joey:You just swallow it like that? (Bobby and Joey talking at once) Joey:Ima pull one of the BIG cards Eat a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with orange juice [Yum] Bryan:WHAT!? GIVE THAT TO ME ALL DAY WHAT THE HECK? Joey:Bobby gets it I have Hypoglycemia Bryan & Bobby:YEAHHH Bobby:Hypoglycemia always comes in clutch AWW MY GOSH Joey:Thats probably delicious dude to be honest Joey:Aww its orange juice Joey:Cinnamon Toast Crunch Good Orange juice GoOoD Joey:You dunno what it is Bryan:Im not even like-Im like jealous right now Bobby:Aw it tastes so.. BAD Joey:Really? Bobby:Like, It actually does Bryan:Ada boy Joey:His face! (⇀‸↼‶) Bobby:You gotta drink the orange juice then eat it Joey:No you can’t do that! Not allowed! *Smack smack smack* Joey:It makes it so it can’t back to your throat Bryan:MMMM nutritious breakfesh Joey:You wanna try it, Bryan? Joey:Brekfesh? Joey:Nutritous brekfeash Bobby:6 points for that! Joey:You gotta pull the next card Bryan:No you don’t Joey:Yeah he does! Bryan:Oh, you passed it on Bobby:Okay, go for the v-win Bobby:Get shot in the butt with a paintball gun Joey:Awww yes!
Bobby:Ohhohoho Bryan:Thats what i’m talking about, BABY! Bobby:Alright lets do this
Bryan & Joey:YES! Bobby:Don’t you dare shoot my calves Ohh gosh ok im re- *POP* Bobby:OWW! Ouahh gush oh it’s not that bad but it still kinda hurts Joey:Turn around again if it’s not that bad Bryan:No, turn around bobby Bobby:No it didn’t pop Bryan & Joey:It has to pop Bobby:No it doesn’t! *Throwing a fit* *POP* Bobby:Oww *POP* (Lots of screaming) *Sneeze/Cough?) OH! *Spits out water* Bobby:*Giggles* What are you doing?! Bryan:Why did you yell?! [Please stand by] Bryan:Sing a love song to Bobby Bobby:Awww Joey:What? You get that many points for that? Bobby:Ya Joey:Wow! Bobby:Some are easy and some are- Joey:Hey push it off, dude Bryan:Huh? Joey:Push it off to me Bryan:No I want the points Joey:But I love Bobby πŸ˜€ ❤ When I woke up in the morning ❤ ❤ I thought of Bobby-Lisous ❤ ❤His beautiful small eyes ❤ *Bobby cracks up* ❤ Gazing into my eyes ❤
Joey:His small eyes? ❤ That smile makes me smile ❤ ❤ His arms are just so strong ❤
Joey:His smile makes me smile? Bobby:OOOhhh ❤ When he holds me in his hand ❤ Joey:This isn’t singing! He’s just saying sentences Bobby:This is like-*Wheeze* Bryan:This is just like Michael Buble style Joey:You have to rhyme! Bryan:Eyes and my eyes IM RHYMING! Bobby:Okay that counts Bryan:Cmon now! Joey:Eyes and my eyes? Bryan:His eye look in to me eyes Joey:That’s not rhyming that’s just the same word Bryan:Bro, thats like rap! Bobby:That counts a’l-Thats good Joey:Shave a stroke of hair off your leg Bobby:YES, We have the razor and shaving cream. Let’s do this! Joey:Dang it! Whatever it’s winter I wear pants Bobby:No, you need your fur coat its winter Joey:I got some hairy legs yal Bobby:Oh its blue! Joey:WHAT? THAT MUCH? Bobby:Yeeeass Joey:That’s a lot of shaving cream Bobby:Lets wet it with orange juice! Bryan:Ya dip it in orange juice! Joey:You’re supposed-You’re supposed to wet my skin WHAT?! Bryan:I never thought i’d be putting shaving cream on a mans leg Bobby:We do it for you kids! Bobby:Yeahhh Bobby & Bryan:Clean it off! Bryan:EWWWW! Bryan:Nuh, Ewww A chunk of hair is just- Joey:My leg hair! Joey:This things no match for my leg hair, dude IMA BEAST MAN! Joey:I wanna get this nice and even Bryan:Look it now hes into it hes like: I wanna make sure this is nice and even Bryan:Why you looking at his eyes like that Bobbys like this: (¬‿¬) All:OOooooh Bryan:What kind of lotion do you use? Joey:I don’t even hate in that Ooooh I will shave the rest of these babies Bryan:Stand on your head Bryan:Stand on my head that’s gonna be Bobby:OOOH Joey:He’s twerking upside down! *Butt smack* Bryan:GOT IT! ◉___◉ Bobby:Oh nice! *Clap clap clap* ★★★Bryan:Ohh I see stars!★★★ Joey:Have a sword battle with the sword to the side of you With the object closest to you [FIGHT] *Squawk* Bobby:Ohhh! Joey:YES! Bobby:One point! *Chicken war cry* Bobby:Do an imitation of Tarzan OoOoOOoOoOOoOohHhHhh Joey:NOPE Thats not an imitation of Tarzan Bryan:No point! Joey:You sounded like some horrible opera singer OOOOOOOohoHOhOH Bryan:Dance like a ballerina
Bobby:Alright Bryan:Done ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~ ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~ ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~ ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~ ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~ ~(˘▾˘~) (˘ ▾ ˘)/ (˘ ▾ ˘)/ ヾ(˘ ▾ ˘) *Clap clap clap clap clap* Joey:Take a duck-face selfie with everyone in the room In the bathroom then post it online Joey:Papaya! *Somebody burps* Joey:Oh cmon turn the fan on! TURN THE FAN ON>:( Bryan:Sorry πŸ™ Joey:Cory you wanna see this? Feel it dude! Bobby:Smooth as eggs? Bobby:Write a silly phrase on your forehead Have someone take a pic and post it to instagram Bobby:Everytime! Joey:Bobbys gonna like contact everyone all the time Joey:I ❤ Joey! Bryan:Yeah, I like that one Bryan:Bobby, you could’ve passed it you have a big lead Bobby:OOHH WHY DIDN’T I DO THAT?! Why didn’t I do that? Bryan:I about said I was like Bobby just pass it you don’t need it Joey: I ❤ Joey Bryan:You love joey! Joey:Do you really love me? Bobby:Yeah! Joey:Good! Bobby:One point! Bobby:Yessss! Bobby: And Joey:What is it? Bobby:Here lemme read it! Bryan:Eat a heaping spoonful of mustard or mayo Bobby:Yess! Bryan:This is Bobby’s post Bobby:OOhh it’s not Joey! Bobby:Oooooh
Joey:I ❤ poo Bobby:Im like:Whys there only 3 letters in Joey? Bryan:Guys go follow us on Instagram If you wanna see these pictures that we just posted And a bunch of other behind the scenes action That you can never see anywhere else Other than our InSThRsM AcCoUnT Joey:iNshAgRaN Joey:Ew, dude Dijon is disgusting Bryan:And I gotta take my stuff out again what the heck Joey:Honey Dijon is GrOSs Joey:Savor it Bobby:Swish it in your mouth, gargle it! Bryan:AH! RUAH! Joey:Do a split as far down as you can go Theres no way I can lose it, it’s as far as I can go Bobby:Ok, hes going for it Joey:This is as far I can go Bryan & Bobby:No its not! Joey:It seriously is Bryan:Everybodys gonna vote And if they say thumbs down it doesn’t count Joey:No Bryan:Yes YES! You’re not the judge! Joey:That literaly as fall as I can go Bryan:Everybody thumbs up or down, does that count? Joey:Doesn’t matter! Bobby:Op! Thumbs down Thumbs down x2 Thumbs down x3 Thumbs down x4 Bryan:YOU CAN’T BE THE JUDGE OF YOUR OWN DARE! Joey:That- No I did what the dare was. Thats as far as I can go You know how inflexible I am! *Replay of Bobby’s Tarzan fail* Joey:BRYAN LOSES! Bobby:Okay! Bobby:Alright guys it is time for.. Bryan’s punishment! So you ready? Bryan:Wait I get to do it to myself! That was not in the rules! Bobby:No, we get to do it to yo- Ohhoho Wait lets unicorn him! Bryan:That is cold
Bobby:Yeaaah Bryan:That actually hurts Joey:Oh *Laughs* Bobby:Yeahhh Joey:Awww no more… Bryan:Now for the eyes! *Skill* All:OHHH! Joey:Yes!
*Smacks out of hand* Bryan:Guys go watch the escape the lion challange Where we had a real fake lion in that video and.. It was trying to eat… Meat off of us Bobby:It was real fake Bryan:Go watch this video right here That YouTube recommends for you They be- Because they know all about you PEACE! Joey:Which camera are you looking at? Bryan:I don’t know

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  1. Bryan:eyes in my eye you arms are so strong
    Bobby:what are you saying
    J-Fred:this is so wierd, your saying my eyes in your eyes.

  2. When you actually are a ballerina and you see Brian imitated it I was just like the CrInGe it REAL

  3. Ok so I just watch mall cop when he had hypoglycemia and now jfred goes I have hypoglycemia lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Roses are red Ketchup is too I just got a like wait why is it blue? Subscribe to Team Edge and Xavier Wolfe/me please thanks have a great day.

  5. Ok serious question why does Joey always excuse away sugary things with Hypoglycemia wouldnt eating those sugary things INCREASE his low blood sugar?

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  7. The funny thing was when Bryan was looking for the Happy Birthday card, Bobby had it in his hand! Sub to Seener17

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