Tyler Perry Refused to Let Blue Ivy Carter Outbid Him on a Painting

Tyler Perry Refused to Let Blue Ivy Carter Outbid Him on a Painting

-Welcome. Thank you
for being here, ’cause I didn’t know
if you were gonna get in because it snowed
two days ago. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] -People have trouble
getting in. -Yeah.
I had a dog sled. Yeah.
So, we made it. -But you actually seem
to love the snow, ’cause I saw this photo of you.
Look at this. -Yeah, man. That’s me on a snowboard,
going up and down the mountain, killing it, doing all these
back edges and summersaults and things like that.
I’m really good. [ Laughter ] -This is not a picture
of you doing that at all. It’s a picture of you… [ Laughter ] It’s a picture of you
leaning against a snowboard. -This is – this is…
-You’re not even attached to
a snowboard. -This is called
The Instagram Life, where you lie about
how great your life is. ‘Cause I don’t know
what the hell I’m doing on that damn snowboard, man. I am… [ Cheers and applause ] No. No. See the kid
in the background? I took him out. [ Laughter ] So, I’m just…
-You knocked him down. -I’m trying to learn
’cause my son — 3 years old, fearless —
he’s doing it all. And I want to —
I want to do it with him. But I’m 48,
and you know, bones don’t recover like they
did when you were that young. -But you —
Do you ski at all? -All that’s racism. -What are you talking about? -It’s all — No.
They strap you into a board. They strap you into skis. All of that restriction —
that’s — that’s — that’s — I don’t do that.
That’s racism. [ Laughter ] And that’s when somebody
who just can’t get it, so now, you’re gonna make it
all bad and horrible. It sucks.
That’s racism. I won’t do it ’cause I’m black
and the snow’s white. I’m not doing it. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Now, Wakanda forever.
It’s all Waka… [ Laughter ] Wakanda.
-Oh, I’m gonna learn that. I’m really gonna learn
hoe to s– I really want to learn.
I’m gonna learn one day. -Your 3-year-old
knows how to do it. -Isn’t that awful? -Yeah.
And they can tear it up. -Yeah.
And I push him down, sometimes. -Hey, look,
you got to learn your lesson. But then, this guy looks like he
knows what he’s doing. Look at you.
What is this thing? -This is my bike
where I exercise on the ocean. And I have a place
down in the Bahamas. So, I go out
and I ride the bike around, and it’s really cool.
A lot of exercise. -Look at you.
You’re crushing it, man. -Yeah. Yeah. And you know, the only reason
I’m wearing that life vest is because I didn’t want to
show off the six-pack. But… [ Laughter ] …the truth is,
I can’t swim either. [ Laughter ] -So, this is
The Instagram Life. -Instagram Life.
And right behind me, there’s a chase boat,
right here — about 20 Bahamians right… I need about 10 of your guys
in case I go in to get me out
of this water. Yeah. Instagram Life, man.
-Instagram Life is
the way to go. -People’s lives on Instagram
are amazing. -Oh, it looks so good. -And then, you meet them,
you’re like, “Wait. Wait, what?” Yeah.
-You’re like, “That’s you?” -Yeah. How did that happen?
-How is the baby? How’s the 3-year-old? -He’s great, man.
He’s great. Threenager, though.
You dealing with that? -Yeah.
-Tantrums? -Oh, yeah.
-Yeah. Yeah. -Pretty good ones.
-Yeah, pretty good ones. Because they know
who they are, then, and they want to
throw tantrums, and they want to
control you, and I’m not having it. -No.
-I am not having it. -Good for you.
-I’m not. Listen, Blue Ivy
is 6 years old — Beyonce and Jay-Z —
and she tried to outbid me on a painting
at an auction, and I wouldn’t
let her do it. So, do you think
that I’m gonna let my kid — my 3-year-old —
throw a tantrum and tell me
what he’s gonna do? It’s not happening, kids. Get in line, Blue Ivy,
Aman Tyler — y’all get it together. The adults are ruling
this thing. ♪♪ Don’t, man.
-Don’t even try it, man. -Don’t try it.
Don’t try it. [ Stammering ] -Do you read to the kid?
-Yeah. He’d grabbing all these books
off of shelves and everything. -They make all the —
“No. I want that book. I want that book.”
-Yeah. We were in the store
and he grabbed this book. And this book,
I hate it. But he loved it. It talks about
how great hid dad is — “My dad so so great.” And he
wanted me to read it to him. So, I started
reading the book, and it was saying
crazy things, like “My dad is so great. He lets me stay up
and watch television all night.” I’m like, “What?” And I read it —
’cause I hadn’t read it. We usually read them before we
read them to him. And he’s watching.
He’s looking at the pictures. And he goes,
“Read this one.” It said, “My dad is so great he
lets me eat hot dogs all night.” And mom’s vegan. So, she was in the kitchen.
She’s like, “Don’t you read that to him.” So… So, I started changing
the words. “My dad’s great
’cause he lets me drink green juice
in the morning,” or something like that, right?
-That’s good. -Yeah. He’s like,
“But that’s not what that says. That picture’s not
of green juice. That’s a hot dog.”
-Yeah, exactly. -They’re smart.
-You every try to — You ever try to, like —
’cause it’s later, and — -Skip pages.
-Yep. -That’s a death wish, man.
Don’t do that. -They know.
-They get mad. -They get mad.
‘Cause you go, “Oh,” and then they all —
Goodnight, Moon.” Then, you skip over the oatmeal
and the bunny part…
-Nope. you go, “Goodnight —
let’s get to the moon.” -“What happened to the oatmeal
and the bunny?” [ Laughter ] Yeah.
-You can’t pull one over
on them, man. -Kids are smart these days. -I want to talk to you
about “Acrimony.” -Yes. -I absolutely loved it.
-Yeah. -Acrimony —
I will tell everyone — The definition
of acrimony — This is, what?
This is, uh, anger. This is…
-Bitterness. -Bitterness.
-Malice. -Venom.
-Rancor and venom. You know how I found that out?
-No. -I was writing the movie,
and I didn’t have a title, and CNN was on
in the background. And somebody was describing
our current president, and they said,
“There’s a lot of acrimony in this administration.” I was like,
“What does that word mean?” I’m like… “That’s the title
of the movie. There it is. Three it is.”
Yes. -That’s how you do it.
-That’s how you do it. Very educational. -That’s how you do it.
-Very educational. -Just Google it, man.
Check it out. But Taraji is so good
in this, man. -Yeah.
-I wish that Taraji
could be here. In fact… she is here.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the show
Taraji P. Henson, ladies and gentlemen. [ Cheers and applause ] Yes. We are talking to
Tyler and Taraji about their new movie
when we come back. Come on back.

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