Two great looking knives.  Artisan Cutlery Shark, and the Civivi Backlash.

Two great looking knives. Artisan Cutlery Shark, and the Civivi Backlash.

hey guys welcome to tonight's video I have two new knives I wanted to show here I got both of these guys recently in trade traded to different people for some Tucson knives that I had so forget it bring something different to check out here first one I'm gonna look at this is the artisan cutlery comes in this nice velvet bag with their logo and this is the artisan cutlery shark so here's your details on this guy look at this thing this is a nice big knife let's get these really nice blue liners to it matching blue hardware actually have their logo here on the pivot hardware very very good-looking knife it's a big sucker – this thing is 9 inches overall I've got five inches of handle and then four inches of blade 3 and 7/8 on the cutting edge so just get nice big full grip on this thing it's not exactly something I would maybe carry for a work knife but totally something I would carry going out or whatever he's got a really smooth comfortable deep carry clip to it reversible to both sides all the way around the knife there's just no sharp edges on it anywhere the liners are smooth kind of stick up a little bit here from the g10 so you can see that nice blue color smooth flipper tab no relief in the liner so the weight on this guy also this one is 4.3 1 ounces just a good size knife a good snappy action my strong d-10 the one thing I really like a lot is fact that the lock bar sticks up enough that you can easily disengage it with your thumb this one is just as comfortable to open it as it is to close so that is definitely important to me sticks up on both sides so you're not gonna get the meat caught on your thumb here just really easy to disengage and a nice smooth flip I've got a real nice stone wash finish nice even grinds on both sides this is a flat grind just a good knife nice big comfortable knife so this is the artisan cutlery shark second one look at its kind of a matching look to it actually I didn't plan it this way but when both of them came in they're both very similar looking this one comes in a nice zipper pouch with a cleaning cloth and this is the Savi V backlash a little bit different style this is absolutely something that fits my my personal tastes really comfortable handle to it like this thumb ramp in the back it's cuz I'm jumping to it this one again has these nice blue liners a bit different texture on the g10 but let's cut out nice and smooth all the way around nice deep carry clip to it the cutouts on the clip and this one does actually have some weight relief in the liners shei the weight on this one this was 4.0 three ounces a little bit lighter on this guy dimensions on this one this one's about 8 and 1/8 all the way handle four and five eighths blade is about three and five-eighths total 308 on the cutting edge so this is again another very comfortable knife I was I was pretty happy with both these acquisitions actually these are very fitting with my style and taste this one not quite as comfortable to close but not bad they do have some some jimping here on the lock so I mean it's not bad I don't think they really needed this I could have just had the stick-up all the way but it's not bad and it's definitely not the worst of I've checked out here but the action on this one super smooth the guy that I got this from is actually same guy that I got the pivot butter from I imagine he probably puts them in here it feels like it this thing is just a smooth operator I can't even hear the bearings at all when it opens it just clicks right into place so this one is actually not d2 steel you look real close little focus this one is actually 9c r18 MOV steel I've got it got stamped down in there so it definitely on the harder side of the semi stainless Chinese Steel's this one's got a hollow grind to it and again came just incredibly sharp really nice finish to it this one is a satin finish blade and stainless hardware I actually get their logo on the pivot hardware on this one – so – very cool now I was totally happy to get him actually got this one the other day just had not time to make a video this one came in this afternoon but I liked him – very cool knives so leave a comment let me know what you think you guys have any of these I'd love to hear it and as always I hope to see it the next video Thanks

5 thoughts on “Two great looking knives. Artisan Cutlery Shark, and the Civivi Backlash.

  1. I modded our shark large and turned it into a wharny I like it better than I did befor. The blue liners look pretty cool to on both.🤘

  2. I have a Backlash, and I've never done anything to it, no lube or anything, and it's smooth as silk. That's the way they come, and they cut like a dream as well.

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