Two Artist Drop Out Same Day, Vybz Kartel VEX This is Why. Don Mafia Interview

Two Artist Drop Out Same Day, Vybz Kartel VEX This is Why. Don Mafia Interview

all right people so no mega talk with a fellow Lancelot is Dan mafia who was actually a friend of two artists who recently Japeth you see me no fun my dear about kitchen but recently my sedan mafia a pulls up a lot and his status pertaining to them to RTC with default you see me so right now we have a ear from the man in silk yeah Dan mafia in the building yeah yeah well because good singer I'm never and not pursue that what do I think yes so artist them all we have to tell them after seeing something like this in people things we do are people asking to buy them – positive come see like people like you them right right yeah because to them you come on yeah all right bigger person than mafia respectfully all right people so that was tan mafia in the building exclusive interview on I can't keep up with him on Instagram at Dan mafia dance also if you would like to a link of the artist book him Dobbs anything when I can contact him pan IG Dan Mafia Don Sal bless upon ourselves a mode

27 thoughts on “Two Artist Drop Out Same Day, Vybz Kartel VEX This is Why. Don Mafia Interview

  1. Me know seh me hear a she did fi do loodi..jah know…she did fi bus…would a need some romeich type management behind het although rubbish a fool lucky is shensea? Rip keshan no the world boss did rate u bad!!

  2. Dancehall history is always like that, di amount a dj and singer got shot and kill omg it's a disgrace just check back the history about dancehall artist Jahno why!!!!

  3. Big up Don Mandeville love yuh, respect reggaeMediaTV love of love from Teambomb fam I feel it to my heart the man who kill her shall will must dead a hell, and if it's a plot then the Blood of Jesus christ God is against you I degree!!!!!!!

  4. Me feel she wouldnt dead if she did do loodie mi just let off steam cuz mi vex ,ano this nice pretty b do not even ago say nut more cuz she nuffy dead.

  5. Deep Sigh, So Sorry Don Mafia It's Extremely Sad~… Condolences To The Families, Friends, Acquaintances & Fans-… Very Sorry To Hear Mafia/-.


  7. That's look like scarific in the dance hall some body want to get rich fast and quick some thing is not right the spirit want blood

  8. I really hope some people pree the wise reality that Don Mafia expressed, I love my Jamaican family ,and I am not of that island ,but tears falling like rain for the constant violence and murders , young ,people lives finish ,before they get a chance to live ,
    Don Mafia sorry for the loss of your two good people ,and my sincere condolences to the families on their sad loss ,bless up yourself kingman Don Mafia ,guidance to you always .🇯🇲❤️🇯🇲🙏🏾

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