Twenty One Pilots: Are Fans the Problem?

Twenty One Pilots: Are Fans the Problem?

hey everybody I'm Cooper send me the pops I'm professor and welcome my channel where we make English class awesome by talking about song lyrics you've probably all seen a video complaining about the skeleton clique twenty one pilots fan base but have you ever seen a video talking about why Tyler Joseph complains about the fan base probably not and that's because he genuinely really likes his fan base but there's something about how he views the fan base that you might not actually like right away and that's that the fan base is part of the problem quick thanks to Justin who put me on to this trail in a discord message he's one of my patrons and use really awesome alright I want you to consider that on trench Tyler refers to how good it is to have a fan base a couple of times especially on bandido and cut my lip in Bandito he says Felina solo Felina sorrowfully no solo Felina and it's basically this cry that Bandidos give to each other and it's kind of meant to unify the fan base during the concert and it's a cry for help really but it's basically you know him asking for help from his fan base and kind of representing that unity and strength of connection that the community feels and then and cut my lip we hear I don't mind it all lean on my pride lean on my pride I'm a lion and this seems to be a reference to the fan base as well and how he depends on them for support and how they give him some of the strength to keep going with the music that he creates beyond this the whole concept of Bandidos are really tightly tied into the trench mythology the fans have been mentioned on all sorts of albums from twenty one pilots they're a big part of why they do what they do at the end of concerts they say we're 20 on pilots and so are you at the end of every concert so it's kind of a big deal but on trench we hear a different story being proposed the fans aren't just this great group of people that we serve no matter what and we love all the way there's more to this story listen to these lyrics from the height nice to know my kind will be on my side I don't believe the hype and you know you're a terrible sight but you'll be just fine just don't believe the hype this is Tyler Joseph talking to his younger self and gives advice in two ways I think he's saying not only like don't look at the hype that everybody else is experiencing and don't like give in to being part of that and just only wanting that like focus on what's really important but he's also reminding himself to say when the is about you when people are excited about you you need to chill you're not what's important here and people where does the hype come from it comes from the fans it comes from the news media it comes from youtubers it comes from people all over the place helping the fans get excited and really the start of all of that is the fans the fans cause the hype and Tyler is basically telling younger younger self don't believe the fans because the fans are gonna think that they're artists or gods are great or whatever and if the artist starts thinking that we basically get all of pop music and I don't think anyone wants 21 pilots to become equivalent to all of pop music but it goes on from there we hear in neon gravestones I could use the streams and extra conversations I could give up and boost up my reputation I can go out with a bang they would know my name they would host and post the celebration he's talking about celebrities suicide and how fans will just kind of go crazy they'll give you even more hype than you had while you were alive if an artist does commit suicide all of a sudden they're way more popular than they've ever been their musics getting so many more streams and they're there's so much more successful in death than they were in life and he's the song is talking about that's a bad thing but who's the person that makes that happen it's the fans again so kind of what's being developed here is this understanding of an entertainment ecosystem where the fans are bringing something negative to the process now there Tyler is not saying that fans are bad he's you know he makes music for them they listen to it if it weren't for the fans none of that would be possible and I say the same thing here for my channel but at the same time the minute he starts believing the hype or starts to make those fans and that success more important that's when things start to die so of the many problems present for a recording artist the fans certainly are one of them biggest ones in a weird ironic way and again does that mean that Tyler dislikes his fanbase or doesn't appreciate them no it doesn't from all that we've seen right but it does mean I think not only that he as an artist has to be careful that he doesn't believe some of the things that his fans say about him but his fans maybe need to take a chill pill take them off the pedestal and reel he's just a normal person like us it all comes down to basically too much of a good thing people love the music they support the band but sometimes when it goes a little too far it can get a little bit dangerous and I think that these songs on trench are reminders of that to him but they're also very clear reminders to us too so I hope that you guys will take that for what it's worth I'm not trying to stir up controversy or drama goodness knows and I want to say a big thanks to Justin for for kind of pointing out that contradiction in trench if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to check out my new theory about the next twenty one pilots album than what it will be like I think it's gonna be incredible but completely different from trench and then I did a big thorough explanation of the hype where I talked about some of the similar themes we've been talking about just now but like with more personal stories and that's all about for now guys thanks for watching

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  1. So idk if anybody else heard about this, but someone apparently started a rumor that Tyler Joseph died? Idk, but after hearing that, I was pretty upset that someone FROM THE CLIQUE started this rumor. It makes sense why most of the other fan bases look at us and have expirences with us and are just like "wow, they are extremely toxic". It makes me sad that I actually somewhat get a bad reputation from being in the clique. Not to mention I joined when stressed out blew up, and oh. my. gosh. The hate I got from A LOT OF PEOPLE HERE almost made me leave.

  2. The clique is pretty toxic.
    We've cooled down a lot after the hiatus, but still
    There is so many horrible people calling people out for being "fake fans" making people feel awful and completely turning around the reason people listen to them. To stay alive so stay alive frens |-/

  3. this fan base is very supportive and i love being a part of it, however, some people tend to not enjoy what the boys release and tend to immediately go “when’s the next album? any more songs?” right after they make something new.

  4. Thank you for saying this. I hesitated so hard to give these guys and their music a chance because of all the negative stuff I'd heard about their fanbase. I remember when Stressed Out hit big on the radio and I got so sick of hearing it. It took me years to get past all of that, to finally load up the albums on Spotify, and give them a listen. I am so glad I did. I understand that for a lot of people, these songs are life changing, life-saving, etc, and I respect that. If you legitimately have anxiety and depression and this music helps you get through it, great! I did the same thing! The music of Breaking Benjamin got me through a really rough time in my life, and now I proudly sport a tattoo of their logo on my left inner wrist. P!atD and iDKHow got me through another patch, and I have their logos on my left arm above the BB one. But I have a TØP themed tattoo on my inner right wrist just because I love their music and message. To me, it's a message of hope and "Don't worry; things look bad now, but I promise you, persevere and keep going, and it will get better, friend. Life is made of dead trees and yellow daisies. You just have to find your yellow daisy and hold on to that promise." (That was really rambling, sorry about that).

    I feel like the hiatus really cleared out a lot of the more problematic "fans". I finally got to see these guys in concert recently (on Josh's birthday! There was a fabulous birthday video tribute to Blake Shelton and a few other people!) and I didn't feel ostracized at all for being an "older" fan. We were all there for the same reason; to enjoy the music of two humans from Ohio.

  5. when I saw Tøp in concert for the first time, I didn't feel how I thought I would when I saw Tyler and Josh. I quess I see them more as people now

  6. Went to a Jon Bellion concert last week, and there were two people decked out head to toe in TØP merch. Like I love TØP as much as the next guy, and they're one of my favorite bands, but just…why wear ALL merch from another band to another artists show? I know Jon opened for TØP and all, but it just seems over the top to me 😅

  7. The fans are why I stopped listening for a few years. I didn't want to be associated with what they portrayed. After trench I started listening again but I'm still wary

  8. I agree with you for the most part, but I think at a certain scale it becomes impossible to "be chill" and "see them as normal people". They're huge, and very, very important to people, have helped countless people overcome challenges (including me), so of course people will freak out about them. Asking the fans to "chill out" is just not realistic in my opinion, not at this scale
    Also the fact that the fans are so dedicated is what makes the band so special. If not there would be no enthousiasm, no connection, and it would be way less interesting and unique

  9. in Pet Cheetah he says “the clique means so much to this dude it can make him afraid of his music and be scared to death he can lose it”
    the pressure from the fans can be a bad thing

  10. Twenty one pilot fans are the worst.. after being a fan for many years I feel that the fandom has reached its worst it toxicity and hate. A couple of years ago the clique was full of really nice and friendly people who really loved Twenty One pilots because it helped them go about their lives with much more ease because they knew they weren't the only ones going through the pain..

    Today it's basically full of 12 year old girls who basically just find Tyler and Josh hot and take no notice actual notice of the meaning of the lyrics or band morals..

  11. I just watched the music video for the hype and I love how your analysis perfectly lines up with the imagery in it.

  12. I would say MOST of the skeleton clique are toxic people who go after public figures and destroy them for saying something negative about their precious band. If a band controls your every day life you need to start controlling yourself. I am a regular listener for this band, but im always being turned off from them because of the fans that i dont want to be associated with.

  13. Hey Clifford, did you see that TOP became the first artist in history to have every song on TWO albums reach gold certification. The FakeYouOutProject worked!!

  14. I think this is very important, and its not specific to the clique, this happens with most celebrities over time. Like you said, we build them up to be on these pedestals, but they're just humans. I think that they do a pretty good job of showing us that, but some people can't help themselves I guess. I believe that this… thing… that has been created (Like he mentions in Levitate) can be an amazing thing, but it can also be dangerous if people put too much focus on the wrong things. Kind of like the recent change with trench era on the way they interact and present themselves to the public. They were kinda stuck in that place of being the teens they were, people expected them to never change. Them coming back and presenting themselves as more adult had been a shock for some of the clique. I'm personally glad they found a way to break away from that because life stagnates and the art will also stagnate, and they were in a place where they probably felt like they had to hide things. (Like omgs….he swore, or whatever) Think that if the clique put more of that energy into supporting each other than thinking that they're gods of some kind, we can be a great force. Partially why I like the bandito concept because its that we're all banditos, they're not any more special than the rest of us. We all need help at points and can all be helpful at some points, but we have to focus on one another. Not saying that you can't find that kind of support, just that we could be more helpful and less toxic. (as could any fan base, I'm sure)

    I think I wandered off topic a little. lol I'm glad this came up because I've been thinking about this lately, but hadn't formulated a complete thought on it. Sorry for the ramble.

  15. I feel like fans of TOP often get s u p e r excited because of the fact that the band songs save lives. And that does seem godly to some people. So I understand. But I also understand what you’re saying. So idk XD

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