Tutor LMS - Support Your Students With Quizzes & Forums

Tutor LMS – Support Your Students With Quizzes & Forums

hey guys John here again from in kamesh comm and we're continuing on with our Tudor LMS tutorial what we want to do here is show you how your students can be supported and how they can be successful in your courses so the first and most obvious way that people need support is if they're going I gotta get off that turtle if where they're going through your course and they have a question you need a very easy process to you know collect those questions organize them and answer them effectively and luckily Tudor has you covered so within the course area as they're taking their lessons if they have a question they just need to look over to the left and they have this toggle between the lesson list and the Q&A forum and they can ask a quick question so I'm just gonna ask wired John's eyes so big so you can ask any questions you can add links you can even add some HTML into this question or answer and you can go ahead and say thanks in advance and this is huge like you want this process to be super simple because if it's not you know what they're gonna do they're gonna pull up their email and they're gonna email you or they're gonna go to Facebook Messenger and they're gonna messenger chat you or they're gonna go they're gonna bother you and I love people people are great but it's really hard to run a business when you don't even know where to go to support your students so having a solid solution here is very very necessary so here you can see as soon as the question was asked they can you can browse all the questions here within the lessons that helps if there's a mistake in your lesson for example it's okay people can ask a question about it and then you can clarify it and if it's just a small little thing that may be sufficient and you may not need to go and revé it rerecord the entire video to fix that one little blooper so then as far as once the question has asked you can come back here into tutor LMS and under the Q&A section you'll have this red little number counter of how many questions are there that need to be answered so you can come through and review them and we'll just go ahead and click into this question here and you can see what the question is that was asked thanks in advance and you can easily support your students this way so you can add a quick little answer here and place the answer and what happens when you do that is the QA bubble has gone down so you've kind of handled your support inbox you've kind of taken care what you need to and on the users side when they come back and again they'll be able to see the QA the answers here very simply so it's everything you need and nothing you don't what is great about this I want to mention is we're here logged in as an administrator so we can see all the questions across the board but imagine when you have twenty instructors in a hundred courses on your blog or on your website this is organized so that instructors can only see that questions for their own courses so it's very easy very scalable you can bring on more instructors and it's an intuitive process step by step so that's covering the QA but that's only half of how you can really you know make sure your students are successful the other half of that is checking their learning as they're going through the process and we do that through quizzes into our LMS so the way you've set up a quiz is pretty simple it's as simple as everything else that you're done here so far back in the course builder in tutor you'll be able to add new lessons or new quizzes so we'll go ahead and click on the add topic quiz and this is kind of like it's pretty standard in the e-learning space where you'll have maybe a topic of three lessons and then a quiz and you pass that quiz and you move on to the next topic so it's kind of like those little check points make sure you're still on track so here like everything else it's pretty straightforward you can add your quiz title we'll just say end of section one quiz and you can add additional descriptions as well we'll just go ahead and say save and next and here's where it's really fun adding questions in tutor LMS it's pretty intuitive and pretty fun where you can ask your question and under question type this is where it's like what they give you a lot of different options on how you can ask your questions true/false single choice multiple choice those are all pretty standard but they really go above and beyond with be open-ended and essay questions I don't know about you but I don't want to be grading essays but it's there for the certain type of customer fill in the blank short answer matching image matching which is pretty fun you're like the DMV when you're getting your license and you're like matching which traffic sign works for what anyways image answering and ordering so really really good depending on the question you have one of these is gonna meet your needs so we'll say it's a single choice question you can randomize the questions as well or the order of how things show up and we'll say the answer is required and you can set different number of points for questions and now here for the answers you can give an answer here so the question I asked was what's the best feature of tutor LMS I'm gonna put out a couple different options so I'll say WooCommerce commerce integration I'll also add easy course creation and on this one I want to go ahead and add an image for this answer choice so add that image in and then I'll add one more and we'll call this one it just looks gritty because it does and I'll give that one just a regular answer so you've given three different answer choices for the this quiz question you and all you have to do to tell what the correct answer is is just check that little box and that's kind of the legend or the rubric and it will grade automatically based on what you say there so we'll save and continue this question is completed and now we're going to go ahead and go back from our quiz and we have our question here selected and we can take a look at our other settings here and see if you don't have a time limit for the quiz or you don't hide the quiz time limit you know this brings you back to school right like this is a real learning management platform a lot of what people are doing with online tools these days I you know thrive apprentice for example is it doesn't mess around with all the quiz stuff because for entrepreneurs we probably don't I'm not gonna take it right like our time is so valuable we just want to get the knowledge and move on but this is set up for really building out an Learning Academy where there might be accreditation at some point there might be certificates that show your completion and you might want to get funded by your company to take a course on your website and show that certificate back to your boss with your grading scale and all that good stuff so you have to think about this business model in a different way than we have in some of the other tools that are out there today go ahead and save this we'll get out of it all right so let's go ahead just hit update just in case and we will go back in and take that quiz to show you how it all kind of shakes out all right I'm back here on my quiz or on my my course from my new student and now I can see the end of section one quiz and I can take it and now it gives you exactly what you need it shows you how many attempts you have and how what you need to pass the test I'll start the quiz and here we go so what is the best feature of tutor LMS you've seen so far you can say woocommerce integration easy course creation or just looks pretty and you can see how the images work so it would probably make sense to choose all images or no images for setting up quizzes I'll go ahead and pass the quiz because I am a completionist and it'll show you the you know questions how many points you got and what your what your result was basically so this is all well and good and if you're using the the premium version you'll be able to create certificates for showing the records of all these quizzes being completed and what score was achieved on each one all right so that's it for supporting your students throughout the courses very very easy to do from a student perspective very easy to set up and manage from an instructor perspective but what's more important than just supporting your students is also supporting the business so what I want to cover the next video in this series is how you can sell your courses and make money using the free WooCommerce integration we'll cover that in the next video

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    You speak about Forum in the title, it is right between teacher and student, or student can speak together?
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