Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. And I just got a brand new studio! James say hi! I’m still setting everything up, but I plan to do a whole studio tour soon. We want to give a really big thank you to everybody, for help making this possible. So we’re doing a really special video, turning a fan into a character! I recently asked on Patreon for photo submissions of you guys posing or doing something cool. And the lucky winner is…nice! This is my patron, Samanda. She’s holding some sort of candle thing and it looks really cool. So, let’s just jump right into it. Ross Draws! A fan into a character! If you guys know me or my work at all, my favorite thing in the world….are capes! I love capes so much, so let’s just start with a cape. Let’s choose the general direction. Let’s make her edgy and evil looking. Ooo! More of a darker essence here. This is what we started with and this what we have now I’m giving her more of a dark, moody, badass look. Making it seem like she’s a villain! Just gonna work on it, and I’ll check back soon This is what we started with and this is what we have now! The dominant color over here is white on her cape and then we have accents on her face. While I was painting I was thinking back to the evolution of my YouTube channel and where I started. Some of you guys we’re here from the very beginning, when I had my little, tiny, small room, where I couldn’t draw at all. And then, I moved to a slightly bigger room, and then I got Milo! And then I got to a bigger area, and now we have all of this! Which is absolutely crazy. Oh my gosh. I just want to say, thank you guys again for being part of the adventure, being a part of the journey. Watching everything just grow really slowly. I think we’ve made something really amazing. So, thank you I’m just gonna keep working on this and I’ll check back soon. This is the piece, and I think we’ve gone a really long way from the original image of Samanda. We’ve made her a lot more villain-esque. You know, shifted the color, the mood, and the story and I think it’s going in the right direction. Something I haven’t shown you guys in a really long time is color balance. Color balance is amazing. We use it to shift the mood and the story really easily. I’m just gonna make a copy of my entire image. So we go to image, adjustments, color balance. And we have all these options. We have the shadow. We have the mid-tone. We have the highlights. So let’s play around with some. Whoa! There it is. Okay. Let’s stick with that mood. Isn’t that cool. Look at that. I really like this new essence. You know, it’s a lot more blue. I feel like we can trust her more. You know, blue is the color of trust. I feel like we can trust her more than this! So it’s amazing how simply the colors can shift your perception of the character. But I’m just gonna commit to the original idea I had. I’m just gonna try to finish it and I’ll check back soon. Yo Samanda! It’s color dodge time! Aaaaghh! Milo! Graaa! Samanda, what are you doing!? No! Samanda! Guys! Samanda’s too strong! We need to call…my patrons! Oh my god! Shark Girl! Attack! Go pizza man, go! Alright Ness, your turn! Pistol girl! Shoot her! Laser gun girl! Alright, one more move let’s finish her off! One, two, three! Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the new video! We have a new set, new studio, everything’s new. If you’re wondering where the new studio is, it’s obviously in the jungle! Right Mi- Oh! When the place is completely setup, I plan to release the video tour, so stay tuned. Thank you all my patrons who submitted a photo, they look so great. There were so many of them. Thank you Samanda for letting me transform you! I really hope you enjoy it. Sorry we had to defeat you. But yeah, it was a whole lot of fun. And if you want to learn more. An in depth process of how I created this illustration. I have process demos, the files, and everything. You can visit my Patreon! If you want a chance to win one of these prints this videos question is… What was the best thing that happened this summer? For me…it’s probably uh, seeing all your face again at Anime Expo, Comic Con, and all the conventions. How about you buddy? What was the best thing about your summer? Huh? I know! Totally! Let me know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber! We plan to make so much fresh and new content inside this new space. So don’t forget to subscribe to remember, every day is a color dodge day. No capes!


  1. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ COLOR DODGE ARMY! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

  2. Another great Video i am a huge fan of your channel and the content you create. I do have a curious question if you would indulge me, do you think Talent trumps Passion?. I ask because of a situation that i am currently in, i am in my final year of my games design course and it will soon be time for us to choose our career paths and my interest has always been in the art side of games things like Graphics,Color Design and Digital painting but my artistic skills are alot to be desired. should i still pursue my passion and interest in art despite my skill or should i look to more realistic goals?

  3. The best thing that happened this summer was i got to visit America! It was so magical and i cant wait to visit there again c:

  4. Well this summer vacation I just practised drawing and getting better at it, watched a lot of tutorials while eating ofc. But the best thing was going to the academy and seeing my friend again. We got tickets for playground with the entire class :3 Just can't wait to meet the animators and illustrators who will be there.
    And I can't forget the time I spent with my family and just being together and hearing all the things everyone had done last year. Like, two of my aunts got pregnant and all that kind of stuff.
    I really like your way of drawing as an inspiration, but will not copy it tho, it's your style not mine.
    Like the way you captured het pose, but it doesn't look like her anymore :#
    keep on the good work!

  5. Hey Ross. First of all, I love your art and I aspire to be an amazing artist with amazing followers like you some day. As for the question, I spent the summer teaching my boyfriend, who was terrified of water and nearly drowned without my help, how to swim! Now he loves the water and is taking a swimming class this semester in college. I feel so happy and proud that he comes home talking about how much fun he is having and he is constantly looking up videos of Michael Phelps, trying to improve. 🙂

  6. These videos would be a whole new level of useful if you actually taught your audience something about digital art workflow instead of pretending to wave your hand over the canvas and then skipping process. Five minutes of my life I'll never get back.

  7. Ross is a talented artist, but the actual content and feeling from his videos feels very… Fake? Not genuine? He's a sell out, I guess. Nothing inherently wrong with that- but all I'm saying is Ross needs the camera on himself and resorts to cheesey, childish antics to make his videos "entertaining". If it makes him and his (paying)fans happy, then cool.

    I personally don't like how fake Ross is, I hate how he can take a photo of a fan and change it so much that its not even her. He didn't hand draw the pose, he didn't give it his " Personal touch" WHICH IS NOT THE DODGE TOOL. THE DODGE TOOL IS JUST A GIMMICK AND IT'S LAZY.


    Just my 2¢!

  8. best thing that happened is I learned how to use Colored Pencils and Watercolors which I enjoyed using in making artworks…

  9. The best thing that happened to me this summer was that I got into a really good art and design school! It is really hard but it’s totally worth it ❤️❤️

  10. Hey,RossDraw…I have a request…when I saw u drew ur fan arts,I was really surprised with the upcoming results…so…U needed ur help and give me some ideas for my drawing….I usually draw elemental heroes….but this time I have no idea for her look….I want it to be magical but at the same time I want it to be a bit modest and tomboyish…but Im ok with some extra edition…Im sorry if I cant send you the picture I draw of her because I dont have twitter neither do facebook…but if you are willing to help me…just let me know…tq…(sorry for the bad english)
    And btw,her element is fire/wind(pick which you are prefer)

  11. Probably the best thing that happened this summer was going to amusement parks and water parks and just taking life in! And of course… drawing. 😀

  12. Hi ross!!! I am a huge fan of your work and your videos, I would like to know what kind of brush do you use for the features, lining, i am still a newbie at digital art. THANK YOU in advance, More power to you!!!!

  13. I mean, it doesn't look like her at all. It looks more like a pose reference. You completely changed her features and slimed her. She is beautiful as is, why change it?

  14. Hello! If you don't mind my asking, what computer/drawing computer are you using? It seems to function very well, and you do a wonderful job on it.

  15. Ross could you pLEaseee do a video on anatomy you are such an amazing artist and I feel like me and many other people could really benefit from it

  16. Can you teach us how to paint clothes? The thing I love about your art is how simple your strokes are, yet everything comes together so cohesively.

  17. I felt kinda sad when you removed her birthmarks and made har arms thinner… PLEASE try to draw a person with imperfections for once! She is beautiful just as she is!

  18. I love your channel for multiple reasons but one of them is people always assume that ladies can only draw not guys so this changes this idea completely.

  19. I have one quick question for you, how did you learn to draw/illustrate? Was it tutorials on YouTube, or actual schooling or did you just learn it by messing around? I’d really like to because I’m going to follow a similar path to you, as in character creation and concept artistry.

  20. Everyone is pointing out how he actually didn’t draw her but he obviously stated in the beginning that he’s gonna “turn her into a character” meaning not really drawing her but rather turn her into something else ! In that case a villain yUy !
    He did a great job y’all calm down lol

  21. To all the people being jerks, he never said he was painting a fans portrait. It states “turn a fan into a painting”, which is exactly what he does. He uses the photo as a starting point to turn into a painting. Having a professional artist like him turn your photo into a painting would be incredible and is not something to be so petty about. He is an incredible artist and is extremely creative so get off your high horse.

  22. So nice. I wish I had a tablet too. I dont afford one. So I only draw on paper. Lol. When I did my degree in graphic design… I used my trackpad on my laptop and it hurt my hands. I'm happy I finished. But don't have the courage and money to continue 😂

  23. I think you could have transferred her features more honestly. The girl just ended up having all your other cookie cutter faces. Just saying…

  24. so interesting finding a male that draws girls more than boys. nothing wrong obviously idc what gender you character is I think your work is sick. but for me personally I draw females more because I am one and understand my anatomy rather than males.

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