Trying to Draw EVERY Pokémon (GEN 5)… FROM MEMORY

Trying to Draw EVERY Pokémon (GEN 5)… FROM MEMORY

It’s that time again when I draw every single Pokemon in a single generation from memory. So let’s start this trainwreck. Starting off with number zero we have Victini. Let’s do this! Thankfully, I’m not too unfamiliar with the starter Pokemon. They’re not going to be perfect obviously, but I have some sort of idea about them but the deeper we go the worse it’s going to get for sure. Wow, I know Oshawott but I do not remember Dewatt. Does he have swords of some sort? Because Samurott. Oh boy. Hmm does he have ears? That isn’t what Pokemon look like. Alright moving on to our rodents. I think he has crazy eyes Maybe like a fat cheek situation. Literally drew them the same just ones a taller version. Big yikes. Let’s see. Liepard, I believe, is a weirdly sexy cat.
Like she has a waist or something… If I’m not mistaken, and I hope I am. Let’s give like very tall booty to this cat. All right, next up we have our broccoli monkey. So it’s a monkey with grass for a head. What is happening? What is this? This isn’t even what Pokemon look like. Let’s just draw a monkey on fire, Shall we? You would think someone like me who draws a bunch of very small ants would be good at drawing small pokemon, but I guess not, huh. ‘Cause here we are… making very very bad drawings of Pokemon. Okay, I am just going to turn this into a time-lapse before I embarrass myself some more. Okay cue that music! [Music Has Been Cued] Memory is such a strange thing and I don’t want to think about it too hard because if I think about memory it’s just one of those things that makes you feel weird. Why do we remember things? Where’s memory stored? What is a memory? And why can I remember what 700 pokemon look like, but I can’t remember someone’s name when I meet them? I don’t understand. The world is strange yet, here we are. So if you’ve seen the other four episodes, I suppose, if that’s what we’re going to call it.
The deeper and we get the less Pokemon I am going to remember. They’re not going to be as easy to remember as the others because I’ve seen them once. Maybe I’ve seen a few of them in memes. Maybe I’ve seen a few of these drawn by artists a few times. I’ve seen them in Pokemon cards, but they’re not Pokemon that you often see. Obviously the first generation Pokemon are more popular, so they’re used in more media more products, etc, etc… It’s going to get bad. I am so curious to see what it’s going to be like in the sixth and seventh generation. So I’ll admit a lot of these I wasn’t even sure what they are, so I had to read the description of the Pokemon to kind of trigger my memory and even so there were actually quite a few especially when it gets down to the Legendary Pokemon that I just didn’t know what they were and they’re not even something that you see in the game because they’re Legendary’s.
There’s only one of them. I think even sometimes they were Pokemon that were special event Pokemon that I had never even seen in the game or really heard much about because I have… I don’t really keep up with that sort of thing anymore. The whole concept of this series is that I’m looking at a list of names of Pokemon. I think a lot of people come in here thinking that I just listed all of the Pokemon off the top of my head in order and drew them. Absolutely not the case. I have never claimed to do that. There are websites where you can try to type the first generation in from memory and just I can’t even name all 151. I don’t have a great memory in that sense but if I look at all their names i can definitely think of what they look like because I didn’t want to just draw a blob that just didn’t make any sense. So… This was rough. I mean, it’s definitely really funny to look at the bottom few rows of these Pokemon and just see how weirdly generic they are. As we have seen in this series details are not something that… Well details aren’t really something that I put into my art to begin with, but it’s certainly not something that I am really remembering too much. When I’m trying to remember the design of a lot of these Pokemon I ended up leaving out really simple things like ears and stripes But… oh my gosh the further along we get into each generation it just becomes ‘dog with weird color skin’ or ‘Plant with a face’ or ‘a monkey that’s on fire’ because I honestly can’t remember any other details about this character. It’s really interesting to work on these projects. I go through with pencil and I’m thinking so hard about these Pokemon I’m trying to remember what they look like and obviously I’m failing miserably. Now this type of drawing takes a couple of days the first day I pencil it, second day I ink it, and then the next day I watercolor it. So I have a while to think about them. Unfortunately sometimes too, I will be browsing Twitter and someone draws one of the Pokemon and I’m like,
“Oh crap.” “That’s what that looks like.” But I do want to stay true to the challenge So I don’t let myself go back and change any. Though between that time if I do remember what a Pokemon looks like because either I’ve been thinking about it for two days and I can’t stop trying to remember or it just randomly pops into my head, if I do remember on my own I do let myself go back and change it if I haven’t inked it already.
Though if I’ve inked it game over. I’m not gonna whiteout any details what’s done is done. So as I worked on this, I would sort of trigger my memory on what Pokemon looked like in an evolution if I started with the last evolution. If I couldn’t remember what the first or middle evolution Pokemon was and I drew the ones around it, sometimes that would help me, I guess, fill in the clues or fill in the blanks on what a Pokemon looks like. There are a few instances where I was coloring them when I remembered what some of them were, So… Especially with Venipede.
After I drew Venipede the middle evolution and Scolipede, I realized that I just drew a tiny Scolipede for Venipede and I pretty much remembered what Venipede looked like later on but it was too late. So… Venipede and Scolipede are just like a tiny version. It was also weird how I would remember Pokemon that I didn’t even like. So my favorite Pokemon from this generation is Sewaddle, but I completely botched Sewaddle and I especially did not get Swadloon. Swadloon just looks like, I don’t even know, it’s just a leaf that’s wrapped up and it just looks so stupid. I absolutely love that Pokemon of that generation, but for whatever reason it’s one of the worst ones on here. It’s so strange. It makes me wonder if because I was looking at the back side of the Pokemon the whole time I played the game, so I wasn’t looking at the front of the Pokemon because it was on my team I wasn’t actually battling this Pokemon as often as I was using it… So maybe I was remembering what the back of that Pokemon looks like. Who knows. But then they were Pokemon like Laravesta and Volcarona that I had zero interest in and although my memory of them is pretty minimal and bad the fact that I even knew that that was some sort of fire moth thing is so strange to me because I think that pokemon’s ugly and stupid. Like why do I even remember that much about it? Who knows? Anyways, I feel like I talked about the same thing every time I make one of these videos. It fries my brain trying to remember this much. Okay, I’m going to go play pokemon sword now. [Music Has Entered The Chat] Okay! Here it is! This is Generation Five Pokemon from memory and… Oh boy, was it a struggle. So let’s take a look at a couple of my favorite goofs and let’s just start off with Victini. Victini is looking absolutely terrifying. I mean, what is that nightmare? Another favorite as I worked on it is Dewatt and I knew it was so wrong but I could not, for the life of me, remember what it looked like. Look at those legs. Look at those legs! I mean, what is happening? One detail that really stuck with me and I don’t know why is Simipour’s hair. I don’t know why I stuck with me, but… but it did. These two little guys turned out really well. I just think the stylization is really cute and accurately they turned out well, too. Obviously lacking in a lot of detail, we have a Carracosta, but I just love its tiny stupid head. I mean, just look at that guy. And also that that’s just a turtle… just a turtle. And even though it is completely wrong I really love the way I drew Vullaby and its evolution Mandibuzz. I knew there wasn’t a skull on its head, but I couldn’t get that out of my head. So… that’s what I ended up drawing. There are so many silly mess ups in this illustration, so let me know in the comments below which of these goofs is your favorite and with that thank you guys so much for watching! Go enjoy Pokemon Sword and Shield, not a sponsor. Obviously. And I’ll see you guys in the next one. Stay golden! Bye! And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best! If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! [Music]

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  1. I accidentally paused this video and Then thought the video wasn’t loading then I realized I might have paused it I’m dumb

  2. Lol some of this is really wrong but I have the exact same memory… xDD I think you captured details, that are important so perfect. 😀

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    Also, they are cute, Kasey. You're doing a great job. ❤

  4. Duh-wott? Weird. I think it's pronounced dew-ott, as in duo. I'm guessing you have a list of names beside you when you draw these? There are a ton of Pokemon that I'd forget without someone telling me they existed.
    Edit: Liepard is just a normal cat-shape. If that's sexy to you…

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    GameFreak draws Pokemon from memory: forgets about 60% of them…

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    I do have to say my favorite goof on this one is virizion being just a green dog. It's cute, and somehow both wildly inaccurate and recognizable.

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  17. hippocampus my friend, memory is to put it simply, where different groups of neurons become active. So each thing you remember is the neurons firing and the reason you remember certain things better is based on the strength of the connection between the memory. I literally just learned this today in Psych and my god it is useful and helps a LOT and came in handy just now lol

    But honestly you did a real good job as always with these challenges. Played pokemon every day and play Pokemon GO every day and can't remember the way half of them look -.-

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