Trying Digital Art for the First Time

Trying Digital Art for the First Time

so I was drawing the CHC doodle and then this happened you you send me their new tablet for me to try and review so my brother this is my first ever digital drawing but first let's unbox this thing okay so we got the sexy glove tables the digital F fine liner the donut nibs some cool cables tablets cleaner hands boring stuff now let's get ready to draw for this I'm gonna use my ugly laptop the cables and of course my spongebob bag don't forget to wear your sexy gloves drugs and sucks to get mind-blowing results this is my first oh sure this is so sick first I'm gonna draw the sketch of my crazy character always start with basic shapes my brothers now it's time to eat okay I think the face of my crazy character and now I'm gonna ink the whole body so let's do it to ink this drink I'm using a random Photoshop brush and oof oof oh it is perfect for six lanes Oh crazy duffer now it's time to follow but first I'm gonna mess my drink using the digital sexy blue tape this is something I learned from yessuh and it is really useful I was starting to feel really tired so it is time for a bit of pain together this mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix cool this is so delicious let's keep working on it okay well finish the last part of this crazy character let me tell you what I think about this sexy drawing tablet I'm having a lot of fun using it and I will really recommend it to someone who is starting to drug digital like yeah boy God spoke to someone who wants to have an amazing drink tablet for a great price compared to other brands I actually used to have another drink tablet without screen that I got for $600 $600 I mean with $600 I could buy like 200 copies or or 300 crooks and the one I'm using right now costs only 470 bucks it has a screen and it's way more fun to use it has a pretty cool pen even better than the F fine liner with over 8,000 impressions sensitivity levels so you can draw ultra mega sexy lines with it the tablet has some buttons and a touch wear on the site for you to customize and make your drawing process more effective and fun and the pen has two other crazy buttons as well I think that I really like about it is that there's almost no space between the pen and the sexy line your drawing and this makes me feel like I'm drawing on the sexy sketchbook instead of a tablet and you know what that is awesome the colors on this tablet look amazing and the resolution is great everything actually looks better in the tablet than in my ugly laptop in my honest opinion this tablet gets a 10 out of them I never got that 10 at school sorry mum so if you wanna bite go to the link in the description and use my discount code to get a discount right away kion didn't pay me to make this review they just send me the tablet and I could say whatever I thought about it now that I finished my drink it's time for the reveal the yay GOx epic music please another by the way we're almost at 100k subscribers that's awesome so if you haven't yet don't forget to subscribe because yeah

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  1. Ay yo gawx fam where you at…and btw gawx you gotta convince your dog that you dont copy vexx your dog might unsubscribe…no!!!

  2. I was on vacation! Cmon I missed so many events on the gawx channel, congrats on the 100K subs, can’t wait for the 100K special

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