Transforming Gadgets?! – Top 5 Weird Items & Products on Amazon Put to the Test (Unboxing Review)

Transforming Gadgets?! – Top 5 Weird Items & Products on Amazon Put to the Test (Unboxing Review)

guys today we have a ton of transforming
toys check these all out all kinds of fun stuff what’s catching my eye is this
rocket fishing rod it’s like a rocket that transforms into a fishing rod yeah
it’s like a gum catch real fish you know we do have a swimming pool that has lots
of fish in it right trout lots of bass lots of staff tuna fish V you’re now old
enough you gotta be eight years old or more javi go play with your my little
pony are you a brony Justin I’m a phony
oh they make these so difficult to get into
oh hey it matches you it looks like it should have a CWC on just warm it’s
getting cold in here so put on all your clothes perch dragon scales dragon scale
let’s look at that dragon on your bog right there I’ve been wearing it
non-stop because it’s cold now every single day every day wild play right
pump it up you pump it up all right just referring a bunch of
stuff and I didn’t have the microphone on so here’s here’s some clips of what
you guys just missed Vy parkouring then I dropped a bunch of stuff so what
we’re gonna really do now is test out this fishing lure shop gum rocket
launcher thing whoa it’s a blue fit blue ball fish are you rocket
rock that rod just like a real gum there’s a safety safety right there what
a trophy what a trophy I think shoots really far doesn’t it yeah I kind of
want to shoot this turtle with it let’s see if I can hit the turtle turtle needs
to go all right turtle hello friend you totally nailed the turtle in the
head oh you didn’t catch the turtle got away he got away heroes in the hot tub
turtle power I gave you before so leave a comment
below if you want to see us play a game in an upcoming video we have a ton of
cool games poopy-head taught me dude sure Louie and fantastic gymnastics let
us know what we should play one of these you want us to play CWC do we see crew we
need another transforming toy Justin what should be used
don’t you have any balls say I got balls for that
that doesn’t look like any ball I’ve ever seen no so apparently it’s a disc
like a frisbee disc transforms into I’m gonna go with the red one oh there’s it
matches the CWC logo right like this like a frisbee oh it turns from a
frisbee into a ball me go long beat bow-bow oh she turned it into a ball
hahaha it keeps turning into a ball on her the
ball was it my boat it’s a ball now ball oh I almost went
over the fence she almost kicked it over the fence are
you trying to lose our frisbee balls you can play a little you ain’t no hack but
I’m good at packing that’s right I wish there was a way we can crack that I’ll
just Bob Justin I’m ed guys oh yeah oh are you river dancing there what’s our next transforming toy Vy I
think I’m gonna pick this one here is transforming on it Minecraft transforming diamond sword pancake oh it’s this bad it’s not a
pancake it transforms into a pancake you know Chad and I did make a video that’s
right this totally does transform into a pancake video let’s open this thing up
here’s the diamond pickaxe this is it right really make it transform me
give me a dress you know just for just swing it just swinging there you go it’s shape-shifted use my
brain nice nice brain work nice brain thinking this guy’s gonna get shocked I
hope he doesn’t minecraft the CWC merch is not water resistant but it’s still
all good it’ll dry off your job minecraft transforming sword I use the
sword but I could have also used the pickaxe you transformed into a wet wild
play hey Justin here’s another blue ball for
you oh hey so many blue balls this one looks like a football does but it
transforms into a zoom ball hi drew ah so apparently each take a handle here
and then it let’s back and forth we put a water balloon in it so we’ve got mr. was one of us is gonna get wet
do you guys let us know comment down below who do you think is gonna get wet
safe justin is gonna get wet or state champ it’s gonna give this
you’re gonna stop fighting oh we got there Justin I got a little happy little
pink emoji water balloon here okay come on in in there get in there get in there
pinkie pinkie stinky hey hey let’s take don’t be teasing him be nice you be nice
to the emojis now we’re gonna have you tossed around in this thing for a guy
alright so the way this works is we each have two handles I’ve got two Justin has
two we’re gonna stand about 12 feet apart and we’re gonna go climb this
thing back and forth and this is gonna pop on one of us we gotta try to keep
the blue football away from our body so we don’t yes most let go of the handles dude my
hand the did pop though I thought for sure I
was good what there that’s it epic implying a piece off hey came back at you where I think you got
wetter than whoo I got my face wet on though that was a good game that was
good thing I think we’re tied justice we both got equally what’s true good game what did you this one transforms guys I
don’t know I bet you guys didn’t know that this Captain America shield is
Captain America where wherever you go where you go wait a second whoa the
shield has arms ha ha oh wait how are you moving that oh I see
you actually fooled me there for a second I was like how are you moving
we’re gonna make this transform for real anyways as then we’re not gonna have it
be have arms right you’re gonna see how we’re gonna make this transform once
we’re up so let’s do it hey Chad do you know what this trend for
isn’t you know what a frisbee plants were those gonna chop my body yeah oh gosh doesn’t fall – well hey that
looks kind of cool down there maybe I should go get that the rocket fishing
pole huh I just got an idea guys pool cleaner wet ones hey leave a comment
below if you want to see pool cleaner wet ons in our next video turn back into
a shield guys it transforms back into a shield huge shout out to you
notification ninjas I am showing your comments down below thanks for getting
here early leaving comments and everything that we use today I’m putting
links to all of it down below if you guys want to get any of the toys we use
today check those out if you guys want some of the CWC much looking good link
is down below as well as in the top right hand corner check that out if you
guys get any merch send us some pictures either be an Instagram or Twitter or
somewhere else and we will give you guys a shout out in an upcoming video if you
guys haven’t seen this video yet check it out it is super fun we had a blast
you can subscribe to me right there not subscribed uh be right there oh hey
there’s another link if you want some merch well merch is everywhere guys
we’re gonna do a quick kcik bump out get ready to kick bump that screen guys

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