Top 3 Art Galleries in Aarhus Denmark I Artist Studio, Gallery V58 & Aros Panorama Rainbow

Top 3 Art Galleries in Aarhus Denmark I Artist Studio, Gallery V58 & Aros Panorama Rainbow

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you
three of my favorite art places in Aarhus where I live We’re gonna visit an artist in his studio. We’re going to a gallery that’s kind of small but awesome and then we’re going to an art museum
with a beautiful view of the whole city on top so hope you all enjoy it and
let’s get started my name is Mormor, I’m a Danish artist
and I work in basically all of the world but yeah I’m mainly in Denmark.
I’ve been living from my art for eight years straight now I would say the first
three years was really really tough really rough years I didn’t know what to
what to make a living from like two or three months down the road but yeah I
hang in there I guess and now I’m doing pretty good It’s a mixture of actually private customers I have a lot of people coming
up here or in my shop and buying like pieces of art but I also come into
people’s home and do like a directly wall paintings in the kitchens or
whatever but I make a good living from working with my companies and also sometimes like government officials and people like that My main thing is
decorations and I try to enter a space and I try to make that space work better
after I’m gone so I really want to I want to increase the livability and I
want to increase the quality of the space where people have their lives I guess Starting my work I guess my career was doing street art many years ago and I was a part of that street art scene but I slowly
started to realize I could make a living from this so I started to do different
collaborations all over and I guess yeah it just took off from there
yeah I’m doing the new Scandic Hotel in Kødbyen in Vesterbro, I’ve been doing the new Royal Suit at hotel Marriott in Copenhagen I’ve been doing Nørrebro Bryghus,
a total decoration of their space If you feel like seeing more of my work you’re more than welcome to join me on Instagram or
Facebook or just drop by my shop whatever or come here in the studio you
know if you’re in town just send me an email we’ll figure it out! And I actually found
him on Instagram so I highly recommend that I’ll definitely put the link to all
the stuff in the description! Now I want to introduce you to one of my
favorite galleries! It’s V58 and it’s one of my favorite galleries I love to come here
every six months they always have great artists on display and they’ve agreed to let me film in here and so let’s check them out It’s one of my favorite artists and this
gallery introduced me to her if I could someday own one of her paintings that
would be amazing I have three small little cutouts of her things on my
vision boards This building was actually built to be
an orphanage so young kids they lived here and now it’s an art gallery it was
also like Sunday school at some point and… what was the last thing? I don’t
remember but it’s a really awesome building they have a downstairs and an
upstairs, now we’re upstairs and they have all the little rooms set out with
beautiful art I don’t know if you can see this guy up
here but he draws like a Danish buildings and then he combines them most
of the time with Belgian landscapes I saw him down here they had a huge exhibit
with him two years ago I think and I just fell in love too bad they
were so expensive but good for me that I can just go here and look at them I don’t know why I prefer to look at art
that’s current I really love walking around these galleries and enjoying
things that people who live right now are painting and look at that look how
gorgeous it is all of the art museums of course they are brilliant they’re great
but I just tend to enjoy this more This gallery is open every day except
Sunday and it’s 11:00 to 5:30 so if you’re in Aarhus I really recommend that
you come check it out they have so much great stuff and they’re right when you
walk out the door you have to be careful not to get run over by a bus! because
there’s hardly any sidewalk just saying look at this! Now I’ve shown you street
art and I’ve shown you a private gallery now we’re heading into some high culture
we’re heading into the Art Museum here in Aarhus it’s called AROS and that is
actually the name of this city when the Vikings established it the museum itself
is pretty new it’s only about ten years old I think and it has a beautiful glass
sculpture at the top Right next to AROS there are all these old buildings and
they actually used to be old military buildings now this is a music school and
this over here is the house that you have all the horses so this is still
called Ridehuset and they have tons of exhibits and markets and stuff in there
all year round. Do you hear that music? There’s a choir practicing up there.
I don’t know if you can hear it but that’s pretty funny I’m actually meeting up with Jane down here do you remember her from Croatia? We went on that trip
together that was a lot of fun she lives here too and she has a year pass to here
and with that year pass you can bring an extra visitor it’s kind of nice to be in
the shade it is unusually hot and warm this summer in Denmark tomorrow is
actually the day where they are planning that they can announce that this has
been the month ever recorded in Denmark ever with the most Sun that is crazy I’m
living history right here! I am meeting up with Jane and we are having a picnic
on the lawn in front of the Art Museum and we’re just popping into a supermarket most of the markets in Denmark like they
have this convenience food and almost all of it is healthy or at least semi
healthy so we’re gonna get some of that and head over and have a picnic! Hey guys meet Jane!
We went to boarding school together and we went to Croatia together. Yeah! So she’s in those videos as well and we’ve just been having a picnic enjoying this
beautiful weather and then we’re about to head into the museum Gotta love that spiral staircase! These colors are so intense so much color! If you had that hanging in your living room you’d be like It’s so cool! I’d like to have it in a miniature They’re doing some sort of workshop/art installation thing in there and with people in walking around in dry ice. It looks pretty cool! I think this is like the view of it. It looks fun. Where are we heading now? You have the year pass, so you’ve been here… I’ve been here several times we could go
up to the rainbow panel rainbow? oh yes that’s a must see in AROS. Yeah! In Aarhus too It’s like a must-do. Do you have to pay the entrance fee to get in…? Yeah, also to see the rainbow I’ll put the price on the screen
so you can see but, wow! Crazy echoing in here. Yeah! Let’s go to the rainbow! Are you ready for a very colorful experience?
this is technically a piece of art so you’re walking inside the artworks
but it colors like you it gives a 360-degree view of the whole city and then the glass changes colors. you can basically see all of the city
here so you have the town hall over here You have the old city center down there, and over there is Salling rooftop where I want to take you in a future video that’s a really awesome place, too! Where they have a really good view,
but let’s head around here Jane you have to show us point to
where you live right now we are the yellow light, and you can see where I live. At the forrest in an apartment. So, not too far from here. And, she has a house and building a new house building a new house and having a baby yeah there are a lot of things going on right now. You just couldn’t wait with any of it. And here’s the Botanical Gardens
and old city which I’ve shown you before too so now you can see it pink and from
above I think it’s kind of funny because my
perception of the city kind of changes depending on the color because right now
wearing the blue and I love blue but this is very blue and then the red and
the yellow is more like happy for some reason I don’t know why. And this is
where I live over there. Man it’s hot let’s go get some air! The city is going green
you have rhubarb and strawberries over there’s chives Different things it’s pretty cool Denmark in general is a very go green
country so lots of vegetables around the city and yeah focus on green in general And for a pregnant woman this is perfect! That was it guys for my three things I
think you guys should see if you come to Aarhus and you want to see some art I hope
you enjoyed them leave down in the comments which one you would like better
I’m really curious to see. Maria and Jane signing off. Bye!

10 thoughts on “Top 3 Art Galleries in Aarhus Denmark I Artist Studio, Gallery V58 & Aros Panorama Rainbow

  1. Amazing video, Maria! I'm sure that Denmark has a plethora of art galleries and museums, so thank you for emphasizing the top 3! If you had to pick, which would be your favorite??

  2. The detail in Mormor's work is fascinating. I really enjoyed GalleriV58. Like you, I love seeing work by local, contemporary artists. I am not sure how I feel about the rainbow panorama display. It appeared to be a bit disorienting. It is funny how adding a color to a view makes that much difference. Great video. It is nice to see the sights in your area.

  3. Absolutely fell in love with Aarhus when we were there last August. Too bad the weather didn't play nice.

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