29 thoughts on “Top 20 of The best Martial Arts Actors ( Part 1 )

  1. I'm not sure if that was the best footage of Steven Seagal, but he looked like he was just slapping and shoving people aside as compared to Louis Fan where the man had actual technique and you can vivdly see the moves and blows, it looks a lot more real, great fighting, and butt whooping. Some of the guys at 20, 19, 18 were or at least look better fighters than some at mid and lower teens. Iko and Louis Fan, Keanu Reeves look the best, and the two ladies.

  2. Рейтинг ни о чем! К профи-спортсменам приплели актеров, не исеющих достижений в спорте, но снимавшихся в постановочных боях.

  3. Cynthia Rothrock is one of best female matrial artist and you place her to honorable mentions? And Bolo Yeung too? Seriously?

  4. Segal never fought nobody in or out a ring or cage or traditional compatitions he is no legit false martial arts

  5. Mark Dacascos a la 16 ième ben non pas possible il fait parties des 3 plus grands derrière Bruce Lee et avec Donnie Yen , la je suis surpris grave .

  6. Keanu Reeves?!? Seriously?!? His fight scenes were mostly using stunt doubles with Keanu’s face superimposed with CGI.

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