Top 10 Scary Cave Paintings That Shocked The World

Top 10 Scary Cave Paintings That Shocked The World

Hello everyone what is happening! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back
to another video here at most amazing top 10. History was one of my favourite subjects at
school, i think its so interesting to learn about the past and how they thought and how
they lived through everyday life. Its literally like they came and lived in
another world. I mean at the time i guess it was a different
world. But what really blows my mind are cave paintings. The fact that people from thousands and thousands
of years ago thought to create things that would help us know about their existence. Im sure thats not why they did the paintings
and it was more just for them if anything but still. Its pretty damn cool what some of these are
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as well as top ten hindi videos for the best and latest content! But enough of that, this is the top 10 Scary
Cave Paintings That Shocked The World. Starting us off with number 10 is The Altamira
Cave Paintings. These cave paintings are located near Santilliana
(santiyana) del Mar which in the Northern part of Spain. Funnily enough the paintings were discovered
by accident by a hunter called Modesto Cubillas in 1868 but werent given much mind until 1879. These paintings shocked everyone and I mean
everyone. Why? Because they were so well preserved specialists
seriously doubted their authenticity. The paintings were done around 35,600 years
ago yet their colours and details were so vibrant it was quite sus. It was only at the start of the 20th century
that they were accepted as authentic. These paintings are single handedly the biggest
pieces of evidence of Magdalénian (magda-leen-ian culture and most depict charcoal and ochre
pictures of horses, handprints and bisons (by-son). They were so impressive that Picasso himself
said ‘after Altamira all is decadence’. Coming in at number 9 are the Aliens. These pictographs were found in the Wunnamurra
Gorge in Australia. The paintings date back to approximately 3000BC
and they depict the aboriginal Wandjinas which is a type of religious deity (dee-a-tea) or
supreme spirit that were the creators of land and people. But the way theyve depicted them is just super
weird. The literally look like white versions of
the alien emoji on your phone. White faces with no mouth and large black
holes for eyes and they also have this sort of halo around them. The other black figures drawn amongst them
look like what like what i can only describe as closely resembling dementors from harry
potter. Some interpretations of these paintings say
that extraterrestrial beings visited earth 10s of thousands of years ago and had direct
contact with the people. Some aboriginals believe that they even played
a role in creation which could explain why they drew the Wandjinas looking like aliens. At number 8 we have the Chauvet (show-veh)
Cave. This one is located in the south of France
and only really gained notoriety in in 1994 after three speleologists discovered its walls
were covered in Paleolithic artwork and that it also contained the fossilized remains of
various animals many of which had become extinct by then. So thats alot of useful scientific and historical
knowledge in that cave already and we havent even specifically talked about the art yet. The cave shocked people for many reasons,
it was ridiculously large, and the quantity and quality of the artwork found was quote
on quote spectacular. Its literally been named a cave that has some
of the best preserved figurative cave paintings in the world. Which is insane since most of the art there
is 30-32,000 years old. The paintings had animals in there that had
never appeared in previous ice age paintings as well as many animals that had, and surprisingly
it had no paintings of full human figures, just one figure that seemed to be a vulva
attached to an unfinished pair of legs. As of now its one of the most significant
prehistoric art sites on earth and is UNESCO World Heritage site. Filling our number 7 slot is Laas Geel. These are the cave formations found in the
rural parts of Hargeisa (har-gey-sah) Somaliland. Even though the cave was known to locals of
that area for ages the caves only gained international attention in 2002 when an archaeological survey
was undertaken by French researchers and they were shocked to find this cave undocumented. The cave contains very vivid paintings which
are some of the earliest known cave paintings in the Horn of Africa. The rock art was created between 9000 and
3000 BC and its so well preserved till this day because of the granite overhangs. The artwork features cattle in ceremonial
robes with humans and the necks of the cattle are embellished with plastron (what the flat
part of a turtle shell is made from) and they also include other animals like dogs and giraffes. The colours on these paintings are so vivid
i would believe if someone told me they painted them a few months ago rather than thousands
of years ago. Now at number 6 are the Psychedelics. Tassili n’Ajjer (najer) is a national park
located in south-east Algeria. And of course these caves became part of UNESCOs
world heritage sites list in 1982. Most of the art in there dates back 12,000
years old and theyre more engravings than they are paintings. There are 15,000 engravings in the cave and
they consist of mostly large animals like crocodiles and antelopes and it even has humans
dancing and hunting. But they also include something called fungoid
rock art. Back in 1989 psychedelics researcher Giorgio
Samorini claimed that the paintings that look like fungoids were proof that people inhabiting
the Sahara desert had taken psychedelics. Theres one bit of artwork that depicts various
masked figures in line dressed as dancers surrounded by festoons. And each dancer has a mushroom like object
in their hand with lines coming out of the mushroom and connecting to the dancers head. Now its obviously open to interpretation on
what the picture means but i think you can see why Giorgio took away from it what he
did. And believe it or not psychedelics aside the
caves also house alien depictions. Flying saucer like figures in the sky asn
people that look like humans but have one eye and just alienlike features. The pictures are quite creepy im not gonna
lie but these caves seems to have it all. Coming in at number 5 is the Prehistoric Sistine
Chapel. Yes im not kidding you thats what seem people
have nicknamed the Lascaux (lasco) caves. Located in the southwestern part of France,
the caves have in them more than 600 paintings mostly of big mammals in the area, humans
and abstract signs. The art inside the cave is meticulously split
into those categories. The paintings were the product of a huge combined
effort spanning many generations, the earliest painting was done 17,000 years ago. However theres one painting called The Crossed
Bison that grabbed everyones attention, the crossed hind legs of the animal create the
illusion that one bison is closer to the view than the other. The fact that paleolithic cave painters had
that skill and primitive form of perspective is evidence that they were advanced for their
time. Funnily enough the entrance of the cave was
found by an 18 year old whos dog fell into a hole. The boy came back with 3 friends thinking
the tunnel was an entrance into the Lascaux manor but then they found the paintings. By 1955 the cave had 1200 daily visitors but
that created a preservation problem because lichens and crystals began to develop. And on top of that they started having a huge
fungus problem so theyve convened many times to see how they can preserve the caves. At number 4 are the x-ray paintings. The Kakadu National Park is a protected area
in the northern part of australia and the place is massive. Im talking the size of the country Slovenia
massive. Its also home to one of the earths biggest
concentrations of rock artwork. Some are nearly 20,000 years old and they
provide an insight into 2 Aboriginal life like nothing else has before. The park has 2 main galleries Burrungkuy and
Ubirr and im sorry if i pronounced those wrong. For these people the act of painting was more
important than the painting itself and so they cover older paintings with newer ones. The art shows the objects they use everyday,
the things they do and the animals they hunt. Some paintings can only be done by the person
with the right knowledge so someone who had no magic knowledge could not do a sorcery
painting. They would paint animals in order to place
them in touch with the spirit of that animal which would hopefully ensure them a successful
hunt. But the painters didnt just draw the animals,
they drew their organs and their bones as well which is the first time discoverers had
found depictions like that and hence they were called x ray paintings. Filling our number 3 slot are the Underwater
Paintings. This ones about the Cosquer (coskee) Cave
located near Marseille (marsay) France. The cave was discovered by a man named Henri
Cosquer back in 1985 but the public only found out about it 6 years later when 3 divers actually
got lost and died in the cave. But if you wanted to find the cave today you
would just have to go through a 175m long tunnel which is all well and good except the
entrance to that is 37m under sea level. That puts a bit of a spanner in the works
i think. Sadly 4/5ths of the caves art was permanently
submerged underwater and hence destroyed but 150 pieces of cave art are still in tact. Art like hand stencils date back to 27,000
years BP and the newer art of different animals and signs dates back to 19,000 years BP. People were stunned at the fact the art was
a) underwater and b) it was partially intact. In circumstances like that the art would usually
be lost so it was miraculous that it hadnt been and thats why it deserves the number
3 slot i think. Now at number 2 are the Magura Cave Paintings. This cave is located in the northwest region
of Bulgaria and all the paintings were done from bat guano aka bat poo and are done on
stone. This is probably the most extensive series
of cave paintings ever find and they actually cover a range of epochs – The Neolithic, The
Epipaleolithic and even the start of the Early Bronze Age. there are more than 700 drawings
in the cave and they fall into 4 groups: zoomorphic, symbolic, anthropomorphic and geometric figures. The figures are mostly stick figures and not
extremely detailed but its very easy to grasp what they were trying to depict. The cave was formed nearly 15 million years
ago and youd have to walk a good 1.6 miles to cover the whole thing. It has one main gallery that includes 6 halls,
the largest one being the Arc Hall thats 69ft high and 420ft long. This cave is filled with quote on quote art
and is bigger than nearly all art galleries in the world. No wonder people were shook, i would be too. And finally at number 1 is the Cave of Hands
also known as Cueva de las manos. These caves are located in Argentina and are
insanely famous for the numerous numerous hands painted inside the caves. The art dates back to 13000 to 9000 years
ago and obviously a lot of different groups of people occupied the caves during that time. I mean some of the earliest artwork has been
carbon dated to 7300 BC. all the hands inside the cave are stencilled and most of them left
hands indicating that the people probably used their right to hold the spraying pipe
or they sprayed the back of their right hand with their left. Either way the cave was filled with hands,
there was also artwork of full human beings, geometric shapes, hunting scenes etc. they
used mineral pigments to make the images like iron oxides to get the reds and purples, manganese
oxide to make black and so forth. The site became a UNESCO World Heritage List
back in 1999 and people were glad. Its not everyday you stumble upon a cave that
is filled with sprayed hands dating to 7300 BC. just thinking about how much history took
place in that cave and all the different people those hands couldve belonged to and what their
lives would have been like i mean it blows my mind it really does. And guys thats it for todays video! I hope you learned something from this one
and at least now youre well versed in the most popular and shocking cave paintings in
the world. Have you guys been to any of these places
and how was it if you have lemme know in the comments below guys. As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill
catch you in the next one byee.

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