Top 10 Most Amazing Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Top 10 Most Amazing Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

– [Narrator] Have you
ever been stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to do? Maybe those board games have gotten boring on your family game nights. Well then it’s time to
make things a little weird. Check out this crazy list
of 10 wild experiments you can do at home. – Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 10,
make your own rock candy. In the mood for a delicious experiment? By using a wooden skewer, a
clothes pin, sugar, and water you can do an experiment that
drives your taste buds wild. Prep this experiment by
placing a clothes pin and the skewer so that it sits on a glass and rests about an inch from the bottom. Then it’s time to get cooking. Bring a cup of water to boil. By using food coloring you can
make it any color you want. Then add a cup of sugar to it. Make sure to stir until
it’s completely dissolved. Once dissolved add two more
cups of sugar to the water and stir it until it dissolves again. Once completed, let it sit away from
the heat for 20 minutes. Pour the sugary concoction into the same glass you’ve measured before, and carefully place the skewer inside. After three to seven days of waiting, you will see that you’ve
created rock candy. You see, the sugar only stays connected to the water when it’s very hot, so once it cools the skewer acts like a seed
for the sugar to grow on. In a week, you’ll come
to find a tasty treat and realize that your experiment rocked. Number nine, a pasta torch. Yup that’s right, you heard me. Your macaroni and cheese
isn’t just for eating anymore, now it could be used to create a cool, safe, blazing torch
made from powerful gas. This simple experiment actually shows how to create a perfect
hybrid rocket engine. Along with your macaroni and cheese, all you will need is some
yeast, a small jar with a lid, some hydrogen peroxide, and a lighter that can give you some fire. First, start by connecting
your pasta on to your jar lid. A little hole should do the trick, and once that tricky part is done, just add the hydrogen peroxide and yeast into the bottom of the jar. By doing this, they react with each other and start to create pure oxygen gas. The gas will rise and try to escape through the very high-tech
tube you’ve installed, a.k.a., your lunch, and as it goes through the pasta you just need to add some fire and you will see an
intense self-running torch that will shoot out of the fire until the oxygen gas is gone. Number eight, magic mud. This wild experiment can create mud that seemingly turns from solid to liquid right in front of your eyes, all while glowing. In order to make this mud all you will need is some
potatoes, a strainer, a blacklight, some water,
and some seltzer water. Take a potato, or more than one, depending on how much slime you want, and cut it into tiny pieces. Place your tiny potato pieces into a bowl and fill with regular water
just above the potatoes. Stir for a few minutes, and you’ll notice the water turning red. Strain the potatoes from the water and let the water sit
for about 10 minutes. A strange white substance will appear at the bottom of the red potato water. Pour all the water out and the mud remains in the bowl. Add regular water to the
mud and mix it up with it, and then let it sit again and harden up. This time, the mud will
separate from the water and clean out all the
dirt that was in the mud. This leaves your mud perfectly white. Now, let the mud sit for two days. This will cause it to crumble. Then mix a small amount of
seltzer water with the powder and mix it up until you have the same consistency of
mud as you had before. Once completed, this mud
moves like pizza dough until you stop playing with it, and then it turns into slime, all while glowing under a blacklight. Number seven, disappearing water. This experiment is perfect for all of those young
magicians out there. In order to do this experiment, all that is needed is some water, a cup, and a few unused baby diapers. Take apart a baby diaper and start taking apart the
cotton fibers in the diaper where the baby would usually go potty. Eugh, gross! When you take this apart, you’ll notice some powder will be found. This powder is actually
called sodium polyacrylate, and is known to absorb liquids
300 times its own weight! After you remove two
diapers worth of powder you should have about a
teaspoon worth of powder to place into a cup. Once that it done, all that is needed is to pour a cup of water
into the cup with the powder and magically the water
instantly disappears. It’s magic! Your friends will be amazed and will be begging for
you to be the magician at their next birthday party. For more fun, you can add
food coloring to the water to see what happens in bright new ways. Number six, homemade lava lamps. Although it isn’t the 1970s any more, and the lava lamp phase hasn’t been around for quite some time, creating your own lava lamp
is still an awesome experiment that you can do at home
in just a few minutes. By using water, oil, food coloring, and a tablet of Alka-Seltzer, you can create a magical illusion that brings the lava lamp trend right back into your kitchen. First, pour oil and
water into a clear tube. Make the mixture about 80% oil, 20% water. Since water and oil
have different densities the water sinks to the bottom. Then, add food coloring and you’ll see the food coloring make it’s way down to the
water and mix with it. It’s a cool illusion in itself and is proof that food
coloring is water-based. Once the water and food
coloring has mixed, now it’s time to crumble
an Alka-Seltzer tablet. This tablet reacts with
the water and bubble up, making the water rise
all the way to the top, release air and then
fall back to the bottom. It’s totally trippy, man. Number five, make object disappear. This experiment is so wild that it makes things disappear right before your very eyes. All that’s needed are some
glass bowls in various sizes, some water and some vegetable oil. Fill the larger bowls
up with vegetable oil while the smaller bowls, at
first, can be filled with water. Once a bowl is filled with vegetable oil, place the smaller bowl inside of it that is filled with water, and notice how you can
see the glass inside. Now, remove the water from the small bowl, replace with oil and place
back into the larger bowl and once you look inside, it seems like the bowl is magically gone. This is the science of refraction, when it comes to light the oil and the glass have
a similar refractive index which causes the light to pass through them both the same way, making things disappear. You can mix and match
with different percentages of oil and water in the large bowl to make some really cool illusions. Number four, waterproof sand. Love experiments that
mess with your senses? This is the experiment for you. Waterproof sand messes with texture and your understanding of
how things should feel. All that’s needed is some beach
sand from a local pet shop, hermit crap sand comes in
an array of awesome colors, and also some Scotchguard or any other silicone protector spray. Place the sand on to a baking sheet and give it a very nice spray, coating it completely. Once completed, shake the
sand up and spray again. Make sure to do this three times so all the sand gets covered. Once that’s done you can
pour the sand into the water and watch it bend and shape in all sort of amazing ways. All while remaining dry! This is all caused by something
called hydrophobic effect. Cool, huh? To try something even wilder, place some olive oil in the water and see how it floats on top of the water due to density. Place a drop of food coloring on the oil and then drop more sand and watch how it sinks the olive oil. Once the water is removed and the sand is placed onto a paper towel you’ll see how it’s still as dry as ever. It’s as amazing and fun
as a day at the beach! Number three, milk art. Feeling the need to make amazing art and also get your daily intake of calcium? If that’s the case,
you surely won’t regret making this amazing,
ever-changing milk art. Just take a bowl and fill
the bottom of it with milk, and add all different
colors of food coloring. Once the coloring is supplied just add a few drops of dish soap and watch the food coloring go wild and create milk that
moves all over the place and becomes an active piece of art that does all sorts of wild tricks. Milk has fat on top of it and the food coloring you
put in to it mixes with it. Adding the food coloring
causes these bonds to break up and split away from each other. The result is quick
moving splashes of color that you’ll love to play
with over and over again. Number two, exploding volcano. Perhaps the grandfather of
do-it-yourself experiments is this one, the homemade volcano. For the right effect paper mache’d or plastered volcanos work best, but when in a pinch the volcano can be used by a mound of dirt or even some clay. Inside of the volcano, add two spoonfuls of baking soda and a spoonful of dish soap. After that, add five drops of
red and yellow food coloring or any color you want your lava to be. When you’re ready to have a blast, add an ounce of vinegar and watch your volcano come to life. The chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar cause the eruption, while the dish soap gives you the bubbles to make your skin curl. Number one, tornado in a bottle. This awesome visual experiment gives you the ability to
create your own tornado at home without the
fear of being blown away like Dorothy and Toto
to the great land of Oz. All you need is to take
two plastic bottles, two liters of soda work best, and connect them with a blastic tube. For this experiment, you could
buy a special tube online or make your own by
connecting two bottle caps. Just drill a hole in
them, sand down the top, and glue them together. Make sure only one bottle
is filled with water and when they are connected, flip them vertically. With the liquid side on top, whirl the top bottle with liquid and you’ll notice an
insane-looking tornado. This is called a vortex and is caused by the
air in the bottom tube moving up as the liquid in the top tube moves all the way down. As the water moves to the bottom tube it also trickles down the
sides like a gentle waterfall. This visually is enhanced
by adding food coloring or glitter to your liquid to give your tornado an
amazing and unique look. Give it a try, we promise
you won’t get blown away. Make sure to try these experiments and let me know how you get on in the comment section down below. If you enjoyed this video
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