Toilet Paper Rolls Dandelion Painting Technique for Beginners ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

Toilet Paper Rolls Dandelion Painting Technique for Beginners ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

painting with toilet paper rolls why not it's fun it's easy and super fast project we have to start off by cutting some strips on our paper roll all around the roll until we will have and like a brushed ink and we are going to be moving them outside so that way we will have a nice shape that we can use and dip in into our paint so let's do that let's not wait but actually get some paint I'm going to start off with a brightest color in this case beautiful teal turquoise bright color and I will prep that all around in a kind of circle so I'm going to reach as many petals of my of my brush as I can because we will the flower we will get done Daniel so mmm I love that so I'm trying to make sure that I kind of have enough color on my M well brush on my bristles of my cardboard and I'm going over but I'm very delicate I would love to achieve this kind of delicate touch to it the feel of it so I love the idea of that it's not perfectly dyed in a color so it's a still very delicate it touches off I hope you can see that on the camera the touches of the color which is really really nice my next step will be to actually add Angela clean my brush right now I'm going to clean my brush I have a male Mayo jar and I will go for color number two which is a backyard beautiful teal as well I'm going to make me put it here I hope you can know you can see it so I'm going to move that and I'm doing exactly the same thing I am going to spread that around in order to make sure that all the bristles from my grandpa are going to be I colored it's not all most of them are a lot of them and I love that as you can see this is very delicate I could press it way harder but damn billions they are very delicate in the look so I love that idea of delicate to see bellick courtesy of and this the way we add our layers it's very delicate and that's exactly what i'm hoping to achieve here mmm and love love lovin that now the next step is maybe to add color number two which is a darker blue I'm going to clean my brush and I will as you can see I'm not cleaning a my and my role at all and if the color don't mix that okay I don't mind that and again I am trying to spread my color evenly so I'm going to touch ink now oh look at that isn't it gorgeous I just love it and you know what I cannot believe how enjoyable simple things can be and in this case that's exactly how I feel about this project enjoyable and fun I really really love it and affected their simple yet very very nice now I think it would be great to add the last dark color I can actually maybe wear will added added here maybe as you can see I'm coming with I'm using a family colors kind of all the blues and Steel's and dark blue oops they all coming together so that way I hope they are going to be nicely cooperating okay and voila let's add the back one oh I think we need a little more of the pigment if any of you is asking I'm using paper add sea paints but I'm pretty sure that any acrylic paints would work so please use whatever you have at home and if you feel the nut that slowly or something you can always add a little bit more water oh look at that beautiful contrast now I'm loving it whew isn't it and come on it's it's so easy but I promise you you will have such a joy making this because it's so easy and because it don't have to really worry and just you know enjoy the process I'm thinking now we can finish it this but it would be nice to maybe add a little like a lion kind of thing and make a very very fine delicate line like kind of distinct if I can do it yes something very delicate mm-hmm and line number two yeah that's what we have now I'm loving this big-time I think it could be nice maybe if we would add a little bit of this in here just touches nothing too serious you know nothing really just touches of of color and actually yes instead of my brush is your paper or some sort of something that is more delicate voila that what we have guys simple fast ten million flowers after I finished recording I made one more and this is a single one which I added a bit of agreement it looks pretty I love it very much so you can do it one and the million or maybe two of them so it's up to yourself which one would you prefer I think I love this one more anyway I hope you will experiment and have fun so yes I'll doctor soon bye I hope you enjoyed my today's video and if you did please do share it with your friends let them to see this fun easy and quick technique and let them to have fun as a so thanks so much for watching and I'll talk to you super soon bye bye bye bye

43 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Rolls Dandelion Painting Technique for Beginners ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

  1. I have a daughter who was dying and she made a painting very similar to this so when my other daughter and iciness we painted ourselves and said wishes of Happiness to her thank you for your art it's beautiful

  2. Good morning, beautiful this so beautiful and elegant I'm definitely going give it a try. So much better than me hand drawing 😢😇😃. I'm try it on canvas thanks so dearly

  3. this is so creative! nicely done! Thank you for sharing your creative imagination and techniques…..these are beautiful

  4. That's so cool, I love the simplicity. Definitely going to experiment! Thank you for sharing your great ideas.

  5. I Really Really Love It To.I can't wait to give it a try,but I want to try yellow for my daughter.Thank you for sharing.God Bless You.MeMe

  6. This is so fun!! I've always wanted to paint but I've always been afraid that it wouldn't be perfect.
    You've given me the permission to just go for it. Perfect is boring.
    Thank you so much for opening my eyes.

  7. I just made this today. It was a lot of fun and relaxing. Thank you for sharing your creative videos! I love them!

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