Tissue Flowers Toilet Paper – Tassels With Toilet Paper Flowers – Craft Tissue

Tissue Flowers Toilet Paper – Tassels With Toilet Paper Flowers – Craft Tissue

Hey there Thanks for popping over to my Lauriepop channel where ideas
pop today I will be sharing ideas on how to make tissue paper flowers not fake flowers in my yard
like my other video they made out of tissue paper or 12 and I’m also gonna
teach you how to make these little hanging tassels for like a baby shower or
birthday party celebration or just to decorate that’s a little bland in your
life you’re going to need to see paper and twenty-by-twenty it is floral wire in it feels like sleepy wire
material you want it to be able to be in that you don’t want it to be too heavy
and I’m also gonna use scissors so let’s get started it really is 2020 paper lol hold it back then folded
across so that it still in the shape of a square near and then you wanna folded
into a triangle and then pick it up to the 12 o’clock position that’s sad day
but you do not want to be flush you want to be pointed down a little bit maybe a
half and pulled that one up so that it touches the very happy talk then you’re
gonna fold across and you want to cut it with a little bit of an edge at the top
but dole cut above that little priest in the back and it’s gonna be a perfectly
shaped ice cream scoop on top of your code now you have your cute little ice cream
cone unfolded and you’re gonna just lay down on top of each other but kinda
county will post so that they’re not in perfect pattern there just kind of mix
and make a little points and grabbed it and then start twisting shit you have a
kind of like a still something to put wire bail money goes down to my first
knuckle of my pinky finger can see when it’s all done it’s about the size of my
palms and that’s the twenty-by-twenty and you’re just slip in your thong under
each layer the first layer in the second layer and then when I get to the third
layer I’m gonna start doing a little twist so that it all of a sudden looks
like the Yellow Rose of Texas and not just coffee filters is that happy look
in with the tassels I bowled over much
twenty-by-twenty there’s the folded in Copenhagen and I start cutting from the
open in maybe an inch wide tehsil but I stopped at the fold about an inch from
the fold and I just continue cutting until I’m done and when you’re done
you’re just going to open it up very carefully that tissue paper is Fred Jul
30 Jeana leg and you’re just gonna split a it all open so that it’s so that each
of the phrase are on each side here you have it it’s about you wanna pretty
straight because you’re gonna start rolling now be sure and pulled it down
make sure it’s a role and I just come up press one thought in the next 10 minutes
and you want to be very careful to pull out those little stragglers you want to
be super careful but they will get wrapped around in pretty tangled by the
time you’re done just folded over and really really squeeze it tight end fix
those little phrase and then you’re ready to squeeze it even tighter and
pulled it around because that’s where the floral wire is gonna go in and then
start twists in twisting and you only have to leave a hole about the size of a
pin hole for that little wire to go through the floral wire and you’re gonna
cut about four inches in length and just poked it and just twists it may be two
times to secure it that’s about all its gonna take it when you hang it up you’ll
see that you have a few extra those leftover and I just hold that over like
a couple of times and then I just wrapped around a little and hole and
then a tariff one of the pieces and just kind of folded over rapid over tighten
up both you want to whatever works for you you’ll see that the longer version
is the regular 20 bucks Winnie the shorter version is what I’m gonna do
here says when you get to act like an angry
hairstylist and just chop chop chop different angles and I usually just put
it up there and then see how I want it to look next for my favorite crafty ideas today you just fold a really long piece of
toilet paper and half of all 18 19 inches long and then you start folding
for malignant you want to fold forward and down forward and forward and Dale
the kind of accordion style you want US Latin the toilet paper so that it
doesn’t get crumpled up by the time you’re at the very end and then when you
do finish you want to take your little wire it’s about a foot long and you
wanna folded over and just twist it really really tight my wire is like
slinky slinky slinky wire so it’s harder to manage then a stiffer thicker wire
would be but you just twisted tale twisted down all the way to however long
you want it you can make it short or tall and then since you have a folded
piece of toilet paper if you separate out each layer it’s actually four pieces
you know because it’s two plus squeeze at least soft toilet paper that used to
come from Costco like I used anyway so you just keep holdin it out holding it
out and I tell you what it turns out so so creatively I just do one side and
then go back and do the other side and I absolutely love this craft when you get
up you cannot tell this is definitely my favorite one today I hope these ideas
were squeezably soft for you what I can’t hear you got tissue flower in my
ear i can’t hear anybody anymore

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  1. Wow, they are so cute!! I love the one you made from toilet paper. it reminded me of a carnation. Too bad they don't sell colored toilet paper.

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