Tips & Tricks on How to draw EXPLOSIONS|Japanese anime & Manga

Tips & Tricks on How to draw EXPLOSIONS|Japanese anime & Manga

You can tell which animator drew this by looking at the explosion. The next will switch rapidly. So here we start with the explosion you see quite often. The fire you see first is in orange or white, the light is just a flash. Out of the 24 frames in 1 second, it’ll be 1 or 2 frames only. Is it that short? To give it some impact, we add blur effect. or adding some flying wreckage. And in the next frame, we go straight to this without in-betweens. It changes rapidly. No drawing in-between. We jump straight to this scene. When you put in the in betweens, it actually slows it down. It will look like a slow movement. The blast disappears while the smoke increases We add the flame color here and there to add more dynamism The flame will be orange or white but we also add another color. For the smoke, the normal and the shadow colors are not enough sometimes. If smoke is something consisting of gray color, I would mix orange color, the color of the flame. It will spread like this. Amazing. In the key drawings, which part moves to which area is We indicate with arrows how it should move so the in-between knows what happens. For instance for this, this will come here. If there were too many movements, I would put a letter on a part, and write it again here to show where it would end. That’s the instruction. The flame color which comes out once will gradually disappear, The start was quite fast, though we add more in-betweens to slower the movement towards the end. What’s the difference with clouds? The base is pretty much the same. There are clouds that are blurred, and clouds like a cotton candy. If it were me, the cotton candy like clouds are easier to draw. Just like this. This color here will disappear once it comes here, and it just spreads out to the end. There is an timing reference at the end. Going from here to here, you gradually make the in-betweens close to each other. Why does these appear? You see the 3D here, and think this as a hole. The hole here comes all the way down to here. The shape of the clouds differ so much among animators. Every one of them has originality. You can pretty much tell which explosion is done by which animator. Most explosions start like this. We generally add a white frame after this. If you put in too much, kids may faint though… It’ll be just a flash. Most of the spreading will be pretty much like that. having that in mind, It’s more like the hand remembers how it will be drawn after so many drawings in the past. Trying not to make it too simple. Once you’ve done the outline with the pencil, the rest can be expressed using shadows. Does the shadow go here in the next frame? If I were to draw the next key drawing, I would draw this part to become this size up to here, so changing the shape a bit and and change the position of the shadows. I’m drawing it based on light from above. but when the drawing process goes on, you tend to just forget about the light and just draw what looks cool. The way to put the lighting. For example for nose of anime characters, Even though the light may be coming from this side, drawing the shadow on this side may look better. We do that often. Thank you very much. The posing right in the middle of a motion. It will be a drawing with speed. Drawing the follow through will make the audience see the movement. You sink once, stretch and touchdown again. The middle of the body will be something like this.

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  1. OMG this is soo beautiful !! Congrats !! ♥ I've liked this video ^^
    I also have 2 speed drawing on my channel.. It wil be amazing if you check those out ! ♥ ♥

  2. OH MY GOD! Thank you so much for this!!! It's always such a rare treat to see just how the japanese animators work their frames into the finished genga. It's always surprising how clear and clean the drawings are, unlike a lot of the western rough animations

  3. 0:41 or 0:40

    To the English ear, it sounds like he said " Quality Junk Food. " lol

    Anyone else hear that too?
    Just me?


  4. I'm Polish not Japanese and I figured this out myself, from scratch, back in 2013. Drawing techniques have no nationality, only artists.

  5. I remember when I start animating explosion. All I does was drawing it bigger in every next frame. It was LooneyToon style 😅

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