Tiny Malifaux Demon Painting Tutorial

Tiny Malifaux Demon Painting Tutorial

What’s up guys, welcome back! This is the last part of the Watcher series
and I’m going to painting the little demon, it was a lot of fun to paint, and quite a
challenge because of the scale. I hope you like the video, let’s get started. We’ll do the demon now, we’ll base him with
Fantasy and Games Lendanis Grey, it’s a really nice pastelly pale violet colour it should
contrast really well with the warm colours on the other figure. The next step is to simply wash the whole
surface with GW Drakenhof Nightshade. Just splatter it on there, but be careful you don’t
get any on the other figure. Once that dries, add a small amount of water
to your base colour, this paint line is quite thin anyway so you don’t need a lot of water. Now we’ll just bring back all the little details
we lost in the wash. So here at his chest, around his face, the top of the leg here and the top of all the
muscles along his back and arms. I’m trying to leave quite a lot of the blue
from the wash showing in the recesses to help us build up a really strong contrast later
on. Mix in some white and we’ll start to apply
some highlights. So I’m essentially hitting all the same areas
but I’m trying to be more precise pulling the paint up to the top of any little details
I can see. The demon is actually sculpted really well,
especially considering how small it is, so there’s a tonne of details you can work on
bringing out. Just take your time and try and get a decent
transition between the colours, drawing the pigment up over the surface and letting it
collect where you want your highlight to be brightest. Add some more white and this time we’ll begin
to add a bit of texture by using some stippling. So I’m applying lots of little dots here and
there over the surface just trying to build up more of an organic texture to the skin. Trying to focus around the top of the muscles
and picking out any little sculpted details, like the little lumps on the claw, for example. Add even more white and keep building up the
texture and volumes with the stippling. I’ll pick out this little edge here at the
top of the claw, you can see adding that strong contrast in there makes quite a big difference. So this is actually my favourite way to work,
there’s no real focus on any fancy techniques, I’m just essentially farting about with the
paint. I’m not trying to put a lot of thought into
what I’m doing, I’m just building up colour where I feel it would look good, I’m letting
my intuition guide me more than anything else really. It’s a lot of fun painting this way, you get
to awaken your inner Bob Ross. Just don’t get carried away and start painting fern trees
everywhere. The skin’s starting to look really good now
so I’ll just finish off by doing the little spikes. You can see here I’ve already based them in
Scale Color Sunset Purple, now I’ll take some of the same highlight colour we used on the
skin and just dot the top of the spikes. Alright guys, that concludes the series on
The Watcher, I hope you found some tips you can use in your own projects. I tried to cover quite a lot of different
techniques and colour ideas, so there’d be a lot of stuff to get your teeth into. A big thank you to my very generous patreon
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10 thoughts on “Tiny Malifaux Demon Painting Tutorial

  1. Another great tutorial. Especially since I have this box staring at me in mute accusation to stop being a lazy twat and paint something.

  2. Another awesome paint job,i really should start blending my colours better youve made me want to be a better painterπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Cracking work as usual Kujo. Really inspiring. A wonderful blend of achievable technique with magical painting. Now I feel the need to watch V for Vendetta for some reason. πŸ˜‰

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