47 thoughts on “Tiffany Alvord-Possibility(: Lyric Video

  1. All of you need to tell your crush how you feel about them<3 Dedicating this song to him was worth it^-^ I just wished I wouldnt have said it on the last day of school:/ he even said why hadnt I told hi

  2. feels like this song's made for me… there's this guy in my class and i love him, but i don't know if he loves me… he probably doesn't ): tiffany, this song is awesome!!!

  3. This song is really good, and it somehow feels like im listening 2 a taylor swift song. the tune is similar 2 u belong w/me or another taylor song, but rlly good. she has an amazing voice.

  4. You must be extremely brave if you are courageous enough to do that.
    I like the quote, did you come up with it, or did someone say it?

  5. Can you make a lyric video for Megan Nicole's original song, B-e-a-utiful? It's a beautiful song and it's really good.

  6. There is this guy I like he always looks at me in smiles I wonder if he noticed I like him.I wave at him and he waves and says hi with a smile.I wonder if he fells the same so I wrote a note and a few days later my friend gave it to him.I was herting I knew he dident feel the same but I hope one day we can be a possibility.!He light up my world I just want to hug and kiss him I wonder what he will say to me on tuesday I hope he says he feels the same.!I Love you Xavier Estrada

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