TICE ART 1010  Greek and Roman Art

TICE ART 1010 Greek and Roman Art

aren’t you oppa Tori here but you can call me art this is explorations in art history starring me and and the hand hmm but mother missed me you people watching from around the world and I’m stuck waiting on some five-fingered prima donna okay that’s better whoa Mediterranean wind feels pretty breezy it looks like we’ll be talking about the Greek and Roman period leave it to the Greeks to turn geometry into art 1,000 to 700 BC marked a period in Greek art called the geometric period because of the decorations on the pottery of the day simple geometric designs were combined into a repeating pattern that circled the pot later abstract figures of animals and people appeared they used pots for storing wine and oil for eating and drinking as prizes at athletic games and even as burial markers start as taught and as a pot um hey uh was a job put me out boarding in the archaic period there art began to move toward more realistic portrayals of the figure from the Egyptians Greeks learned the trick of adding hair down the back of their marble statues to give strength to the neck area and spreading the stance of the legs to give a statue stability Wow too much stability male statues were called Kouros and the females core a Greek pottery styles changed as well they created the popular black figure wear style which showed black figures on red pots and then they reversed the formula into another popular style called red figure we’re showing red figures against a black background red figure or black which one makes me look thinner grace however wasn’t one big happy country at the time instead they had several Greek city-states the two top dogs Athens and Sparta were often at odds jockeying for position and power until the persons attacked in 480 BC then Athens and Sparta dropped their differences for the moment and together they repulsed the invaders but not before Persia had done some serious damage to the city of Athens it was time for the Athenians to rebuild surging with confidence after their triumph over the Persian Empire the Greeks launched into a golden age called the Classical period Pericles the leader of Athens ordered the rebuilding of the temples on the Acropolis where the famous sculptor Phidias decorated the Parthenon a temple dedicated to Athena the founding goddess of Athens classic sculptures became more realistic and at the same time idealistic sculptors like polykleitos search for the mathematically perfect proportions of human beauty poses became more natural by using principles like contrapposto a pose that gave an elegant balance to the figure by shifting the angles of the shoulders to the pelvis using the ratio of the size of the head to the body Greek artists discovered that the average male or female has a proportional height of six and a half to seven heads by increasing the size of the body to the head they discovered a more visually appealing proportion even today comic book artists use these idealized proportions to draw superheroes art will smash yeah Oh in 336 BC Alexander the Great took power and spread the Greek Empire from Egypt to the borders of India his death ended the Classical period in the Hellenistic period Greek sculptors still popped out amazingly lifelike sculptures but now they added more emotion action like poor laocoön and his two sons being strangled by two giant snakes sent by the gods as punishment the sculptor prax Italy’s broke the long great tradition of portraying male subjects in the nude and the females clothed with his Aphrodite of nito’s which became the first nude woman more Roman copies were made of this Greek sculpture than any other the idea of empire appealed to the Romans too and in 214 BC they took control of Greece the Romans loved Greek culture they copied Greek statues paintings and architecture they even adopted the Greek gods though they renamed the ball Zeus me Jupiter Poseidon meet Neptune Aphrodite meet Venus the Romans though were much more interested in portraiture of real people instead of seeking the ideal they saw for a true likeness of their subject warts and all also Romans used art as propaganda to promote a political agenda and glorify Emperor’s and their exploits emperor Augustus had himself portrayed as a strong young military leader in his warriors breastplate even though he was much older at the time kind of like some people’s Facebook picture Trajan’s column is like movie scenario and stone the sculpted scenes depicting Roman battles and their ultimate victory Roman architects became masters of the arch and the dome the arch was a huge innovation for the creation of bridges and aqueducts and the dome became the state of big official buildings like the Pantheon which became one of the most influential buildings in Western architecture the expansion of the Roman Empire spread Greek and Roman ideas throughout Europe which formed the foundation of Western culture even today we are still influenced by ideas developed in ancient Greece and Rome you

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  1. Awesome way to learn about history of Art i love it so muchΒ 
    and i have question do you make this movie as stop motion then you speed itΒ 
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  2. I have to say I really love this. Where can I find some more of this artists work? I love looking at other artists work and this is incredible πŸ˜€

  3. Love these, and so do my students. It is so hard to find something that catches the students attention when doing art history.

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