TICCI TOBY | Draw My Life

TICCI TOBY | Draw My Life

One weekend, after going partying with my
friends, I was walking back home on my own. A breeze was blowing and I could hear the
noise of the hinges. Most people would find it terrifying. But not me – I knew this town very, very well. I have the knife with me, I’m strong and
fast… what should I be afraid of? Suddenly, while going under a streetlight,
I turned to the alley I usually went to with my friends, and I saw someone searching for
something inside the trash can. I didn’t see the person’s face, however,
I did hear the creak when his head turned to one side, as if he was an owl.I went back,
I was in shock, but right away, a smile appeared on my face. I know it’s weird for someone to have such
a reacting after seeing something so unusual, but I Am weird, in general. “Damn it, drug addicts always doing weird
things…” I laughed at that thought and kept walking,
my boots were hitting the floor and the sound they made seemed to be following a rhythm. I was happy to be alone at home, my mother
was working a lot lately and I was pretty much always on my own. It’s dark at night, everything around me
seemed to be on fire, I’m floating, slowly, in the dark and confusing world of dreams. You know, that comforting feeling when you
know you are asleep, without direction, calm, everything’s in peace, while your blurry
memories come to your brain. Suddenly, I wake up, I realise my eyes are
open, I get comfy in my bed, I blink a couple of times and my eyes get used to the darkness. I sit there, for a while, wondering “what
has woken me up?” I’m about to nestle between the soft sheets
again, but right before I do, a strange sound calls my attention. It didn’t sound very strong so I assumed
it was coming from the street, it was probably cats. Stupid animals. I hated it when cats woke me up. Annoyed, I layed on the bed, which bounced
a little. The sound didn’t stop and it synchronized
with my head. Was it a crack on the wall? Was it real or was it just in my head? I sat up again, the sheets sliding between
my arms. While one of my hands was laying on the bed,
the other one was looking for the knife in my night table, my fingers felt the handle
and grabbed it. Maybe I was exaggerating, but.. better safe
than sorry. The sound was getting closer and closer. I grabbed the kinfe, firmly… Closer… As if it was downstairs. It sounded like steps, I could heard the sound,
slowly, in my corridor. I had no doubt, there was somebody in my house. I felt a tingling, while my hair stood on
end. My heart was beating like a gust of adrenaline
through my body, it was frozen, like a marble sculpture. I didnt even dare to breath. I could feel each beat resounding in my body
– if I made any noise, whatever was out there in the hallway could hear me. What should I do? Scream? Ask for help? Attack him? Kill him? Hide? Determined, I jumped off the bed, I saw the
shadow of feet in front of my door, a crack of light invaded my room, however, there was
a shade covering most of it. I was breathless, but my heart kept beating
– a cold sweat took over me. The hinges were making noises, the door was
wide open. I tried to scream, I was paralyzed. Suddenly, the alley and the trash can came
to my mind. It was the same person, the same figure. A shiver ran down my spine. I only had the strength to say NO. I could see whoever was stalking me was a
man, his face was completely hidden by orange glasses, a hood over his forehead and something
covering her mouth and his chin. He got close, staggering a bit, he was coming
slowly and sinisterly towards me. He put his hand on his face…. Shhhhh…. I went back towards my bed, I was holding
the knife, so firmly that my knuckles were bleeding. I realised the man had an ax on his hand,
a lot more impressive than my little knife. I could see blood dripping from it. The intruder held the ax up, blood was running
down it. I couldn’t move and I let my knife go little
by little. It fell, noisily, on the ground. I stifled a cry, and I heard a sound… “Shhhhh”, he said again, while he kept
walking towards me. I noticed his neck was at an unhuman angle,
I heard the noise of his bones, his tendons, the sound of death. I couldn’t scape, I couldn’t move, I was
waiting for it. My heart was beating faster and faster, everything
was getting blurrier. I felt I was gonna pass out. His body was moving weirdly. He took another step closer, his neck looked
like it was cracking, that mysterious noise again, that sounded familiar now… “Shhh”, he said once again. He was only a step away from me, he raised
his ax. I was gonna die. His ax got closer to me, slowly, I could feel
it touching my stomach. In that moment, I felt a hand on my shoulder,
lifting me a bit, enough to feel the blade cutting my abdomen. Agony was all around me, my body was rigid,
fear, shock. I couldnt see the night stars anymore, my
vision turned black and white, my world spinned around – the last thing i saw was a pair of
shoes with silver point, and the puddle of blood reaching the shoes of the intruder… And then my world turned black and numb…

100 thoughts on “TICCI TOBY | Draw My Life

  1. When they said "I grabbed the knife firmly, " All I could think of was the Spongebob meme when Patrick tells squidward "GRASP IT FIRMLY! "

  2. I was dozing off near the end then I heard the scream you literally made me piss my pants then my mum walks in and I thought she was gonna run out of air…. Thanks a lot>:( well anyways I did enjoy

  3. Ticcy tobby: shhh
    Me. You can’t tell me what to do !!!
    Ticcy tobby: … -_-
    Me : you won’t take me alive!!* jumps out of window *

    and this how I would die in creepypasta

  4. I know the sound is from the mukbangers slowly eating crab legs and eating it with it's shell that was dipped in too much sauce.

  5. you are ling that's not truth you are ling if you are not ling how are you still alive if he poot an acs in you stumps you WILL BE DED YOU ARE LING👎👎👎

  6. Me: eat a waffles tici toby:WHY YOU EAAAAAATING MY WAFFLES:ME CUZ I CAN tici toby:Gets axes me:get a knife tici toby: backs away me: runs and stabs him cya in heaven or will I hehe 😉 edit was it tici toby who liked waffles

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