Tibu - Juju (feat. Kofi Mole) [Official Audio] #emPawa100 Artist

Tibu – Juju (feat. Kofi Mole) [Official Audio] #emPawa100 Artist

if you like fights with a fight every day and night do things but she says she don't bite she go come to me she could tell me say anything we are the one she go – I'm alright universal wanna me feel baby your body the baby slow and come on speedy I'm a little baby need your love you know we final get numbness something they do to my body my body she comes to like oh baby just calm you ah make I come to make I come give you some love you go – just in the morning – like are they trying to do nine will be like this girl you journey to the top for you lovey – we find out that time is something you do to my body my body just pop you ah my midday get my Mariah and walk I can't cry buddy – buddy anytime you wanna do a shitty come clean you can clear a little spicy I thought there might be making a worry I need you

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