10 thoughts on “Thy Art is Murder – New Gods – REACTION

  1. I will be picking this album up! I loved the song and video. I don't like when people film this way, but it fit the song of what they were saying. Like Everyone with a phone,is addicted to them, being that they are always on them. And it, along with social media,has become their New Gods. It made me think of Black Sabbath's song Computer God off of the Dehumanizer album. And also TV Crimes. Really the whole album was ahead of it's time. A foreshadowing so to speak. 🤘

  2. I really don't like it. Same happens if I record with my phone and I hold it different, it goes upside down or sideways . I will however check them out.

  3. Liked the aspect ratio a lot since it is original, suited the theme of the song and – guess what – was watching it on my phone!

    But I hope I never see another video shot like that again. 😉

  4. Shadow of Intent – Malediction ! REACTION Deathcore track of the year definetely you won't regret

  5. Once i realised the point of the clip then i forgave it but before i did it was fucking irritating me haha

  6. It's really cool how they criticize this society making a video whose best way to see it is on a phone.

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