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  1. This makes me sad in a way bc I listened to their last album well over 50 times, it was heavy but well made. What would y’all say is the closest sibling to TAIM in terms of brutality?

  2. The last half of the album is killer. Songs 5-10 are rad with some brutal breakdowns. Can't believe I'm one of the few who think that. Subjectiveness I guess but was extremely happy with the later half.

  3. I thought it was a step back from Holy War and Dear Desolation but I did enjoy Human Target a lot.

  4. I feel as though the majority of Overkill’s reviews are given scores of 3/3 and a half out of 5 “skulls”. I believe that it’s getting predictable; although it may just be the music’s fault, I really don’t know.

  5. Death Squad Anthem was probably my favorite track. leaner and meaner and heavy as fuck. was a nice change of pace for thy art imo

  6. Music is "subjective" my friends, "opinions" are like "ass-holes," we all have them. I would like to hear C.J's vocals on a "higher" level. I will not be purchasing this album. It's mediocre at best. Miss you Lee.

  7. I think you get too stuck on sub genres … the album is a good metal album forget death / black etc… i wouldn't give it 5 but i'd say its a 4.

  8. Honestly the first half of the album (apart from New Gods) bored me a bit, while the last half kept me interested. Weird because the first half on DD I loved, while the rest I did not care for.

  9. Guys, I hope you read this comment as there’s something I want to add about Bradley’s review. As overly critical as he is, he wasn’t as critical and in replacement, defensive over BMTH’s awful, disgusting album “AMO”

    It’s annoying how overly critical you are Bradley, yet you obviously feel AMO deserves positivity when that album and the band, essentially disrespects and insults everything rock and metal is still trying to achieve, especially when BMTH and Oli Sykes claim the genre is dead and over.

    You’re a music journalist, we get it, just don’t try too hard too be too overtly critical.

    For a deathcore album, this is absolutely savage and better than desolation.

    You seem to be more fond of BS music like Amo, than the music you appear to love.

    You shouldn’t review for overkill.

  10. The Aversary, Hate, Holy War – all great in their own right. DD okayish but gets boring fast, Human Target is just boring. I don't listen to Deathcore much anymore, but there are so many better, more innovative bands out there. Just my 2 cents

  11. Nice review. You make a great point when it comes to the chugging and chord progression compared to the more riff centric songs but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing because it adds some diversity of sound to the overall feel of the album. I think sometimes people frown on power chords and chugs because of their lack of technicality but we have to remember that it's not always about being impressed, sometimes it's just about throwin down and feelin the bounce.

  12. Awesome review, I give it 3 and half skulls. Are you going to review Carnifex new album world war x when it drops? I sure hope you do it's one the most anticipated albums this year.

  13. Damn, you should have reviewed All out war. Those guys are underground legends and pioneers in the metallic hc genre!

  14. I couldn't stop looking at Brad's shirt. I love comic book art as much as I love metal and I always enjoy seeing the two crossover.

  15. I loved the new thy art album 5/5 amazing vocals, drumming, riffs and breakdowns I think all there best songs are after the 4 singles which has been a change from there last albums, and personally I found a satisfying and interesting variation between the songs but to each and there own !

  16. Thy Art calling themselves blackened death metal is kind of laughable considering they’ve been baby’s first deathcore band since Hate

  17. I liked the first half of the album, but it starts to fade for me quickly once Welcome Oblivion is done.

    Also please, put Bradley's hands in restraints for his reviews, if I didn't know better I'd think he was Québécois. (who knows, maybe he is?)

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