Thrift Store Makeover #1

Thrift Store Makeover #1

*intro * Hey guys! So today i’m going to be doing something a little bit different… Not to different honestly- ; – ; Actually not that different- at all- w h a t i s t h i s i n t r o ? bUt- This past week I journeyed to my local thrift store and… This little bird house caught my eye… Suddenly I was filled with so many ideas, and. I saw so much Potential also, It was weird because it was in the Chrismas section.. That’s Probably why.. I noticed it in the first place And! Today I will be giving it a makeover *yay* So this birdhouse was obviously handpainted *cool* By some person possibly a yOung child, possibly an adult with slightly *yeah right* poor coordination It is a little bit plain ๐Ÿ™ but! I don’t hate it ๐Ÿ˜€ I do have my own ideas for this though.. So im going to “ME-ify” it Ew No. L e m m e n o t s a y t h a t I’m going to change it into more of my STYLE? I did notice some kind of Frizzle Frazzle In there that I wanted to get RID of so I’m taking some sandpaper and cleaning that up a little bit *Nice sandpaper noise* Quiite the delightful Noise ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to use some acrylic paint and this is just a mix of cheap brands of acrylic paint that ive had laying around for years i’m going to start by mixing a nice light pink colour, AND wow! the chunkiness of this paint :OO it’s uhH tRuLy disturbing.. The first step is painting the main body of this bird house I’ve painted 2 bird houses back in High School because.. you know cause i was that kind of kid And apparently still am *depressing XD* I always thought that birdhouses were really cute :3 and have a lot of decorating potential I never actually let the birds use them…. *really -_-* you know like outside partly because I don’t have a yard and partly because I don’t want no birds pooping all over my paint job *ew* *weird squish bird poop noise* they sit around an and inside is decoration and whatever I T S S T I L L *silence* … *silence* Cute :3 Of course, I cant forget about the little chimney thing *wow* And now featuring my cats rear end * a truly amazing sight* I think he was trying to sun bathe under my studio lights – INDOOR CAT LIFE.- he does that a lot Now I’m mixing up a kind of cone, cake, waffle type of colour *great description!* yet tan… O my gosh seriously I NEED NEW PAINT but did I throw it out after this no. I didn’t so my idea is to make this a dessert themed bird house *super original* if you know my channel your probably not shocked by this *no we are not -_-* because im kinda obsessed with desserts *no duhh* sometimes i google my ideas as a way to gauge how weird they are and i could not find anything like this at all so I’m thinking this is a pretty sTrAnGe idea *it is* I’m using a prisma coloured pencil to add some texture to the pink I was going for like a cake kind of texture its pretty suttle nothing too crazy that solid pink wasn’t doing anything for me I also went on the corners and shaded them a little bit for a baked look I dunno *you should its your makeover* ok this is far from being finished but I’m going to switch gears a little to work on some of the accessories I’m breaking up some red polymer clay and im just mixing up a nice medium red by masseging these 2 together *nice comforting music* ๐Ÿ™‚ I always do that now im going to form that clay into a ball and that ball into a cherry *sounds yummy* b-cause of course every good dessert themed bird house comes with a cherry on top what!? you didn’t know that? * course we did* for the stem I’m using this red paperclip I’m sure you can buy a better wire that doesn’t have kinks in it but i had this laying around so why not use it *suspenseful music* these are scary *uhm ye hehe * they look like they belong in a crime scene but I’m using them to cut down the paperclip *glass? breaking noise* uhuh clearly i do not use tools very often there we go ๐Ÿ˜€ stick that little cherry and OOOOOOOOH OH WEY YOOOOY it’s so cute :3 but before i get ahead of myself *you already are* im gonna remove the stem *NOOOO* so that i can bake this little dude op that was dumb and i just follow the baking instuctions on the clay packedge but woops when it came out it had some pretty significant cracks in it but ill deal with that later for now im going to move on to the whip cream I’m using some air dry clay why is that so satisfying?? to do that im rolling out a tampered snake does this look familiar because i used a very similar technique in my unicorn crafts video oh sorry just a quick shout out to my past self speaking of the past suddenly we gone back in time before the roof was painted and all that ugh *what i feel right now* try not to be distracted by that I know its hard *its not i know i know so im fitting the clay around the top to act as whip cream and schooch in the little cherry in there aswell you see what I’m going for here? *no* yea but actually i have to take this off because the clay has to air dry for 72 HOURS that’s right it needs a whole 3 DAYS to get its life together so while we’re waiting lets handle the crack situation with our cherry friend *aww cute* *NVM* and now the cherry has a butt crack perfect *weird fart noise* what’s up with me and cherry cracks soo i used some fabric paint to paint over the cracks to seal them all i wanted to admit is I’m a totally polymer clay NOOB I don’t use it a lot other than to make fake sprinkles which you don’t need skills for so I don’t really know what I’m doing here but it’s fine the important thing is that its fixed now and the time has the that the cherry and stem reunite *weird Noise* why am i so obsessed with this cherry * i don’t know* yea lets get back to painting to house I’m going to use some white fabric paint for some dripping icing on the house i really thought about turning one of the holes into a donut but since there are 2 of them for some strange reason it was just a little to crambed in that area i don’t think i would of had enough room for that to look right but i was really into that idea for a solid 5 minutes now i could’ve just used acrylic paint to do this but i went with fabric paint instead because i wanted it to be a little more 3d a little shiner just look more similar to icing now i gotta do something about this roof so I’m drawing on lines with a ruler auha somehow they ended up looking crooked, wobbly anyway I don’t know but I’m completely uncapable of drawing a straight line so I’m going to go ahead and paint on some wiggaly lines these things have character ok and I’m going for a waffle type of texture like a waffle ice cream cone maybe something like that and here i decided to add some of the dripping icing onto the chimney as well is that a chimney though? or is it like a steeple i don’t know the proper word is but you know what I’m saying as I worked on this the front half has gotten a little crusty so i need to add a fresh coat of paint on top to neaten everything up and while that paint is still wet I’m going to throw on some of my homemade clay sprinkles I do have a turtorial for these in the icard so if you want to know how to make them booth a self promotion today laying it on thick and of course the back of the house gets the same treatment we gotta design in 360 as yes it greatly bothers me that these 2 sprinkles are touching that was a mistake and I’m choosing to let it go but the front i say is getting there but the sides are just so dag on boring so lets take this over the top shall I’m going to use some brown puppy paint on the roof to make it look like a dipped chocolate cone to make it look a little more interesting from the side and to maybe convince you about the waffle cone thing more because i don’t know how obvious this cone texture really is and finally I’m getting on some finishing details like the base of the house which I’m painting with a dark pink to match with the dark pink cake texture and hEY time fly’s, its been t h r e e d a y s so lets finish this up now I’m painting it with a white fabric paint because i want to make it look like one continues whip cream blob also i want to make it match better with the white frosting on the house aand were bringing out the sprinkles again Yaay but this is where my camera died *rest in piece camera* *punch sound effect* here are the dried finished pieces so I’m going to glue them together with some E 6000 glue settle in and seal in that little cherry sneak a few extra sprinkles in there that one got away and here is where it comes all together apply glue secure that on remove a cat hair that looks pretty good I’m going to sign the bottom with my initial because I’m going to try and get into the habit of doing that again with my work and that is just something you should do final final step im going to coat the acrylic paint with some matte mod podge to protect it from chaos,destuction and on the fabric painted areas im going to use a glossy variche because i want there to be a different finish on them and viola heres the finished piece I’m not excactly sure what dessert its supposed to be is it a cake ? is it a cupcake? is it an ice cream cone? i don’t know? Good new it doesn’t need to make sense it took several days of working on it to complete was worth my time maybe its not worth your taste *tired exhausted groan* but i loved this so much more now it’s just the way i like it am i gonna put this outside? No. probably not I mean i don’t think this would last very long in the rain and dirt and wind whatever happens outside i dunno i don’t go out there ehehgh my intention isan’t to make a functional bird house I just wanted something cute to have around and to look at so yea if you guys like it to see me find more stuff in thrift stores that could use some help i will not see you on Monday i will not posting on Monday my upload schedule went from some Mondays to most Mondays to now basically i post every monday but I’m going to take this Monday off because ive been late posting videos like the past 5 videos so i need to take atleast one Monday off to get back on track so yea see you guys nxt Friday Bye! *happy ending music*

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