[Applause] so it's pretty rare that you come across a bass bill that they spent so much time stacking on a comb like this nowadays but since this guy is spending so much time designing this bass my logic here is that he was spent a lot of time farming and hopefully organizing his lute up and stuff into some good loot boxes so it's obvious we have a inner hqm armored off core I'm not even sure if there's a hatch in there looks like there's another armored wall maybe goes to a hatch we could easily take the risk though it would be literally one rocket since he left this completely open down here on the side but this one no door open so I'm in and now to deal with the door stacking I guess there's two doors right here most likely but if their sheet metal it's not too bad here we go let's pray that this goes through the gap perfectly one more that one didn't go through but this is damaged so when we rocket and we're in all that wall sacking for three Rockets except right here this is pretty smart I'm gonna have to take this garage out now garages all around these obviously go outwards most of these could they go to a loot room though let's go ahead and follow this armored door path all the way down first of all okay it's actually zigzagging around it's gonna be pretty expensive to follow this around but it's armored below all right we're hoping this finally leads to stairs level three and a sleeper already this should be stairs then either that or sealed it completely off here we go no that was close I hate these loot rooms so much really don't have too much of a choice you're gonna have to send c4 in there otherwise I'm gonna get killed if I try to rock at that let's hope that doesn't kill me please oh my gosh well that was very sucky luckily nobody got my body and I think I hear some auto turrets and you're – man this that's why this loot room is just kind of difficult to raid if they have shotgun traps in there plus I don't think I can loot these all right we got components and you're already 20 tech trash and gear sets we need to get to the center of this thing let's pop this middle one off there is another armored okay reupload c4 kept the Rockets put those components away I forgot to put the pipes away we've got 12 c4 now that should definitely be enough for this tiny little basement actually very safe thank you right into the TC all right not bad I just couldn't see it from there still that base build was extremely good and it's overlapped by TCS of course pro base builders so we've got to get in and out of this thing quick for counter so you show up here we go 16 C for 20 rockets that's about breaking even though compared to how much stuff we had to use but we got two stacks of explosive ammo ak's mg l mg l ammo and we still TC camp fires even loaded alright more stuff CF clan it's got stuff on them too – more rockets let's go 22 K sulfur and 11,000 gunpowder so that's gonna be profit shout-out to these guys this is a very nice base build Coast looks clear let's get it I'm gonna come back there with some more rockets will blasts open the back side of the loot rooms in there come back with like 16 rockets 4 boxes no shotgun traps and those and they're full of food I wonder if there could be loot rooms below here too let me finish these two armored Wallace out as well two more loot rooms on each side this looks pretty promising all first-aid boxes though just scattered gear says looks like they moved the best stuff in yeah that was a waste of 16 rockets but Lisa got to see this base as iron man it was epic let's grab these guns make one last trip out here hey guys are gonna be doing another big grin face mask and giveaway and here's four ways you can earn tickets to enter the raffle

43 thoughts on “this OWNER has MASTERED the ART of WALL STACKING!

  1. “Shout out to these guys, this was a very nice build.” Proceeds the raid and finding loot rooms galore

  2. I think It would be very interesting if you collaborated with a rust builder and try to raid one of their over designed bases. Great content for both

  3. I d.g.a.f. if you are building the bases i like the content man . I watch andysoiam also and people probably say the same about him .

  4. LOL BLOWS RIGHT INTO TC LMFAO, kid blows right into tc all the time, but makes videos using " all his stuff" to find tc. such bs

  5. but how is this possible enymore… rust did restrict these type of build, i cant build my type of build enymore becouse of the restriction.

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