This Old House | Arts and Crafts Class Begins: (S38 E1) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Arts and Crafts Class Begins: (S38 E1) | FULL EPISODE

today on this old house we start a brand new property it's a century-old arts and crafts aisle this place needs a lot of work and we're just the guys to do it looks pretty bad right here are you kidding me it's this place really worth saving we can do better than this trying to get to work easy nice and easy everybody together oh yeah the right plant in the right place good its state-of-the-art perfectly swear on all a good day's worth you all right norm we are on our way to a new project house right this is Arlington Massachusetts and we've done a few projects here yeah well that's because it's a great town it's a suburb of Boston and most of these houses were built around the turn of the 20th century when they subdivided a whole lot of farmland right now what most people don't know about Arlington is that it's one of the most patriotic towns in America sure I think a lot of people have heard of the battle Lexington and Concord the one that started the Revolutionary War but what they may not realize is that a lot of the heavy fighting that day actually happened right here in Arlington right Paul Revere came down this very road on his famous ride and there was a pitched battle actually right here next to this house when the British surprised the militiamen back the homeowner Jason Russell and 11 others died that day now did you know that the original Uncle Sam came from Arlington there's a statute built to him right here in town so we've got a lot of Patriots in our little town right here but we didn't come to Arlington for a history lesson we came to get to work I'm brand-new projects let's get to it we are and there's our house and there's Tommy hey Tom time so what do you think of our project house I like it it's an arts and crafts style house built in 1909 oxen crass really it doesn't sort of read that way what makes it arts and crafts well you know arts and crafts started as a architectural movement to get away from all the fancy detail that you might see say on a Victorian style home it was more about traditional craftsmanship so the early English architects they would take influence from medieval style homes like like a Tudor right if you look up there you can see the Gables right here and that's stucco detail on that Gable in there and also on the gable end of the house so that's the Tudor influence right there so that's why we're not getting that sort of traditional American arts and crafts feel from this more of the early English tradition well looks like need some work oh it definitely needs some work if you look up here the front porch it's got some rot on it the sidings in pretty tough shape and if you look at this power line that comes in from the street attached to the house there was actually attached to that tree so we had the power company come and relocate the connection to the utility pole where it should be alright so already solving some problems here on the outside I'm sure there's plenty more on the inside so I'm gonna going to meet with the homeowners all right we're gonna take a look out back all right oh and two I haven't met who do we have here yes this is Seraphine our four year old daughter hello Sarafina this is Soleil our first baby she just turned ten Hey look at you ah big talking beautiful all right well I love me the family but I want to hear about the house so I heard 1909 it was built how long have you guys been here we're coming up on three years so nice okay so what treated the house into the neighborhood yeah fantastic neighborhood we've lived in Arlington for a long time basically our whole life so great a very private neighborhood this is a very large lot for Arlington so really the lot drew us in but then once we got inside the bones of the house are just fantastic love the high ceilings love the woodwork love the detailing over here sure but it does need to be modernized that's the big button right so we hear that a lot right people love the bones but they've got to update the house which is we can help you with that no problem maybe we go through the list and we start on the first floor who wants to give me that tour I can do that great all right I'm gonna head upstairs mute normal alright good bye Serafina so what do you wanna do down here well let's start with a porch so we have a porch which is good great start yeah well we need a new set of stairs and we've got some Windows right now that don't even open so we said instead of replacing them why don't we just go with no windows open it all up make it bigger add some furniture in there you want to use it absolutely is it and then inside here on the first floor what are the thoughts well right well as you come into the foyer right here this door is the original door it's cool really cool yeah wood but if you turn around and go to the back of the door which we see all the time like there's been something happening here so we like to just restore the door get some meaty Hardware so that it has a little bit more of a decorative touch but keep the door definitely keep the door we could help you with that sure okay porch door that's right lead on okay so in the in the interior we like to freshen it up one of the ideas that we have is if you see over here this newel post we'd love to be able to bring out some of the arts and crafts detail by stripping the paint you've got a lot of coats on there don't you lots of coats strip it down make it a more of a natural wood stain and then one thing I'd like to see here is a little bit more of a chunky railing again for that arts and crafts I just had a little bit more beef to it it seems so guys know what you want that's great well we've had some time to think about it and then up here there are some more detailing that only in the last few months that I even notice why because it just all fades to the distance it's all white so we like to see that come out as a wood stain and then it will come out as a detail you know the good news is you have the trim so bringing out the details on that we can definitely work with and I think you'll find that it's a dramatic transformation okay where're we going next let's go into the living room okay nice big room great for the storage you guys moving out this afternoon right we are the movers will be here any minute is a big bright room and it's also the first time I get sort of the arts-and-crafts off of this house you got the half Timbers on the ceiling got the oak paneling all over the walls in this fireplace that thing is massive you like that we do we really like it good cuz it's not going anywhere right here though it needs a bit of attention all right well that's pretty simple that's straightforward over here we have very functional bookcases yeah but we don't like them because they're dated at this point they don't really go with the style sounds like maybe they're coming out they are definitely coming out instead we're gonna open up this wall mm-hmm and it'll open up to the new kitchen makes sense open floor plan we hear that quite often okay and over here we have a fantastic span yeah lovely windows but they don't open mmm okay so we're gonna be doing new windows for the house it's a great opportunity to do different styles and ones that open well there's no reason why you can't keep the beautiful view and get some air circulation in here so that makes sense yes let me show you the dining room we like the dining room it's big enough it's bright enough okay but the ceiling there's something funky happening there oh yeah you're sort of losing part of the profile of your crown molding it's almost probably someone put a ceiling over a ceiling mm-hmm yes so we want to remove that and really make the ceiling look right sure but our biggest problem is in there oh yeah yes Wow look at this huh so we've seen this before right the little tiny kitchen the old appliances I mean this is it oh yeah Kevin this dishwasher has not worked since last summer all right when we moved in the cabinets were painted dark brown so if you can imagine the space was really starting to feel narrow all right so we know the plan in here right we're gonna update the appliances we need a new cabinets but mostly you just need a more space right yes so let's go this way we're gonna get that over here no all right so this is a pretty good-sized room in here how are you using this right now this is working really well as my daughter's playroom but if you look behind you you see these cabinets mm-hmm it's the original kitchen oh yeah so our plan is to make this back into a kitchen over here where you see the mug that will be a breakfast nook nice while we're at it we'll bump this out 18 feet that's pretty sizable addition we'll get a little bit more space for the kitchen yeah and then also a family room nice and then in the center of the family room will be a fireplace overhead a cathedral ceiling and then windows all around so it's it's really gonna be bright and airy yeah take advantage of your beautiful lot all right so that sounds like a great plan and what becomes of the old kitchen not as much of it but well we do think it was the original pantry so our plan is to make it back into a pantry and then add just a little bit of space to make a first floor powder room and that first floor laundry right all right so it sounds are you gonna solve all the problems with this first floor a lot of work but a pretty good plan yes I think so great hey Nick you know I'm great to see you good to see you I love the bones your house it seems to be nice and solid so what's the plan up here well the big thing we're gonna do up here is create a master suite so over here is our current master bedroom smaller room with a smaller closet we're gonna do is we're gonna wall up this doorway and as we come back here this is where the entrance to the master suite is gonna start okay so you come through a door here so over here will be the her walk-in closet with entrance into the master bedroom okay in through this wall we're gonna borrow some space and create a his walk-in closet and over here oh wait a minute you only have one bathroom up here and you're already taking space away from it exactly what we're gonna do is we're gonna have a wall that comes straight through here and this side of the current bathroom will create a new bathroom there will be accessed by the two bedrooms on the other side of the house and the space where you're standing will be the his walk-in closet so where's your master bath going to go it's a great question so what we're gonna do is we're gonna break through this wall and create a new master bath out over the first floor addition it sounds like you have a really nice plan for a great master suite what's going on at the other two bedrooms let's go take a look you know I like this seating area it's nice size and seems nice and bright any change here oh we love this area just new windows down here a sarafina's room we're really not making any changes in here either the changes are gonna happen in this room what we're gonna do is we're gonna create a wall that comes right down here with a new door and accesses this bedroom and over here we're gonna punch through this wall with access to the bathroom that we just spoke about that's a great idea because now both bedrooms have access to the bathroom individually exactly right anything going on in the third floor it's a few things let's go take a look so no this rooms always confused me it's almost as if we have a bathroom within a larger room that's exactly what you have I mean look at it the bathroom doesn't go out to the edge of the wall it seems like that they just wanted to have one in the middle of the room well if you think about it you only had one bathroom on the second floor maybe a previous owner had bedroom space up here so they added the bathroom but well my take on it is that I think it was a pretty low-budget job I mean thin walls and maybe some reclaimed fixtures and a glass door in a bathroom I think they just wanted to get one up here and make it work yeah well it's not working for us so we're gonna take it all out and we're gonna create an arts and crafts room for Emily and Serafina to do some crafts great idea but you're gonna lose the bathroom you still want one up here we do let me show you where it's gonna go so in this space here we really like it but it's a very slopes pace and it's not very practical so what we're gonna do is we're gonna bump this wall out over the master bath down below to create a new bathroom up here you have the addition you'll have some additional space but it's gonna be a little tricky to open this up to give you enough height to get into the new bathroom but a little bit of Engineering will take care of that right so when we're done we're gonna have the arts and crafts from over here brand-new bathroom here and I get my office over here all right so it sounds like the plan and all the ideas that you have for the second floor and the third floor just about right we're excited about it you should be hi Emily hi Kim hi Roger hi what do you think of the property so this is a relatively small lot but for Arlington it's a really big yard and I see a huge potential here and lots we can do how do you use the ad now right now we're using it as a wonderful space for our daughter and our dog to play they love it but this driveway it's in very poor condition as you can see and it's much too long so we have a great opportunity to do something out front yes so there's gonna be a great new elevation of the front of the house the entrance is gonna be gorgeous we want to really frame it out from the street to have a really nice presence we also want to bring cars and people a little bit closer to the front door and make the functionality work a little bit better well there's one obstacle to that and that's the silver maple very fast growing weak wood it's almost 50 or 60 feet tall you follow it down there's dead branches in the top it's wrapped up in the wires and then you come down to a V crotch it's real tight in tens of split of Pi and if you look closely you can see that little plant up there that indicate there's already rock going on in that trunk follow it all the way down to the basin is of real fine sawdust there which tells me that's probably carpenter ants and they're eating away at the trunk of that tree as we stand here talking Roger you don't think it could be saved no it can't be saved that tree is too hazardous we had a conditions this winter where we had four people killed by falling limbs or trees my advice is that this tree is typical of something like that we want to get it out of here that's not the answer we were going for well it's the truth it's what we have to do the good news is that we can plant another tree a successional tree in its place it's a little bit further off the street and that's a better species for this environment all right we'll put the right tree in the right place so it can grow up and become a real specimen for you all right well let's do that why don't we put the biggest tree that our budget will allow sounds good so we've looked at our vision for the front yard you want to look around up back sure and I also want to take a peek at all these cheese out here and make sure they're all healthy and safe great idea now as a landscape architect what are you looking at here Kim so I'm seeing a lot of encroachment of the beds around here we have ivy along the fence we have forsythia here in the front and then the front entrance bed as well late to sort of tidy things up and create more open space for Sarafina and cilia to be able to run around love that Emily I notice you got two big stumps in the front of the house yes there were two huge cedar trees that were blocking the entire right side of this house well if we're gonna do something in this bed will probably have to grind them or pull them out of the way sounds good yes let's look at the side here right so I noticed you have some raised garden beds over here is that gonna be something that's important for you to maintain yes Sarafina and I love to garden together but Soleil likes it too because when the vegetable plants come up like kale and broccoli she digs them up and eats them so we're gonna have to fence that off then we really need to most vegetable gardens I put in I have to worry about the deer eating the vegetables here I gotta worry about the dog I noticed you have a deck over here as well how do you use this space we really don't use it it's in such poor condition we really use it just to get in and out of the house okay so it sounds like I want to develop a patio space here for outdoor dining and entertaining that would be great excellent no I know we're gonna have a bump out over here and that's gonna become the family room do you have any other plans for here yes always envision some type of outdoor structure where I could do yoga and there could be an outdoor play space for Seraphina great well there's already a shed structure back here and but we could work to enhance that a little bit love that idea great Kim thanks for your help do you have enough information to start on a plan I do I'm excited to get to the drawing board okay I'm gonna go check out the trees thanks Roger hey Richard hey how are ya right where I expected to find you oh I want to hear about the basement but before I do what do you think of upstairs the whole house I love this house it's a great feel too it's gonna be great not gonna love that new space off the back nice okay well there's a lot of work to do up there and I suspect plenty of work to do down here well thinking this house was built in 1909 this house would have been a Coal Fired gravity hot water system has radiators that are still in play upstairs right here and it would have had no pump it would have circulated mild temperature gradually through the radiators about 30 years ago there was a conversion done it went to both an oil fired boiler down here and also switched to forced hot water a couple of circulator pumps to send the water around to the radio would you thoroughly it would have been water not steamed yeah it would have been water but it wouldn't had a pump it would have just been Coal Fired it would have made that water goes gently you know what a mild temperature all the time okay and I tell you it's consuming a fair amount of fuel it's $10,000 a year for this building okay 10,000 okay and it couldn't be more primitively control thermostat says give me heat comes down here brings on the pump and brings on that burner until 210 degree water temperature is reached okay so it's in super hot water up right it also doesn't let it go below 130 so even even when there's nobody calling for heat the boilers still at 130 so in the winter when the house is warm this is still making hot water right what is like August well unless somebody comes down and turns to switch off like I did it's still gonna be trying to maintain that minimum 130 temperature so that goes a long way to excite a $10,000 right and also the efficiency this was the last efficiency test ever done and you can see right here that this temperature going up that stack or the pipe off the back of the sleeve here is about 500 degrees Wow 500 degrees of the heat you paid for right here is going up wasted up in the chimneys super hot and that doesn't count the 10,000 does even count hot water we got a separate gas bill for making hot water right here so it takes 10 more than 10,000 that's right so what we're proposing is actually to get rid of this boiler and go to a much more efficient condensing appliance that might mount right here that'll make both heat and hot water and that flue gas temperature going up here would probably be more like a hundred and fifty degrees versus five hundred right and send the hot water we're out – we're actually gonna try and reuse the existing radiators but whatever proposed is actually to put a thermostatic radiator valve on all the existing radios that sense the temperature in the room yeah you see them in Europe Allah knows that's right okay and I think really if we do that we will take that $10,000 fuel bill and cut it more than in half really more than five thousand bucks you can tell but that'll pay for this system question it's an easy it's an easy equation to do this will pay for itself all day and cooling cooling we have to think about cooling this building's never had any air-conditioning in it so in the main house we've got to figure out how to do ductwork or otherwise in the main house and the new work we had need both heating and air-conditioning so if we're upgrading these systems you said what oil here and gas there that's retained what problems which to gas and that means we can now get rid of the oil tank right here now tank sits right here we can't just throw in the dumpster anymore you think about disposing with it properly it starts by getting rid of the oil which means we just have to leave that boiler on maybe for the rest of the day not even a half hour nothing will be empty that a company comes along and cuts it in half and gets rid of the sludge remaining sludge and you dispose of it too properly so there well it'll be good to get it out there just for the space I mean do they have any thoughts of turning this into a finished basement sort of they'd like it a higher level of finish so there's some talk about making this concrete floor disappear you know and then pour it a new one when we do the new work out back but we actually gonna save a little bit of money just cover with epoxy make it clean up a little bit yeah look good and save the money as it sounds good now look at this no way that's crazy how old is that that I bet you is original plumbing was just coming inside the building at that time and so here was the old high flush tank with the pull chain that's a lead line bringing water down to the toilet that thing is old and they would have put the plumbing in the basement that's right it's gonna go in my museum now from this point on begins our new work right here that 18-foot bump up this way that means this foundation wall disappears brand new Kapoor concrete floor here so this can be the finished basement pretty good right here nice now for us here plumbing wise there's so much new work coming in here that will probably make this main plumbing stack disappear at least temporarily and then we'll have to put it back into play because you've got three plumbing groups right above us here bathrooms okay so it sounds like a lot of work down here although it sounds like you also have plan we do heating cooling or plumbing sounds good thank you Richard I'll be here if you need me so Tommy what do you guys think of the house well I actually like this old house it's got great bones but it needs a lot of work for the Aaron Norma well they have a good plan to improvement it's gonna be a wonderful house when it's finished all right so that sounds good and Nick you I mean the boys I got the belts on so this is your last chance to back out we were waiting three years we're excited to get it done awesome so you want to chip in absolutely let's do it there you go all right so why don't you guys start on the countertops and the cabins there Nick and I will start on taking these appliances out of the way yeah sounds good I've been running here in Arlington we're gonna have this tiny little kitchen demoed of about 30 minutes so Tommy what about next week well next week I want to take the walls and the roof down on that little addition to make room for our new addition to go like that all right well in Sylvan I'm Kevin O'Connor I'm Tom Silva I'm norm Abram I'm Nick Delvin for this old house all right well don't go anywhere we still got a lot of work to do it is still Gatling let's get going next time on this old house our homeowners get a plan for their outdoor living space hopefully today's decisions are fun ones so we have a brand new plan for the whole yard and we're looking at here what are you gonna do today we're gonna start the demolition of the third floor but before we start that we have to isolate that work area one two three and we're taking down the walls without taking down the house that's next time on this old house you

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  1. I can see the virtue in restoring some old homes for their historic value. But there's a big difference between freshening up, and doing so much work that the juice isn't worth the squeeze. I almost think it would have been cheaper – and provided a better result – if they tore the thing down, hired a good architect and started from scratch. New construction for a house that size, with premium finishes, probably wouldn't run more than $300-400k in that area of the country. Especially considering all utilities were already at the lot, land was graded, etc.

  2. Don't get it. That house is big enough. There are 2 adults and 1 child.
    Are they planning for more children?
    Maybe a small bump out for the kitchen.
    The rest of the first floor looks good.
    New painted walls and stained wood.

  3. They "love" the Arts and Crafts of the home but eventually took every part of it out in the remodel. They painted all the woodwork. The railing was what the carpenter envisioned for the house but not what they liked so they changed it. It not a restoration, its a remake. Sad.

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