This is Why I’m So Tired… (Painting Challenge)

This is Why I’m So Tired… (Painting Challenge)

Hey, guys. My name is Stan Prokopenko. Welcome to another episode of the “12 Days
of Proko.” This year, we’re doing 12 days of Quicksketch,
a new quicksketch every day. We’re filming these out of order, so I don’t
know what number this is, but you can check in the description below, and get links to
the other 11 days. Today, I’m gonna make it as hard as possible
on myself. I’m gonna be painting portraits in oil. I’m gonna have a live model, and make the
colors all weird and wacky. As for colors, I wanna stay limited in my
palette because if I have too many options, then it takes longer to mix my paint. My yellow is yellow ochre, it’s cadmium red
pale, and ultramarine blue deep. So I have these guys, just as secondary colors
that I can add to the mix, but I’m gonna try to avoid that, and just stick with this. Jesus Christ. Yeah, that’s when you know you haven’t painted
for a while is when your tubes are completely dried up, and you can’t open them. There. All right, let’s just try this other white. Damn it! This one’s dried up, too! Yeah! Gripping gloves. Another tip for quick sketch painting, make
sure you have enough paint out on your palette, because if you have to pause to get more paint,
that’s wasting time. And white is the one we usually use the most,
so just get a bunch of that on there. I like to arrange them in order. From yellow, all the way to green, around
the color wheel. And actually, what I like to do is create
a few convenience colors for myself. Why don’t I just combine them now, and create
my orange? Mix ’em up. This is gonna be skin tone, right? So it might be a good idea to create a little
convenience color in here real quick. So this is the best purple that I can get. Kinda ugly. And here’s my green. Usually, on a portrait, you’re not gonna see
bright greens. Charlie, we’re gonna need you now. Is he going around? Charlie: It’s my time. Stan: Hi, Charlie. Charlie: The time has come. Stan: You ready to model? Charlie: I was born for this. Stan: Jesus Christ, okay. What we have going on now is very warm but
white light on his right. Very bright. That’s the main source. And then, on his left, kind of in the back,
we have a really bright red. Just kinda naturally sit there. So I got a linen oil-primed canvas here. I’m thinking I want to stain it a little bit
right now. Give it just a little bit of variety in places. And this is quicksketch, so let’s try to
be all artsy-fartsy, and like, make some noise on the sides. I’m gonna give it a few minutes to dry, and
then I’m gonna begin. I’m going to time myself, and set the timer
for, like, 25 minutes. So the average tone of the whole thing that
I’m seeing is kind of in between these two mixtures that I made, but much lighter. Let’s just draw in the shape of the head. I’m being very abstract right now. I’m not trying to be perfectly accurate with
the drawing. I’m not going for likeness. I’ll be happy with it if the colors are correct,
the values are correct, and if it looks somewhat three-dimensional. And then, as I transition downward to the
neck, we’re gaining more of these greenish purple-y colors. So I actually kind of…this backdrop that
I kind of put in there, the background color kind of works well. So I’ll just kind of blend right into that. Now, what I’m doing is, I got my purple-y
color, which is kind of the…it’s kind of like the core shadow all along the face, where
the shadow meets the light. So I’m gonna use this color to work on the
shape design between light and dark. And I’m seeing this exact color that I mixed
right in here, I’m seeing that right on the beard where the red bulb hits it. So I’m gonna start with that. Maybe actually a little more red. Some of that’s gonna be on the side of the
head where the hair is. As the dark hair transitions into the light,
it gets this greenish tone. Whenever I mix a color, I wanna look for other
areas around the head where I could use that color. I’m feeling, like, right now, the light part
of the head looks really kind of pasty. I need to introduce a little bit more saturated
colors. Starting to get a good color feel going,
just to…think a few more minutes for final touches, and I’ll consider that a pretty good
quicksketch. Final touches usually mean working on some
highlights. You wanna save the highlights for the end. You wanna model all the forms underneath the
highlight and then, just put the highlight on top of that. You don’t have to work around a highlight
that you really like. I just forgot. I didn’t put the glasses on him. I’ve been looking through the glasses. I mean, that’s pretty easy. It’s just a few little lines indicating the
rims. I don’t really see any highlights on the glass. I’m seeing right through there. I’m just gonna cheat a little highlight right
there on the glasses. I don’t see it, but I feel like I need something
there to indicate glasses. I think we could shoot for two more. Maybe a fourth one, if we feel feisty. So I just got basically a cold shadow, and
a warm light source. And with this one, I’m gonna start with a
linear lay-in. Let’s start with the shadow this time. I’m gonna start from the darkest darks and
go towards the lights. Last time, I did the opposite. Let’s try dark to light. So I’m seeing some cool darks and some warm
darks. Depends on what plane of the head they’re
on. Okay, so that’s all the darks facing the left. Now, as they start to turn towards the front
and the right side of the head, they start to warm up a little bit. So the next step up is gonna be a little more
purple-y. Hmm, actually, you know what? For this one, I’m gonna add that alizarin. I see some really nice alizarin tones on that
ear. And if I just use this muddy brown in place
of it, it’s not gonna look as nice. So let’s throw that alizarin in there. Yeah, and that combination of alizarin and
ultramarine give us a really nice, deep, dark color. It’s not black. It’s got color to it. So that’s why their combination is a nice
dark, which still has a bright color. Okay, so the next step up, after the purples,
in the really dark tones, it’s getting even warmer. So I’m seeing kinda ocher-y? Okay, now, I’m gonna mix up some of these
warm skin tones. Whoo. That looks so warm next to all those cools. It’s really close now. There’s just a few little shapes that I maybe
wanna fix because I was maybe a little too sloppy with them, and so they’re indicating
maybe like a really weird eye right here. So I’m just gonna clean up those shapes a
little bit. And then, of course, I forgot those glasses
again. Cool. Second one done. I have a yellowish-orange light source on
his left. It’s kind of… Still as the secondary, not as bright as the
one on the right. But because this one is so warm, the one on
the right actually looks cold. And in the previous ones that we did, it looked
warm, but it’s all relative. When I squint, the shadow-side and the light-side
are very similar. And then, the hair is much darker than any
of the skin tones. And so I’m just gonna start with that, the
hair shape. And I’ll probably have to cut into this. I made the jaw a little bit too wide and low. So I’ll have to cut into it with a background
color. Making him a little too manly. That’s not Charlie. I’ll just go with it. I’m just gonna make you Superman. I’m gonna make you a hunk. I’m gonna make your jaw even wider than this. So the shadow is very orange. I don’t have a very bright orange, and now
I have to decide, do I want to introduce this bright cadmium orange in there, or just stick
with what I have here. I’m gonna try to get the brightest orange
I can get with what I have, and then, if I’m not happy with its intensity, I’ll add this
back in. Let’s see. Here it goes. Whoop. Actually, I like it. It’s pretty bright. I just gotta make sure I don’t dirty it up,
because it’s already a little bit duller than what’s up there. And if I get any other color in there, it’s
just gonna make it more muddy. Can you take your glasses off? You still look like a badass. Are you trying to look like a badass now? You’re like, “Grr.” Charlie: My resting badass face. Stan: Your RBF? Charlie: Yeah. Stan: Okay, now, the main light source has
to feel colder now, so… I mean, it’s gonna look colder than that orange,
no matter what I do. Just by adding white to the orange, it’s gonna
make it colder. A little rosiness in the cheeks. Kind of undo some of the badass. And then, as it starts to go down into the
jaw, it gets a little greener. And then, final thing is, I wanna cut into
that ear on the right side a little bit with the background. Pretty close match. All right. I’m happy with it. It looks weird with three right now. Let’s do a quick fourth one. So let’s stick with the same light set up. Now, it’s just a profile view instead of straight-on. Pretty decent lay in. Actually, that nose, a little too high up. I’m gonna drop it. There. Now, I’m gonna paint through the glasses right
now, and bring that back in. All right, Charlie, what’s the time right
now? What are we at? Charlie: Fifteen minutes. Stan: Fifteen? All right, we’re good. That was a quicker one. All right. Well, thanks for joining me today. I hope you guys got inspired to maybe do a
few of your own oil painting quicksketches. It’s really hard, but it’s really fun. Um… Your mom… Jon: Nice. Stan: All right, guys. So thanks for joining me today. Um… See you tomorrow. My brain is dead. I had something I wanted to say. I’m so brain dead right now. Let me know in the comments, which of these
is your favorite, which of these is your least favorite, which of these is your middle favorite. Charlie: So just rank them 1-4? Stan: Yeah, 1-4! Yeah, do it! All right. I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another
quicksketch video.

100 thoughts on “This is Why I’m So Tired… (Painting Challenge)

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    Question: Is it intentional that you are using colored towel / zewa? If yes, why?

    I like that you incorporated many different angles on one canvas. Like the old master did. Great art in action! Love it

  5. We had a foolproof technique for opening colors at the art institute.
    We would turn the cap over with our teeth.
    I know, but it works XD

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    If you want to challenge yourself, try wearing shooting glasses. They're those yellow tinted safety glasses you see at the store.

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