This Game Can Guess What I Draw!

This Game Can Guess What I Draw!

guys hows it going guys you’re watching reaction time and today I’m actually going to be playing Quick Draw. This is a very simple game basically you have a task, you have to draw a certain item or object animal, fictional character, whatever it is, and, this AI, Artificial Intelligence, is going to try to guess what you are drawing So this seems like an extremely fun game, and I know you guys are going to like this. After I am done with this, you guys should totally try and check it out, but with that being said, I think I am just going to jump right into it, let’s do this! Quick Draw Let’s drop Let’s do this. Draw bulldozer in under 20 seconds let’s do this here we go oh What? Oh! What is that? That is so ugly guys! I’m so sorry… It’s not a tractor… I think I got one. He said bulldozer, I got it, alright here we go, draw smiley face. Oh my god is this like the easiest thing in the world? What is that? Yo, I completely messed up, no. It’s uh It’s a smiley face Here we go, toilet, let’s go… let’s go take uh, take a poopsie *claps* I got it There we go draw banana, oh my god this one’s so easy are you kidding? Are you kidding me? Oh Did you guys see, you guys do not roast me in the comments section just, just because I draw a really ugly I’m sorry. I’m trying my best okay… I’m not a natural artist especially with amounts… Draw grass yea Draw a streetlight here we go, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom Wait… Oh, streetlight? Damn it… It’s not traffic, ugh It’s a light! Look at! *laughs* Oh, draw a baseball bat It’s a baseball bat Come on buddy Come on, buddy You’re stupid I mean it’s either that, or my drawings are terrible, they’re probably terrible… Draw a knee… A knee? What the heck okay um… How do you draw a knee? What is this? This looks like a shoulder Yes Yes You guys suck, for those of you guys saying I’m a terrible drawer I mean artist, then suck it… octagon Yes, the most beautiful octagon to ever be drawn in the history of time… Train… Alright. Yes. Yes. No! Woooo hooo hoo… Let’s go! That’s right, it was a train. Hello dumbass. Golf club This one’s easy are you serious this is kinda it’s kinda cool but really creepy at the same time that someone can guess what I’m drawing play again draw police car got it here we go here we go you might see Rainbow formula boom or skateboard boom or fire truck oh I know it’s police car this is this is amazing this is amazingly easy carrots I see line or leg or marker oh I know it’s a carrot uh-huh got it flashlight there we go i see cooler or keyboard or submarine oh i know it’s flash light draw eraser I see diving board there or pillow is that it that it or sleeping bag or bread I see pool or bandage what or the Great Wall of China the clarinet I see screwdriver I’m not sure what are eraser bro draw a donut sorry I couldn’t guess it IC circle oh I know it’s done it dry radio this one’s easy i see diving board or cooler oh I know it’s radio alright guys I think i’ma go one last time I gotta make him really good play again drop pants got it does he call clock it out check it out it spins yeah Josh cello how the heck do you like you see knows or not oh my god is that your potato or paperclip I’m so basket IC blackberry or calendar what i do i see soft or toilet dad yeah sorry i couldn’t drop what all bed shouldn’t be the hi-c line or tooth brush or pencil or bench I see table oh i know it is then that’s a bad baby drawn map I sea diving board or square oh I know it’s map wow this thing is amazing Josh squiggle yeah I see garden hose yeah or Bush oh I know it’s squiggle draw fire truck there is a diving board they are hearing board oh I know like that fire truck guys what starts with an f and ends with uck fire truck that’s right I I think that’s going to wrap it up this was actually really fun i want you guys to go try to sell and let me know if it gets your shitty drugs minor terrible mine were absolutely awful i don’t know what i was thinkin on die so if you guys want to check out more videos you can either click here or here these are two videos if you haven’t seen them yet or if you notice channel you can always subscribe by clicking on my chest you see this circle one here you got click on that come on baby yeah guys I means totally click one of these videos so you can see more videos because i want you to see more videos or you can subscribe like I said like 20 times please subscribe and if you subscribe i’ll be happy to see you guys next time I guys have a good one and peace out

100 thoughts on “This Game Can Guess What I Draw!

  1. Once in our library/green screen room, me and my friend where playing this while someone was recording something for there green screen. I checked my volume and muted it, my friend didn't. It was dead silent when all of a sudden: I see a bird, I see a cat. My friend quickly exited it off. My friend……my dear stupid friend. If you read this friend…..u know what u did






  3. Makes fun of his drawing
    Looks at my Anime
    At end both of ours are amazing
    Both of us Never mind. Awesome!

  4. That blue covering the words the whole video pissed me–off sorry but it just did cuz I have OCD and that really triggered me

  5. He said my drawing is ugly several rounds later
    If you say my drawings ugly suck it!
    Me: but he said he’s dawing is ugly

  6. 5:38 me as a cello player “WTF IS THAT THE STRINGS ARE THE WRING WAY 😂” but my nice side says “Let Tal be he just doesn’t know how to draw a Cello *crying on the inside*”

  7. are you dumb its an ai and the game tells you what to draw so the ai already knows what is it.sometimes they get it wrong to act like they dont know it

  8. looks what he's drawing
    (on first drawing)
    Me: BURRITO!
    Tal: …
    Me: what you never ate a burrito?
    Tal: u-
    Me: SHHHHHHHHHHH me and your burrito are moving to Florida
    Tal: um
    Me: (walks away)
    Me: BTW I'll be back in a year 😀
    Tal: OK…
    Me: (gone)
    Tal: ._.

    Save me ;~;

  9. There is going to be a game called fortnite and its going to be the most poplouar game in the world btw its gonna come out in 2017

  10. You suck it because I am 8 years old and I am not 33 years old so don’t talk to me like that. You talking to me like I am 33years old

  11. Me:im trying to draw a bird my computer:its a nose acrow a plane a bever

    Me:SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!😡😠

    My comuter :😨

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