This Art Is a Big Deal

This Art Is a Big Deal

I just want to start and go and go and go the longest amount of time that I can draw before the tide kept sit and watch there anyway my name is Jim Donovan I draw in the sand to draw on the sand it's about between a mental game and a physical they're both equally important I started drawing in the sand a little more than 20 years ago I was walking along the beach one day it just came to me to use it as a canvas I just put my finger in the sand and made a giant fish like it became really really obsessed with it I left behind the world wealth of surfing and the job as a chef and I just took everything it's a drawing in the sand there's almost no one in the whole that did this coming I've drawn and send around the world Australia Uruguay Argentina Chile Russia I mean occasionally a commission but we're also in places where oh there's an ice patches town I think all could be something new the one that was ten miles in circumference in the desert on dry lake to kiss world record largest heart I've walked as much as 30 miles in one day which means about seven or eight hours of walking I liked the stick probably the best because I like to come down to the beach with nothing the tools are sitting there on the beach sticks to choose from and I'll do my composition do a nice big drawing and then I'll throw the stick away I'm down with nothing you leave with nothing for me that's most fulfilling choice of how to do it drawing the sand is the ultimate of in the moment and I want to finish when the tide is about to destroy the time this is gonna change every day anything I do down there is going to be gone and every time I'm gonna have a big huge place to try something new making drawings on land on quite a large scale is something people we do for thousands of years I'm slamming back and I make drew-sama snow he started as a bit of fun but gradually he's taken over my life a ballpark estimate of footsteps about 5,000 steps in an hour a big during 2000 every 8 hours work you're looking at 40,000 steps I started doing it as an easier alternative to hiking at the mountain when I want as an exercise you starting with a royal a piece of paper or else a drawing you're from you mind just treating me like an orienteering man we're just doing a certain distance in a certain direction to determine a distance by Counting paces it's a very physical exercise its equal on long days walking in the hills when you make one of these big drawings I'm just about the only person in the world doing anything like it this colorful spot has a dark past las penitas was once a dangerous place with clashes between rival gangs but the city government launched and funded a project called Pachuca paints itself to turn the community around the painting itself involved participation from all of the households they painted over 200 houses using 5,000 gallons of paint these individually painted houses combined to make one beautiful rainbow design inspired by pachucos nicknamed LA baya Arosa for the beautiful breezy City the aim of the project was to bring a sense of liveliness and livability back to the city the Ministry of planning and evaluation of the city of Pachuca has noted that the crime rate in the city has decreased since the mural was painted with my work I want to create pieces that engage community together and allow us to really celebrate something positive and I love seeing how the action of crocheting connects people together I'm Alec I'm an artist and crochet is my technique I was raised in a communist Poland with their limited access to any culture and any public art in 2000 I came to New York I was 22 I had a backpack full of dreams and no money and I was asked to design a costume for a dancer I couldn't afford buying sewing machine so I came up with the idea of using the crochet hook to connect fabric together and after this was like explosion I was crocheting gigantic installation right away crocheting is a process of making fabric with one continuous loop I travel around the world every time I go all my projects somehow relate to the community I'm working with our pink house is the project I created in a Vesta in Sweden this town accepted a lot of refugees from Syria and Ukraine in India and we were crocheting a new skin for homeless shelter probably most people know my work because of the wall street ball micro shell pink camouflage as they respond to the recent market crash that happened 2008 currently I'm working on a project olive across the USA and when I create a mural in every state that portraits women the change American history I was creeped squares or rectangles sometimes and then when I have enough pieces I crochet piece by piece together with the help of the local people who own the power of this action I go to this and then I'm just gonna live and install it people want to be part of something and I love saying that hunger that people have to create something so positive it not just the image but the power 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  2. He left his job, now does sand art for free…different strokes. I wonder if sand guy knows about snow guy. Snow guy needs sunscreen, he looks odd.

  3. Here's a tip:
    Don't ever become emotionally attached to something because it's all going to be destroyed in the end.

  4. I love these stories! They show you just how beautiful the world can be.

    If ur see this i hope you have a wonderful day😘

  5. Simply wondrous! I really love this Chanel along with the beautiful images and the clear explanations! Thank you for making this, it’s really an amazing thing!!

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