Things I use for Art and Youtube

Things I use for Art and Youtube

what camera do you use what pen do you draw with what paper is that what do you edit on how do you animate these are some of the most asked questions on my channel I don't want to answer those questions in this video so here are the tools that I use for film and art first off self my main camera is the sony a6300 it is a merliss camera so it means slightly bigger than your pointer shoot and slightly smaller than your DSLR but with better quality it's got 4k video good low-light performance and all the good stuff going to make your video pretty much the cool I use the lens that comes with a kit nothing fancy and also got this big lens that look like a flask for all those far away shots but the most important feature for me on this camera is that it's got a mic input which my previous cameras didn't but my previous camera had up without screen which when you camera does not OH so I mean you got a scrub vlogging I did yeah you've got damn sonik mica used the rode videomicro a really small and a compact little microphone that goes on top of your camera like this I used to use this big one but this is a lot smaller and sound insane so yeah I just went with this one I know it's got this fluffy thing that goes on top of the cut win and I say it's really soft I used to use cheap tripods and like vocal lens when my camera fell off for my teeth tripod so I invested in a good man throat er tripod just sturdy and can be positioned in such a way that I can mount my camera on I already station to get my already shot hello I also used to use a zoom h1 recorder for my voiceovers but now I just use my Road 3 of my – my camera yeah I used Adobe Premiere CC for editing and After Effects were all the motion graphics and the animations like my face should what I would my eyes and now my art the main drawing apparatus is a ballpoint pen which I got from a local grocery store I use a central pocket brush pen for the thick lines it's basically a brush inside a pen so there's that the paper I use or normal copy papers found inside printers near you and I also use camps and papers which is slightly more expensive bigger and lot smoother for my bigger and more badass drawing this is my favorite sketchbook where it can pass a 510 GSM 60 sheets skip a lot of these don't ask why I don't draw a distally but I do color digitally so for that I use the Wacom Cintiq just kidding I wish I use the cheapest Wacom tablet this somewhat item schedule finally I use Photoshop for color and some of my other miscellaneous art supplies would include this mechanical pencil is number two pencil this blue pens will be the old color pencils a bunch of sketch pens one Copic marker one ink bottle one syringe sharpener the races those knives guns master way annotate so yeah that's pretty much it I know I forgot to mention this very important tool that I use and it's

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  1. Hey Peeps! The list of things I use is listed in the description. Hope that helps 🙂 and oh, let me know what kind of Videos and on what topic should I be making in the near future. I'd love to know 😉

  2. Your editing skill is on another level. It blows my mind. 👏🏻 So cute and fun! Your art style is also unique. 🙂

  3. Bro you really edit videos amazingly….. made me fan…. how did you learn edit videos that at that level … did u watch skillshare videos or stuff like that or just start random effects??

  4. I’ve been sharing your videos with my class fellas sm lately, just kinda giving shoutout to ya cuz Bro you deserve itt! So much of hard work , that makes your videos so much More interesting to watch. Absolutely an amazing way of creativity and all. You’re for sure gonna take off on YouTube. ✨

  5. Your video is fun! Now I actually kinda wanna make my own art vlogs too! (Using stop motion like you did coz I’m freaking camera shy hihe)

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