They STOPPED This Art Box?! Opening the LAST One…

They STOPPED This Art Box?! Opening the LAST One…

Hello there! So I am – it’s, it’s a very, very sad day today. Today I am opening up the very very last CIY box. *Sad music* And I’m really sad because it’s not out of choice and they haven’t explained it, they haven’t said so online, but there’s no more subscribe button to this and I’ve not received a box since August, nor have I been charged for a box since August so this seems to be the very very last box that they are ever gonna be releasing and I just thought that it’s a momentous occasion, it was a good 3 or 4-month long era that we had with this thing, this is the 4th box and I – I’m sad. *Sad music* But it’s okay. If you have never been on my channel before hello, my name is Chloe Rose and I, on occasion, like to unbox some art boxes. I don’t have a problem. I dunno. I just think that it’s a good box. It’s just the price was too high. For now, we’re gonna open this up. We’re gonna see the crafts inside and fingers crossed, the $40 that I paid for this was worth it. So inside… oh, we’ve actually got colored pencils! That’s a first. Okay, so we have a set of eight colored pencils. We also have a magnet or at least I’m pretty sure it’s a magnet, it’s, it’s white with a magnet on the other side so I’m guessing that’s a magnet! We have our little booklet which tells us how to do the crafts so we’ll look at that in a bit. We have some fine line markers? I feel like this is much more, this is much more aimed at artists and I love it. So we’ve got a set of 12 fine line markers, best for detail coloring. Got another magnet! We have some random stencils here. I’m not really sure what these are for, well, they’re obviously for doing the stencils, but I don’t know what we’re actually gonna be putting the stencils on, but um… this is, there’s some… I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a rectangle-shaped stencil before, I don’t really know… there’s a lot of rectangles! There’s a – why are there so many rectangles?! What’s going on? I’m not really sure what the point of that is. Maybe it’s like a diary. “I bought some spoons!” Next up we have – oh, it’s a little booklet! Is it -? *Gasps* Oh, it’s like a bullet journal! We’ve just got a little booklet here, which I’m guessing we’re gonna decorate the cover of and inside.. Inside you’ve got little squares and these are usually used for bullet journaling, which is very very popular so I think this was a smart move. We’ve got some washi tape which kind of looks like it’s from the Fourth of July, but it’s cute. It’s cute, I guess. And maybe we’re making a patriotic bullet journal, I don’t know. We have a ruler. This is a very pretty purple ruler. It’s a ruler. It rules. I guess. It has good flexibility, it’s nice and plastic. Next – ooh, wow! Is that – is that washi tape? The world’s thinnest washi tape. This one has little hearts on it. Next up we have a calligraphy book with three more markers on it. This is… this is actually a really good book. You basically have all of these little work – worksheet-type things that you fill out, very fun. And at the back you’ve got all of these beautiful, like, patterns and things that you can write yer calligraphy words on so it’s quite a cute book, I do like it. You’ve got some random stuff in here as you can see. We have, um, I think this is probably a dry erase marker, so probably for the magnets I’m guessing cause it’s got the little foamy, foam thing that everyone wanted to use at school to wipe all the teachers markings off the board because that was fun and hilarious. Next we have, I think this is like a gift set thing they do because they often give you previews for different products in these little organza bags. They’ve got some highlighter pens and this is what they look like, we’ve got a pink one or a purple one and a blue. And they’re double-sided which is a really cool idea as well, so I’ll have to try those out. So they’re basically showing it like you can actually use the highlighter pens on the bullet journal, which is obviously a really good idea. So it’s a really nice bonus. I prefer this to the strawberry chocolate veggie shake that I had in my first box! And last but not least we have what appears to be.. bubble wrap. I’m joking! There is something in the bubble wrap and these are – oh I hate, I hate you so much. We have a frame, I believe. I’m not really sure – oh! There’s an opening! There’s me trying to rip the side open. So we’ve got a little frame here, so this is more than likely for you to put in those nice patterns that we saw earlier from the book. I’m gonna go on a whim here and just say that we can do this and then wipe it off. Yeah. So that’s what that’s for! It genuinely smells like, you know when someone walks past you and you’re just like, please have a shower! That’s what that smells like. So that is everything in the box, um, it was again, it was a $40 box. Do I feel that this was worth $40? No, absolutely not, but I really like this box. It’s put together very well. I enjoy the things that are in it, I think it’s gonna be more usable for me as an adult to actually use this stuff. So I’m very excited, we’ll get started trying to use them now and let’s go. Okay, here is our instruction manual and while I’m not the biggest fan of “instruction manuals,” I think that I probably need to look at this one. Also, look how clean my desk is! Wow! It’s definitely not a canvas that’s covering up the desk in any way, shape or form. Okay, so the first craft. So apparently all I need is a pair of scissors which I do actually have, they’re covered in – I think that’s clay. So craft number one is a motivational board. It says that we need “Crayoligraphy?” “Crayoligraphy Blendable Brights Book” which I’m guessing is this. We need the 8 x 10 photo frame. We need the two adhesive magnets, which are right there. We need the washi tape. No wait, I think we need the July 4th washi tape. This one. The fine line markers, then we need the colored pencils and the dry erase marker. Also, I opened this box like three days ago, and I’ve not lost – there’s a bloody fly. Go away. I opened this box like three days ago, and I’ve not lost any of it yet so I’m very very impressed with myself. “Prep your space: create space that feels comfortable and inviting with a flat surface to work on.” Super inviting! We need the book. Where’s the book? Where’s the book? There’s the book. “Using the Crayoligraphy Blendable Brights Book: explore the techniques and directions for creating words.” I’ll go with the bluish teal color. Okay, that’s fine. I have not read that but let’s pretend I did. Right, let’s move on cause people don’t come to this video to watch me learn how to do cursive handwriting. So, let’s see: “Create motival p- motivational pages for your board: plan how you want each page to look by making sketches on a piece of scrap paper. Use the ruler and stencils included in your box to create grids, borders and straight lines before hand lettering.” Okay, that’s what the ruler’s for then. Motivational – let’s do a motivational quote, shall we? So this is why this is for adults. Because these are very difficult things to – Ow. This smells like fish. I don’t know why. So I think what we need to do is pick one of these patterns. I do like this one. Oh no, no, no no. Let me know in the comments which, which particular pattern you would choose for ’em. Do I rip it? Cause I can’t really, I can’t really cut it out very well. I mean we could go so far as to scanning this and then reprinting it at a bigger size, but to me, that seems like too much effort. Perfect! Okay. I mean, look at the size of that! That is just – okay. I’m gonna, I’m gonna give my regards to my paper cutter for doing such a fabulous job of making such a straight edge there. Next up we have to do the motivational quote. “Did… you eat donuts today?” So we’ve got our little motivational, um, question board here asking if we ate donuts today. We can start decorating by embellishing with these tiny little whatever these are. Okay, there’s one. I’m a little bit miffed because they’ve got gold foiling hearts for their washi tape and I just have the boring red ones. So, you don’t actually draw on these at all. They’re just sticky. Okay, they’re sticky magnets, so you cut it in half and you stick it to the frame so that then you can actually magnetize it for the fridge, which I actually think is quite a cool idea. So it’s a cool idea putting it on the fridge, unless you’ve written this. That’s probably not the best thing to do. Also technically, it’s my parents’ fridge so I don’t think they’d be very happy if I stuck this GIANT FRAME on their fridge! There we go. That’s great. Put the fishy cardboard backing back onto the frame. Are you ready for the reveal? Boom! That… doesn’t fit. So here we have it, our beautiful um, “motivational quote.” So basically now what we can do is we can look at our frame and every day we can go, “did we eat donuts today?” Yes I did! Or, maybe you went to Dunkin Donuts, but it was like, 4:00 p.m. and they didn’t have any decent donuts left because everybody else had taken them that morning, and you could just be like “No, didn’t, didn’t have any donuts cause all the good ones were gone. Um, and it was, it was a really bad, bad day.” I’m not speaking out of experience or anything, but it was a bad day. So I think that’s quite a cool idea actually, like if you weren’t being silly about it you could make some really fun ideas. You could probably do this with regular frames obviously as well. So um, it’s a, it’s a great craft idea, I like it. It was, it was a cheap craft that again, was not worth the money of the box, but you know, we’ve come to expect that at this point and that is, that is okay. The second craft is way more me because it involves a notebook which we can draw on and then use as like, a bullet journal. I personally have never properly bullet journalled but I really really want to. They’re basically giving you ideas as to what you can put inside your bullet journal. “So create a notebook for you! Think about topics you want to journal, track, plan and document. These are called collections. List your collection ideas and then pick your favorites. Add your name inside the front cover so if your notebook is lost it can be returned to you.” Do you know how many Chloe Roses there are in the world? There are a lot. There’s like a TikTok star called Chloe Rose. And then there’s a Degrassi actor called Chloe Rose. I am older than both of them, so technically THEY stole MY name and I’m just putting that out there. You know? They’re verified on Twitter, and I’m not. I’m not bitter. Not bitter. I’m gonna try out these fine line markers cause I’m actually really excited for these. Let’s try – ooh, oh, these are cute! I like these because they’re done like crayons, but they’re, they’re not. Okay, well, these aren’t really fine liners. They’re more just like thinner markers. This is what I personally call a fine liner when they’re this small. *Gasps* I really like these! Look, I’m gonna – okay, hang on. I am gonna get a piece of paper to do the swatchy stuff. Okay, I don’t like this color. it’s a bit more, it’s a bit more gray than black but a lot of markers are like that, especially cheap ones. These would actually be really fun to color with. Oh, it looks like an Oompa Loompa! There we go, now it’s an Oompa Loompa! I feel like these would not last very long, but I really like the size of the nibs on them and the colors. Okay, so this is the swatches as you can see. Very pretty colors, pretty pigmented. Right, I’m gonna draw a bear on the front of this because I don’t think I’ve drawn enough bears recently. *Music* Okay, so here’s our little 1 minute sketch of our bear. He’s not perfect but I kind of wanted to keep it more loose. I’m gonna use the black pen. Okay, there’s our little bear! I actually really love these markers. I’m surprised at how good they are, look how vibrant they look. Okay, there we go! We’ve got a little, uh, book cover drawing. Now comes the fun part of trying to figure out the bullet journaling thing. So basically what this means is, on the first of January I fill out how my day was so I fill in that box with whichever color was there and then once the year is done you can see all of the colors throughout the year, you can see if it was predominantly good, bad, okay, that kind of thing. Okay, so I think for my next one what I’m gonna do is have like, a money tracker because I’m like a freelancer, you’ll never quite know exactly how much money you’re going to get each month because it can vary depending on, um, views, like art sales, how many people take my Skillshare classes, that kind of thing. Oh, you know what? We’ve actually got a stencil. I’m gonna be careful lifting it up. Okay, it’s not too bad. Oh no! I’m out of space! I didn’t even spell November correctly! I literally wrote “Noveber!” We’ll put December there and then we’ll put Total over here. So I have my Mood Tracker, I have my Money Tracker, which is pretty terrible, but that’s okay. It’s gonna have to do. My little doodle on the front. So for the sake of using stuff in the box, I’m gonna – ooh, that looks quite cool actually. On you go! There we go! That looks quite cool. Okay, so this by far was my favorite thing that I’ve ever done from one of these boxes. Again, this is so, this is easy to do because their markers are already so cheap as are their pencils, and these types of books as well are pretty cheap to get so for the stencils and the convenience of it, it was a really good box. Again, not really the value of the $40, I think that’s always been the issue with these boxes. If you would like to see me, by the way, actually do a proper bullet journal at some point, let me know because I would actually like to do a video on bullet journaling at some point. So yeah, that’s it for today’s video. Thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *End music*

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    Me: oooh those look like bujo stencils
    30 seconds later
    Chloe: ooh a notebook like a bullet journal

  2. I’ve been bullet journaling for over 4 years and it’s amazing! I love to see videos and ideas, it is so relaxing. Obviously this box is not worth the money, you can buy all those things for around 15 to 20 dollars… but it was exciting seeing you unbox the whole thing and immediately discover the theme 🥰

  3. I agree with what you said about the "fineliners" I hate it when people call those types of markers fineliners when they are just fine tipped. I am not feeling too well but you made me laugh :):):):):):):):):):):):) You would be great at bullet journaling since you're an artist.

  4. I bought 2 Crayoligraphy books at Dollar Tree today. I never wanted them until I watched your video today. 😄 Glad to say that I only spent $2 for them.

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  6. I would definitely like to see you do a video on bullet journaling. I don't really know the difference between a bullet journal and a regular journal; I've never looked it up. I have too many interests and not enough time. 😂

  7. One issue I have with the boxes is that, with little items like the magnets and the tapes, they're just thrown in instead of packaged nicely

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  9. This is just my own conspiracy theory but: All "boxes" are packed with whatever is in their warehouses gathering dust. Their warehouse is now empty so there is no more boxes.

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    Please think this over carefully and don’t put our favorite channels out of business. Instead maybe encourage YouTube to expand and promote YouTube Kids, consider a rating system for videos like movies have or ask YouTube to pay more to family friendly creators to make up for the lost revenue from targeted ads.

  16. I mean honestly, the box isn't bad. But I feel like they should sell it more like a christmas present not an art box. Many kids would be happy to have this :3
    -Good Vid Chloe💕

  17. Forty bucks for a bullet journal?
    I spent eleven, and that's including unnecessary things!
    Most of the stuff people like to use for BuJoing can be found around the house.

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