THESE PENS DO WHAT?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Highlighters and Erasable Pens

THESE PENS DO WHAT?! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Highlighters and Erasable Pens

Hey guys! welcome to another Scrawlrbox unboxing! – I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve opened one of these..? maybe it has… maybe it hasn’t? either way let’s find out what’s inside?! ♪ mmm those look like pastel
colors! here we have some of that like doodle art that I suck at – I hope it doesn’t
tell me to make that..[giggle]. this was made by ‘spotgirldesign’ or Ann Pellegrino I’ve always liked looking at this stuff but I’ve never been good at making it myself so there’s the art for this month, we also have some paper – ooh, there is several sheets of paper
in here just give them to me, [box!] they kind of look like marker paper or bristol board but it’ll
say on the ♪’menu!’♪ which should be… in here somewhere? let’s open up the Art Supplies! ( the best part) [giggle] this is funny, because I just did a video with Sharpies and I said ”I have no black
sharpies” well now I do! we have a ‘Sharkie… Sharkie…? we have a Sharpie fine point and
then a Sharpie in ultra fine – both in the color black this is a silver pentelic
paint marker? – the ‘super silver extra fine point’ also in here there is the Pilot
FriXion Ball -oh I think I have one of these, I have it in purple – it’s like an
erasable highlighter – nope it’s a pen I take it back yeah I don’t know what I’m talking about but! is it erasable? I was right about
that! – I’m not completely crazy so we have an erasable pen oh the candy
looks ‘rainbow-y’ – this is a “glacier fruit” this is the subscription box that
comes from the UK and I live in the US so it’s always fun to see the candy so
here’s the menu where it lists all the different art supplies, we have a Scrawlrbox sticker and lastly this looks like the fun bit, aye? look at those
pastel colors! – these are probably the highlighters that I was talking about
earlier right? they’re erasable they’re so cute, they
make me think of ice cream! like a pastel rainbow! we have yellow, purple,
blue, green, and pink! and a little postcard to make your new year’s
resolutions “draw every day” – I draw almost every day that’s good
enough for me – you don’t want to get burnout either, there’s a fine line between
‘pushing yourself’ , ‘pushing yourself too hard’ and ‘downright dying because you
want to achieve your goals’ I don’t know which ones you should be
striving for personally whichever one you can handle I guess –
you’d actually be surprised which ones you can handle though, given the right
opportunity alright let’s test these all out so these are actually removed by
friction which is why they’re called the Frixion pen – very interesting [satisfying pen sounds and ♪] the ‘erasability’ is actually really impressive then we have our basic’ole sharpie (not
erasable) and lastly the Art supply I’ve never tried before so I’m super excited
about is the Pentel paint marker “super Silver, extra-fine point” wait..actually
there’s some instructions on here I need to read [ball in pen shaking inside of barrel] oh, it kind of bleeds outwards a
little bit – let me zoom in on that it’s a little bit hard to see… it’s very
similar to the color of the actual paper but in person the shimmer is a super
obvious it’s really weird when you draw with it it’s almost like you can see
like it’s casting a shadow that’s a cool experience there’s all the art supplies
in this month’s box along with the paper do they list what the paper is ? it’s “Norfolk Cartridge paper, 210 GSM, acid-free, wood-free, and has a white matte surface” but the question is Did the Sharpie bleed through it onto my
desk?! nope. doesn’t look like it but I want you to make sure you can see the
shininess – Oh, La, La!! funny story back in the day highlighters were like the only thing
I’d used the color because I liked how pastel they were and how well they
looked with like almost any line art and like you’d always see the line art
really nicely underneath them, so you could have like those details in
your drawings and like the color wouldn’t take away from that and the
cool thing about highlighters is usually you can actually build them up and get
darker tones alright….its not….these don’t work quite the same as highlighters I’m used to – these
are kind of creating some kind of ink that you can push around it doesn’t layer
to well – but it erases which is always a cool thing the highlighters I used to
always use – actually I have some right here – were these Paper-Mate ones, I only
picked them because it was like one of the only packs that came with a purple
highlighter but there was like yellow, orange, pink, green, and I think purple – and
I used those for a lot I think in some of my old sketchbook tours, there was
probably like a year or two span where that’s like the only thing I used to
color anything – because I was mostly a digital artists and when it came to sketchbooks
I just like those little pops of color what I’m thinking is the highlighter [the Pentel Pain Marker] is gonna look best on like large areas of Sharpie. let me see here like if I color in like a cube or square
with sharpie and then take the paint marker on top of that that’s when you’re
gonna see it yeah okay – knowing that I’m kind of getting inspired to draw
something what was the challenge word? that might be a good place to start –
“pastel petals” [mouth clicking noises] does that bringing me any inspiration? petals can look so different –
there’s all sorts of different petal shapes I’m in love with these colors –
they almost look better without a line art on them and they’re very
‘springtime colors’ even though we’re in the middle of winter I’m turning into the tin man! what if the petals aren’t on a flower but on a
person? making a long skinny neck kind of imitating like a stem [of a flower] i dunno – we’re
brainstorming here there’s no such thing as a bad idea when you’re brainstorming because you never know what will lead you to where organic texture, it’s interesting
but it doesn’t really feel like it’s my style, you know? and I don’t see how in
this idea I can use the metallic marker and I really want to try and use every
single art supply in this box here’s a weird idea but what about a flower
that’s half biotech you know like has a mechanical petal?? oh maybe it’s some
important flower that’s supposed to last forever and it got injured so the
scientists in charge of keeping this flower alive gave it an extra pedal so It
could do, you know, photosynthesis? but the extra petals made of metal – I don’t know
I don’t know so it would have like circuits! and then our metallic petal would
probably be filled in with Sharpie then all those little
designs can be added with the Paint Pen! ♪ something like that – I’m actually really
liking the way that looks and if I draw it bigger I can get more details with
this pen because it’s only a certain width – hmm
now it’s got me thinking “‘a dangerous pastime’ ‘I know'” still trying to grasp an
idea here my favorite thing in this box this month is definitely this paint
marker – the other stuff you know it gives me that not-quite art supplies vibe
even though I did say earlier that that’s the only arts to play I used to
use but I didn’t really consider myself a traditional artist so this is more like school
supplies that I just used to make art and when it comes to using those sort of
things it’s like just using what’s around you to make something instead of
having to go out and buy stuff getting this in a subscription box kind of feels
a little “mrweh” to me especially when Art Snacks and PalettefulPacks have had really good
boxes, the last couple months see this pin is really cool you can get
some crazy texture differences like this sticker is kind of matte but the paint
is shiny you can draw funny pattern on it look at that-look at it-look at it! maybe get some
inspiration from the candy? and you really can’t layer them which is what
I’m finding really disappointing – see if I show you the highlighters I usually
use for this see if I draw a pink line, but then I use a purple on top and layer
them and create shading – you cannot do that with these and these honestly
aren’t even ‘highlighty’ look how vibrant that is and look how ‘bleeeh!’ that is
although in defense of these highlighters do fade over time and maybe
these don’t? maybe these just stay just this amount always? is that what this one looked like? okay, i guess it was. – what about a superhero named Petals? I’m grasping at straws at this point – I like
drawing characters so I definitely want to stick to that – its erasable, right? nope, that’s — wait. oh there it is [laugh] nice generic superhero pose with some
hands like that! maybe she’s kind of like a hippie? you
know: “flower power” her slogan can be “PETAL POWER!” she shoot
petals at you, like whooh, as they get close to the camera they’re gonna get a
lot bigger probably change the hair to kind of follow this curve here maybe
she’s got something like gladiator sandals? okay the erasable pen is kind of cool the highlighters I think they’d be
cooler, you know, for school it’s just not good enough quality really for art in my
opinion – I think I need to look up some references of petals [giggles] I like her she’s a
bit of a joke and she’s also really fun to draw so let
me see if I can come up with like a cooler pose that kind of shows those little
‘petal powers’ a little better sketch it out with the Frixion pen and I’m doing like
almost Team Rocket pose what if we pull her hair/[bangs] down even farther like over her
eyes? ♪ the other leg with her gladiator sandals
here ooh, did we forget the flower in her hair? I’m gonna erase some of these lines
that are kind of confusing me her dress should probably have like a
floral pattern on it – doesn’t have to be super complicated – just scribbles I think
will do as long as they are floral scribble [hehe] all right so then we should have some petals
coming up this way ♪ now the dress isn’t supposed to be super
form-fitting but I’m also losing shape and I feel like
it’s making me-it’s kind of confusing I’m not sure if I should try and slim it down
a bit? Petals! just for the background kind of fill it out a little bit more voila I think my favorite part is actually the face – I like the way the bangs come down
in front of her eyes so now what I need to do is go in maybe with the sharpie pick all my favorite lines and make them permanent I don’t mind keeping some of
the lines cuz they do add some fun texture but I just want to see what
happens here ♪ add some more depth to some of these line-arts or there might be shadows
being cast by like the flower – we can outline everything with the fine sharpie oh and then
then this I believe we colored in yeah, I colored that in solid so I can just
fill that in and this one as well add some tassels or fringe or whatever’s on the end of
this actually usually isn’t the line going up for the front of [gladiator sandals]? not gonna lie it’s nice to have a real
sharpie on my hands for once I feel like we need another big petal down here alright now to add some color – try and go with a sort of light style that lets the
white [of the paper] show through in certain places I wonder if I could take the purple – try
again – and then add shading, if I’m really careful not to the extent I’m used to
and you can’t like rub it, you have to just place it and leave it and whatever
you end up with is what you get maybe she has braces? [low laugh] and I can add little
brackets on her sandals we can add some design to this since it’s the only thing
that’s solid black ♪ like the action lines but they also get
swirly at the end so like maybe ones right here and then it would swirl out like
that? not super obvious but they’re there could make them even more obvious by
giving them a shadow not crazy about that I think I might actually just like
to go over the whole thing with the fine point sharpie maybe even leave some of
the green ones to continue to lead the eye in the right direction it’s actually
kind of interesting it doesn’t really look like anything I’ve drawn before and
I like the little pastel pops of color along with like the solid black and
harsh line art, I think it looks kind of cool and then like the shiny metallic I
kind of wish I found a cooler way to sort of incorporate the metallic I could actually add a couple designs to the dress they’ll blend in so they won’t be super
noticeable but then they’ll show up when you like, you know, turn the page and there will
be that shininess just a little added texture, you know? I left the flower up
here White I can add like a doodle texture on [the flying Petals] that’s how you know they’re being controlled by her magic or her superpowers it’s kind of interesting they don’t show a lot they’re very subtle but I think it’s kind of
interesting – kind of the same texture that’s on her dress so that they’re a
little more ‘matchy’ just put it on the big ones where you can see it I really
like this it doesn’t look anything like things I’ve drawn before because I like
the style with the lineart but I like it it has that kind of cartoony
comic-booky vibe and I really like that about it and since she’s supposed
to be like a superhero that kind of fits here we have Petals! about to go attack
someone is not recycling, they just threw a water bottle on the side of the road “AARRGGHH!!!!!” I wasn’t super crazy about the art supplies that came in this month’s box
but I’ll definitely get some use out of the black sharpie and I can’t wait to
find a really cool way to use this metallic paint marker and I kind of want
to look into these and see what other colors they make so this was
really really cool I want to thanks Scrawlrbox for sending me these boxes to try
out and to share with all of you I really do enjoy opening them up and
finding little surprises inside oh I didn’t put these on the right caps? but
I’m gonna leave them that way I think they look kind of cool how confusing is that? I want to thank you guys for watching if any of you are interested in
getting your own Scrawlrbox subscription
I’d suggest it more if you live in the UK since you get free shipping there if you live in the US it’s uh it’s a pretty penny to get it shipped I’ll have a link
in the description where you can check out Scrawlrbox let me try one more thing add like a shadow well it was worth a shot anyway I want to
thank you guys for watching and I hope you’ll have a delicious evening full of

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