The ZIGGYD PoE League: Pleasing Social Trade Interactions & Artisan Crafting

The ZIGGYD PoE League: Pleasing Social Trade Interactions & Artisan Crafting

g'day folks Ziggy D here as many of you may well know I am the master when it comes to not organizing community things I'm pretty pretty awful when it just comes to organizing stuff but guess what I'm doing a thing that's right a thing is happening I'm running a private league starting a Saturday morning Australian time which would be Friday evening for many of you depending on your time zones you can check the information in description below or the countdown timer to find out exactly when it's gonna be from you in this video I want to talk about what the private league is so you guys can decide where something you might be interested in joining us in participating in because I think it's gonna be a lot of fun it's a bit of an interesting idea and I'm excited to see what comes of it if you guys have been following the community person or something posting much on youtube I did take some time off from posting YouTube content for a while while we were looking after our dog Tarkus who was injured he's made a full recovery of very happy to report he's a little bit lumpy and he'll have some scars but he is back to abnormal cells so very happy to report that and playing on getting back into making some YouTube content in the future as well and probably a bit surrounding this idea of this private league as well because I think some interesting things and stories could come from it and that well could result in some content so what's the private League about the private league is birthed by the idea of an experience I had on day one of Legion league where the trade API was busted we couldn't go to peewee trade or the official trade site and trade items I'd a bunch of currency and I needed some gear for my character so I opened up trade shot I know I opened up trade chat you know what I actually had fun eyebrows trade chat for a while I looked at a few different items that I could have gotten looked I was like oh I want this flask don't try and get this unique chairs ended up getting the belly of the beast were very nice price had a little bit of a chat with the guy I traded with and all around I was like you know it was a kind of a fun experience and it got me thinking what if what would path of Exile be like in an alternate universe if the trade API and trade sites didn't exist because we complain a lot about the inconveniences of the current trade system right and definitely there's some flaws right we go looking for an item we have to message like five people no one responds we get pretty annoyed right but that's based on context right the context is that we have a trade situation in which we can find the exact specific item that we want we can basically find perfect gear for our character within our budget at any point by going to we trade especially as the league has gone on a little bit and there's tons and tons of stuff available right so you get annoyed about the little things about like people not responding or maybe getting something that's not quite exactly what you wanted because you couldn't get that first thing that was perfect in a different context where that didn't exist and instead we had like a Bazaar market trading system where you were more browsing things and discovering stuff or maybe you're just trading through social interaction style systems you wouldn't really be ever looking for that perfect item for your character but if you did happen to stumble across something that was really good for your character you'd be excited about it I think the value that you'd place on those items would be you know a little bit higher you know and you'd be pretty excited about those SiC finds that you find just just by pure chance almost sometimes and we won't really be annoyed about not finding the perfect items for our characters because we wouldn't expect that the expectations would be different now I'm not saying that this would be a better situation than current path of Exile but I'm just curious as to what it would be like so I'm running a private league that's the craftsmen's league that's where no magic or rare items drop and it's a trading league so the idea here is this is an environment in which all rares will be crafted by players everything will be hand artisanally crafted by players and then all trading will occur not through trade sites because that's against the rules instead it'll be conducted through things like discord guilds in-game trade chat in town in parties whatever whatever other systems you guys find a trade with is all cool and I think could spawn some interesting stories like what happens if you're like okay I need a bunch of different stuff for my character that could upgrade any kind a new helmet a new weapon would always be good cuz I need some new rings I definitely needs to meet gloves my gloves are pretty awful I've not had any success crafting gloves see you browsing for a bit and you stumble across a guy who's like I'm crafting tons of gloves and he's like look at these ten different pair of excellent gloves that I've dug out box anyway the guys like look at this 10 different pairs of excellent gloves that I've crafted and you're like oh dude I really need some gloves I need some gloves like this you got anything similar and he's like yeah I've actually got a bunch of like melee gloves like this that would suit you you're like those are perfect in fact they even have the resists that I needed so you have a good time you get that you got a pair of gloves off that guy you find out oh what do you want what do you need dude it was like well I'm really using these essences to have any essence okay here's some essences for some you know throw some fuses in on something as well as I'm trying to six-link an item yada-yada you work out some sort of barter deal and then you're like okay I know this guy makes a lot of grout gloves you see you're looking at your friends gear later you like dude you got awful gloves you should check out this guy that was crafting tons and tons of gloves this guy's like a Grove Grove co-opting a glove crafting machine when I was telling this story on stram I struggled to say gloves as well so you tell him about it and he goes to that guy and find some gloves all of a sudden that guy is a glove crafting business that guy has a business he becomes known for crafting gloves that sort of thing doesn't really happen that much in the community you got some people who get known for doing things like master craft services and stuff but I think there's like opportunities for interesting stories to come out of this environment so that's the idea I'm doing a trade league where no one is to trade using you know the stash tabs the private indexes public indexes the trade sites and stuff like that all trading is to be done through trade chat guilds discord etc eccentric cetera that sort of things social intimate interactions based around crafting and trading that's the core concept of the league I'm doing a little bit of stuff like increased monster speed in a bit of the months of life to promote single target users but those are minor it's not really intended to be super challenging League it is soft core it's not as hardcore I did a very it was like 80 percent in favor of soft core and I think the pros of people staying in the league and continuing to craft rather than quitting because their character died outweighs the economic benefits of a hardcore league which can be good if you have enough players but difficult to get enough players in a hardcore privately to really keep it alive so I'm gonna run it for about a month we may extend it if it's fun I already have a bunch of players joining all add slots as I need so it's basically open invite just join if you think this sounds interesting to you if you want to participate in something you want to get in and do some crafting or you want to get in and do some like intimate trading social trade experiences if that sounds fun to you then join there are some prizes on the line that I've like just decided to throw in through you know a bit of extra fun but that's really not the main focus the main focus is the stories that will create out of this that's my idea at least the prizes though I'll be giving out some point packs to people who everyone who reaches above level 80 were going the draw to win one at five point packs as well as I have some prizes sponsored by micro store which has a bunch of cool games on if you guys haven't seen it before I collect cool action RPGs from ended developers all I can put them on my store I'll be also giving out it like a ticket to get a free game if your choice from my store as well so there before I've packs of those four people above little eighty at the end of the league just don't delete your characters deepest delve our solo will also win a guaranteed prize and first uber elder kill that's confirmed will also win a prize and I might also do some like crafting challenges or crafting competitions later like you know whose crafted the best weapon let's let's give them a prize that sort of thing I might do it a little bit later in the league but those aren't locked in just yet but just a little bit of extra fun stuff so uh yeah I think that gives you guys the rundown if you're interested I'm mostly gonna be managing it through my dears cord so please since this is supposed to be a community oriented thing it's supposed to be for my community and you guys if you want to join you want to bring a friend he doesn't necessarily watch my content that's fine just if you're gonna play with them bring a friend into the league because that's cool go ahead and do that it's basically open invite as long as we have space just being managed through the discord I'll put a link in the description below so you guys can join and find out the details about that if you would like to interact and yeah social trade interactions alrighty guys I hope to see in there I look forward to it I think it's gonna be a lot of fun I look forward to trading with some of you guys in person and you know let's be the cool things that you craft in the league anyway that's it for now I'm ZD and thanks for watching

49 thoughts on “The ZIGGYD PoE League: Pleasing Social Trade Interactions & Artisan Crafting

  1. When Chris Wilson slides you a couple grand and tells you to make it look like not having an auction house is "fun".
    I mean no, this GGG employee is completely unbiased.

  2. Great streamer effect ziggy talked about sick rare gloves the price of gloves in craftsman has now gone up by 1 ex

  3. as romantic as this sound… the price on crafted items will not be 1-5c as they are on the main server. They will be a lot more expensive. Because if u r wasting crafting 10c per items, then u have to sell them for like 100c to make even, for those items u cant sell

  4. Just sounds like a massive time sink, super slow progress, never feeling satisfied with your character and always having to waste more time dicking about with trading than actually playing the game. No thanks.

    This might work for people who's job it is to play/stream video games. I have like 5 other hobbies I spend my time doing and a full time job, this just sounds like a second job for mediocre progress.

  5. so do unique items drop? just trying to get a build ready but if not dropping i wont make one dependent on a unique.

  6. Pretty sure somone who is good in SSF would just win cause trading with that system will waste a lot of time and SSF will just be faster

  7. I wish ggg would hire a economist consultant, they could improve so much their trading system, enable new trading mechanics, etc.
    Poe ninja already created an amazing market tracking system, but it could be ingame and much better made.

  8. Wait .. I thought this was an old video because I'm checking your guides .. this was just uploaded today too wtf..

  9. Man that is not an alternative universe, that sounds like 2013 , been there done that and having to rely of path of exile forums and trade chat sucked balls , why would you want to do that ??

  10. Unfortunately, this league idea is geared towards 6 man premades and not the solo or duos. Great idea on paper though.

  11. I'm sure that trade chat will work fine for a small private league, but it's far too spammy and messed up in trade leagues. Even the reddit-only trade chat and global chat is pure spam.

  12. I like the idea of only white items dropping, not loving the trade idea.
    I want to spend LESS time trading, not MORE, happy gaming ^^;

  13. I love the idea of specializing in crafts. Just imagine a league mod like "you can only drop items of one type (gloves, boots, etc.) plus one weapon type chosen at the beginning at random."
    Or "all items drop are corrupted"
    I wish they would be more experimental with those mods so thank you for doing that job 😀

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