The World is Open for Play

The World is Open for Play

if Jonathan winters is ever accused of anything he's got the perfect alibi he was someone else at the time when I first saw him before the show he was still trying to decide whether he could be a drunken Eskimo the queen of the Vikings or a doorknob I'd rather take him out simply as himself to begin with because when he's Johnny winters he cannot be imitated the wild wild man my friend Jonathan winters in my opinion it's impossible to understand the genius of the late Robin Williams without first understanding the corresponding genius of his idol Jonathan winters winters was the master of improvisational comedy from the early days of TV in his stand-up in various sketch appearances on talk shows what he did was never scripted the characters he invented the scenes he enacted were plucked from the air in front of his eyes the kids had some candy and they said daddy daddy come to the river there's a bear here and we won't get some pictures of bear well a bear ate to get but we got some wonderful victory one of winters most famous and simplest bits was called the stick from the Jack Paar Tonight Show news up with a stick watch his over to mr. Hume anything well I was a pretty good cast winner Bob Iger on to something this time mm-hmm I'm sorry Marvin its women I put in the bloody stocks too long that's a nice and just up there just this side of green I sing them Beatles and this is one of their feelers 37 years later another comedian did a very similar routine with a pashmina on inside the Actor's Studio I came to Bombay last year tonight we are going to cook octopus ball Robin Williams and Jonathan winters were kindred spirits they work together for the first time on the TV show Mork & Mindy winters played his son from which point they remained great friends until winters death in 2013 only a year in change it turns out before Robin Williams took his own life in this clip from a 60 Minutes profile on winters its Robin Williams who expresses the great lesson that his mentor taught him what was indeed the great philosophy of both their comedic lives Jonathan has just taught me about the world is open for play I mean he's that anything and everybody is mockable in a wonderful way this idea that the world is open for play is an extremely rich one it suggests rightly that humanity and our shared reality is made up of fluid elements of language and social structures which are sometimes codified into rules and pressures and laws but that even the most rigid feature of what man makes can be turned flexible again and malleable again and funny with play winters and Williams saw reality for its basic elements and felt a grand freedom in their work to rearrange those elements into hilarious parodies of our world yes I was so taken with this guy I was when I first first met him and I'm working linearly we did we had a harmless those were good days you had access to more medication in the we're Robin Williams exceeded even the master was in his dramatic scope not only could he create exaggerations of character in his comedy but he had the ability to reproduce the subtleties of character as well feeling like God put an angel on earth just for you I could rescue you from the depths of hell and you wouldn't know what it's like to be her angel to have that love for her be there forever in the end both talents reflect the same empathetic observation of people winters and Williams like no one else before or since understood the stereotypes in subtlety and the subtlety and exaggeration it may seem as if this sublime energy of play passes away with them but of course the opposite is true we have that energy for all time because they gave it to us no Reverend Angley my hands are our credit coz you can tell well just consider them not as hands anymore but it's paused be ready to do this gay little cat tree don't be afraid but yeah yeah yeah don't be afraid Oh buddy my hands on your head now no but they're in my hands why would you put your hand on my head but that doesn't merit my hey you shot go with me it's a to shop work with me now work with me demon spirit Bobby connects look at my hands they're straight out straight out nah now you can hurry Ang's now you can serve things go table 14 table for you nobody can't get him back that way how do you get him back forever look horrible this is called mime syndrome a tendency to be in a box for no reason for horrible long periods tendency to walk against the wind when there is no wind won't you please help a mime is a terrible thing to waste you heard me say it ma'am here's a turbo finalized look at this this also means surrender so so basically gyptian army training course okay ready drop gun again one more time drop gun again drop gun again all this money

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  1. When you stumble over a video essay, from your favourite video essayist, about one of your favourite comedians, and you end up on a week long binge of said comedians movies…

  2. Been 4 years now, and i still miss Robin. But i never knew this portion of his life, it totally puts together a piece I never knew. Thanks for this tribute to such a wonderful human and light always. Can't help but feel the world is a little darker without him in it….

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