The Wire | The Machine Tells The Tale

The Wire | The Machine Tells The Tale

you see now I'm here to tell you this remaining silent shit ain't nothing like they make it out to be hmm you up in here all tight with it waiting for your paid lawyer thinking you all wise hatred no see that work would you some kind of criminal mastermind when you ain't been seen running from the deed when your own fuckin runnin partner ain't in the next room puttin you in oh yeah he's telling it like a little bitch we even went to Mickey D's for him because he was so motherfucking helpful to quarter pounders big fries McDonaldland cookies dr. pepper that's how you boy roll right I stepped out there we go break room so you can enjoy that huh all right I'm saying shit yeah yeah why not what the fuck how many years you're thinking we've been doing this same shit 20 at least true true false load him up so this shit actually works ah hell yeah Americans are stupid people by and large we pretty much believe whatever we're told so can feel my heartbeat folks yeah if mono say I had the gun he lying machine tells the tale son we ready professor yeah we'll start with an easy one is your name in fact is Sean Frederick's yeah true and do you reside in fact the 1200 block of wood your Street in West Baltimore yeah true and did you have on they'll shoot your boy Pookie down on Kerry Street just like mine l said you did no no like lying motherfucker hmm machine is never wrong son Oh huh never keep his damn mouth shut should've busted a cap in Pookie ask my own self left Marnell home and shit he's just a bitch's own bigger the lie before they believe

17 thoughts on “The Wire | The Machine Tells The Tale

  1. "Americans are a stupid people, by and large. We pretty much believe whatever we’re told." That is how Trump got elected.

  2. That's actually fucked up. If you want people to follow laws , they in turn have a code to follow while enforcing the law.

  3. Haha..a photo copier doubling up as a polygraph lie detector.."Americans are stupid by and large, they'll believe anything they're told" sayeth the Cop

  4. This is based on a true story! The creator of The Wire spent a year with Baltimore homicide detectives writing a book. The case almost got dismissed.

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