The Wire - Daniels question McNulty about loyalty

The Wire – Daniels question McNulty about loyalty

you're asking I am lieutenant I didn't because I've got no problem changing targets if that's what the bosses tell me to do unless it's personal like when kima got shot I don't care where we spend our time and money well Williams in a weapon so I'm just pleased more to me and I understand that people above my paygrade of the right to make decisions that advance to make but if they're wrong then they're wrong and time will tell Moin now I'm asking you for the truth you want to call them by my back got a gown to the devil himself which way you were standing lieutenant I'm not a fucking thing to do with it you piece of shit I did it cuz it had to be done just like it had to be done two years ago when we were first detail stringer was the target then he's still the target now lieutenant you know as bosses go you're better than most and I know you went out of your way to get me off that boat I know that but I will back on the right man detective McNulty when the cuffs go on stringer you need to find a new home you're done in this unit you

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  1. @1:38 McNulty facial expression was equivalent to the Kanye West shrug. When told him your done at this unit.

    It was pretty much like oh well 🤷🏾‍♂️.

  2. "Its all just police work to me and i understand people above my pay grade have the right to make decision that are theirs to make. If their wrong, then their wrong and time will tell wont it. "
    As some who works in large multinational corporation, this is how i'm starting to see thing as well. Bosses come and go, company goals and objective change yearly. Just do the job thats assigned to you with the best of your abilities without screwing anyone.

  3. McNulty’s insubordination actually helped advance Daniels career for awhile. Daniels needed to act and think more outside the box. McNulty helped him to do that even though he drove Daniels up the wall. McNulty was sort of gold mine for Daniels career for awhile.

  4. "Find a new home"

    McNulty fucking hated the politics surrounding CID. Every case they have ends with them running full-tilt to a red light. I wouldn't wanna work with that shit either.

  5. FUCK THE BOSSES! It's often the same story. Somebody gets promoted because of family/uncle in high places or ass-kissing. Then he uses "pawns" for his dirty work. If all goes well, woo-hoo I get a promotion and the glory. If it goes bad – well, you can always blame the pawn. Exactly what happened with Lester.

    Also, Daniels was probably dirty. Another opportunist playing holier-than-thou. This… IS BULLSHIT, mr. Daniels.

  6. Of course the most wreckless cop ends up ultimately saving the day, his entire unit had it out for him 😭😭

  7. I never liked Daniels, couldn’t stand him actually lol I thought he was a hypocrite and fake and was dirty as hell but got lucky to not get fucked for it.

  8. Daniels always was a stern prick, he always comes in the department with a stick up his ass that a cup of coffee couldn’t take out.

  9. Daniels owes his career to McNulty lol just like Rawls owes his career to him as well, McNulty's case work makes them look good and put him on their bad side

  10. Mc Nutley might bust a nut now and then though Daniels busts a Supreme Death Stare D(a)naut / punches the d(o)nut like an OG.

    "Its all in the eyes" Daniels shows respect when McNulty give him props.

    It's subtle though it's on bitch.

  11. Yes I am completely loyal to the law
    because it is on the right side of wrong
    even though most officers are arrogant egotistical jerks however I will concede that they have a very hard job

  12. McNulty is the rare insubordinate fuck that thinks he's right and actually is right and you just have to deal with him. I hate and love that.

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