The Wire - Cutty Quits the Game

The Wire – Cutty Quits the Game

I go we got one out of two motherfuckers you know you mean you my fuckers come strolling in here all walking tall and she'll be out man I'm saying man we was blazing on him douche man you know I'm sad just got in the heat man we was blazing though it was like relax man I already heard go sit down I'm not tweakin behind none of this that's one less my father that's breathing there was yesterday you know what I'm saying so we all good I'm surprised at you though man she didn't get by you back when what my man's fault man I loaded on the younger too soon man gave him enough room to buck and run man I fucked that shit up myself hold on saw me I had that kid in my sights close enough to take off his Kengo and half his darling with it couldn't squeeze the trigger couldn't do it man hmm why not when Timmy I guess you know whatever it is and you they'll let you flow like you flowin do that thing let me know all right so you done soldiering but you ain't done could use you for what you got in your head we're gonna put you in a corner you could be inside I ain't making myself clear the game ain't in me no more none of it but you ain't done shit else you know I'm saying so what you gonna do but it can't be this I we straight

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