21 thoughts on “The Wire – Cutty Gets Cheated

  1. This was unrealistic. No way this would’ve happened to someone they KNOW used to work for Avon and who was still cool with him. No way. Also he should’ve smoked that nigga when he had that one chance to do so on GP. Pulled a gun in my face and didn’t shoot? Nah

  2. Was kinda mad when cutty didn’t kill him but then fruit was killed over such pettiness. Fitting end for such a fool.

  3. I never noticed the bitch was sucking everyone’s dick, now that’s a party. But fruit scared her off by pulling out a gun.

  4. Marlo said the same thing that Fruit said to Cutty to those dude on the corner boys in the final scene" WTF you looking at?"

  5. What a lot of people in the comments don’t realize about this clip was that this was a way that Fruit kept a tariff on Marlo’s territory against outsiders. Cutty outsourced his goods to Fruit for him to export but played hardball at the negotiations. As such, Fruit, Monk and Marlo essentially put an embargo on outsider trade and imports. I talk about this more on my thesis I wrote on “the Wire and Macroeconomics.” —Wire Scholar

  6. Lol you ain’t never posed to give no random mf no dope wtf why u think he gone feel entitled to bring that shit back … lol I ain’t never sold no real dope n ik that

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