The Wire -- Cutty, Avon, Slim Charles

The Wire — Cutty, Avon, Slim Charles

I go we got one other torta motherfuckers you know you mean my fuckers come strolling the hell walking tall and shit oh yeah ma'am said man we was blazing on him do smegging I'm Sam just got in the heat man we just blazing though it was like relax man I already heard go sit down I'm not tweakin behind none of this that's one less motherfucker that's breathin there was yesterday you know I'm saying so we all good I'm surprised at you though man she didn't get by you back when what my man fuck man I load it on the younger too soon man came enough room the bucking run man I fucked that shit up myself hold on saw me I had that kid in my sights close enough to take off his Kengo and half his darling with it couldn't squeeze the trigger couldn't do it man hmm why not when Timmy I guess you know whatever it is in you that let you flow like you flowin do that thing may mean um all right so you done soldiering but you ain't done could use you for what you got in your head we're gonna put you in a corner you could be inside I ain't making myself clear the game ain't in me no more none of it but you ain't done shit else you know I'm saying so what you gonna do hmm but he can't be this hide we straight see be use man in this time you know your man today hear me

25 thoughts on “The Wire — Cutty, Avon, Slim Charles

  1. That conversation would've never happened in the Standsfield crew. Cutty would've ended up in a vacant just for saying he couldn't do it

  2. I guess to be a Barksdale Soldier you gotta have a Sam Elliott voice – Wee-Bay, Cutty, Slim Charles…😂

  3. Remember when Gene tried to leave the Soprano crew? Tony played head games then made him do another hit, then changed his mind about letting him leave the crew. He ended up hanging himself. Avon lets Cutty leave with his dignity. That's a real boss.

  4. Avon's character is no fool,he knows who can choose to retire,and who too retire.Not many in real life have that,so these writers,they no somebody.Must do to get the little things that make it realistic.

  5. It take a lot of courage to step out and tbat was strong of Avon to accept and understand. Cant retire a gangster.

  6. Cutty was one of the realest characters in the entire show. Straight up tells Avon how it is. And get's respect for it. Even when Avon knows he needs the muscle.

  7. Honestly cutty would have been a real game changer especially how weak Avon’s team was at the time could’ve really done some good

  8. I honestly think Avon genuinely wanted to help Cutty as he says " what you gonna do? you ain't done shit else" it was him getting reliable muscle due, but his offer was also too hello someone out

  9. Notice when Avon concedes and lets Cutty out the game Cutty looks hard into Avon’s face and eyes to verify Avon’s being sincere?

  10. And let's not forget Avon threw 15k Cutty way to help him get his Gym off the ground. We dont know the whole backstory but Cutty put in a lot of work for the family and did years. Avon respected dude. Period.

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