The Wire Clip: Namond Is Back

The Wire Clip: Namond Is Back

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  1. The only part of the whole series that drew a tear from my eyes man… Still don't knw why.
    Glad he made it

  2. Second happiest moment in the Wire after Bubbles getting clean. Felt really bad for all the other kids though.

  3. Sad ending for dukie and randy but surprisingly happy to see namond on that stage. Mike could be the next Omar.

  4. Namond brice so many resemblances of Deandre Mcculough in "The Corner", Davids previous show, great watch

  5. Another shining example as to why Bunny Colvin is my favorite character on the show. The man saved lives during his police career (Hamsterdam) and saved lives with his educational consulting career (Namond). He is truly an angel whose humanity and selflessness are remarkable and praiseworthy.

    Amazing what happens when truly kind-hearted and intelligent individuals have autonomy instead of bureaucracy.

  6. All of those kids could of been up there but Namond got lucky. He was put into that program where his path crossed Bunnys who took an interest in him. Also Wee Bay finally realized Im in here for life. This isnt what it was supposed to be like and told Namond get outta this gameor youll be here with me. Prez took an interest in Dukie but Dukie lied to him. Cutty took an interest in helping Mike but Mike didnt trust Cutty because he thought Cutty was a homo. Carver took an interest in Randy but the system fucked them both.

  7. the only reason I love how namond story ended was because I'm thinking how proud weebey is amd how he made the right decision with letting namond go with bunny colvin…yeah it woulda been nice to see duke get the happy ending or randy…hell Michael deserved it.. but I'm glad it was namond In the end.. it had so many layers to it between weebey and bunny being involved .. idk I can't explain

  8. Getcho dumass down down off dat stage and sell this dope and make ya momma proud, ackin a straight bitch – Delonda

  9. I loved the story of Namond but never liked his speech. Just because Africa has a problem with AIDS doesn't mean we owe them money. Just look at what Africans have done with their countries (not counting the colonies). If they can't help themselves why bother? It's been way too long without any progress from them.

  10. I hear people saying naymond didn't deserve to come out the way he did as opposed to the other kids but that's very harsh to say given the circumstances the kid faced. His father a criminal well known and the pressure for him to keep his father's reputation alive (being his son and all) was too much. He realized that life was not for him but he didn't no anything else. When Mr colvin showed him real love he began to be himself and the rough exterior he put on slowly faded away. He sought mr.colvin for help so that he could get out. He didn't use his environment as an excuse anymore.
    Michael was forced to be a man before his time to take care of his little brother and mother. Having been molested as a child I know that would have caused him to be the way he is in terms of not wanting to get to close to people and his inability to express how he feels. This is shown when cutty tries to be there for him but Michael ends up shunning him and thinking he is too friendly and must be gay. Michael carried the world on his shoulders and made his decision to be the way he was , he didn't look for a way out like namond he allowed his environment to make him cold. That is what he wanted.
    Duquan could have done so much better for himself but became like the people he had been living with a crack addict. It was unfortunate but he made the decision noone forced him.
    The only one I can say didn't deserve what he got was randy because randy tried to escape. He tried to get help and he tried to be a good young man. He didn't sell drugs , he wanted to sell candy to make money in school to make a honest earning. He was smart and caring and helpful even though sometimes a bit mischievous but all kids as , he was no means bad. After the situation with the police who failed to deal with the situation properly regarding Lil Kevin randy payed the price being called a snitch and suffered. His house was burnt as a result of the police failure to do their job right and he ended up in a home where nobody cared about him, a home full of kids and adolescents some of which beat him up. He became cold and hard like the environment around him. Carver wanted to adopt him and couldn't and then he just abandoned him. Randy unlike duquan and Michael didn't choose his life he wanted something else for himself but didn't get the opportunities that namond had and so was forced to stay where he was. Duquan and randy had opportunities to get out and didn't take it randy had none and namond took his.

  11. I see people carrying this disdain for Namond and his good fortune, but, I for one cannot think of a more worthy recipient of this blessing. There may have been characters as deserving, but even still, none more so than Namond Bryce. When considering the fact that he had an absent father whose notoriety loomed over him (which over the course of his life would have been much more of curse than a blessing) and an atrocious mother, whenever the opportunity presented itself for Namond to prove that he could be a productive citizen outside of confines of the cutthroat concrete jungle he rose to the challenge, every single time.

    Namond was the most realistic of the four boys from season 4. He was a mislead boy, which is not surprise when you consider his best source of guidance turned out to be his sociopathic murderous father (until of course Mr. and Mrs.). Namond has the most common pressures of young black males, single parent home with an incarcerated/absent father being raised in a poor area with a bad school system to match. Namond didn't necessarily catch breaks that he didn't deserve, it more that when pressed for answer you can't really think of a kid who doesn't deserve the pretty basic and fair chances that only he ended up receiving. Namond wasn't the only one who showed potential, he was the only who got a chance to use it beyond the savage limitations of inner-city Baltimore.

    Lastly, when you look at Delonda Bryce's position in his life, she has the most realistic expectations of her son (from a societal standpoint, at least). Society looks at a kid like Namond and expects him to act out, the police looks at him as a probable criminal, the school system consider him a dead end from the jump, and he and his peers are very much O.K. with being soldiers. It is even reflected by the comments from viewers years later into these discussions, we often see and profile the Namond types in exactly the same light as his mother does. The truth is as exactly as The Wire showed it to be, and the real bad guys aren't exactly who we initially assume them to be.

  12. people who call Namond dumb and lucky are missing the point. This guy got out of the drug trade when he realized the consequences, resisted all peer pressure to be "hard", found himself a few supportive guardians and told his useless mum to B.T.F.O. He' s a lot wiser than the 3 other kids.

    Randy? Randy is clever. But he's a Prop Joe / Cheese (his dad, fyi) type of clever. Never had enough foresight or empathy to figure out, hey, there are options out there that's better than trying to earn a few bucks selling shit or standing guard for a gangbang. Alienated one of the only people who cared about him (Carver) without much of a reason. Randy was struggling in things he didn't need to get involved with. Namond knew how to be a bitch in the right moments.

  13. Is this Namond's last scene for the wire? I need some happy news after rewatching dukie become a drug addict.

  14. the futures of kids in bad environments often depend on luck randy was a good kid but lil kevin got him involved in some shit which caused his foster mom to get killed and he ended up in a group home which is like living in a juvenile detention centre whereas namond was mean and a bully and he was wee bay's son and his selfish mother made him to work on the corner, if it wasn't for colvin and his class no doubt namond would have on the streets

  15. What made the Wire such an amazing show was not just the gritty realism it packed, but its unpredictability. The kid who seemed most likely like a product of the game and had the smallest chance of making it out, was the kid who actually did. Kids like Michael, who we thought were smart enough to not turn to a criminal life fell into those ranks, and Dukie who seemed to have the best chance of actually escaping the horrors of Baltimore, ended up turning to a lifestyle similar to that of Bubbles. While its heartbreaking to see, and so god damn depressing, it shows that this is something that happens in those neighborhoods. No happy endings, everything goes to shit. We all fall down

  16. Glad Bunny put Namond on the right track, he's so much different than what he started out as. But I felt like no justice was served for Duquan and Randy, who were so likeable in Season 4. But it goes to show how not having a figure in your life to look up to and being surrounded by bad influences can really fuck up your life. Both boys never had a chance to redeem themselves. If Namond had stayed with his selfish mother who was forcing him into the drug game, he would've ended up dead.

  17. Namond deserved to get out of the trap the least in my opinion. I always wondered what happened to Donut, is he still stealing cars?

  18. Yeah, I agree that Namond isn't the next D'Angelo. Both are similar in that their hearts aren't in the game, but Namond got out of it, whereas D'Angelo didn't.

  19. But it's different, they all had options, it was just that they never were smart/right minded enough to take the right one. It's the choices they made whenever they felt like which one they had to take because of the outside world pressure and feelings that they had and for Namond it was the right choice and feeling for it to make those choices.

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