The TRUTH About  Sunburns🌞🔥

The TRUTH About Sunburns🌞🔥

this is burning me okay let's be honest so when you think of sunburns you think of white people and like skin people getting burnt up by the Sun but in this video I'm going to answer the question and our skin people get sunburns keep watching and find out so what is a sunburn I was a period of excess on exposure your skin eventually will burn and it will become inflamed and turned right and irritated so obviously we were talking about redness and inflamed skin naturally you would think it would only happen in white people and later skin people they're the ones that are at greater risk of sunburn but the truth is not only white and light skin people get sunburns that's a light it's a myth dark-skinned people can get sunburns too so that's a fact although white people are sittings more lately to get a sunburn and of course his signs of a sunburn aren't usually obvious on darker skin tones because redness is not shown but just because there's no redness seen on the surface does not mean there is no sunburn the effects are skin deep and I'll get to the signs and effects of sunburn shortly so why are black people less prone to sunburn that's the question and the answer to that is none other than melanin so melanin is that magical brown pigment found in the epidermis of the skin and it is produced by special cells called melanocytes so when the skin is exposed to sunlight more melanin is produced and that leads to tanning so melanin is acting as a natural sunblock against ultraviolet rays so therefore the darker your skin is the more melanin you have the more mounting you would produce and therefore you would get that natural protection from the UV rates however Mountain Protection is not foolproof melanin will not protect the skin against 100% of UV light rates so the sun rays can still cause some damage to darkest skin even though it's less noticeable than in lighter skin tones so what really happens to the skin after a sunburn so that's I thought he signs the sentence of a sunburn now these are just the body's way of attempting to repair cells damage from UV rays you have an inflammatory response occurring causing the blood to rush to the surface pretty much deal with the damage caused so this results in red or pink skin and as I said before this would obviously be only seen and be noticeable in lighter skin tones but everyone would experience burning painful skin swelling you may have fluid-filled blisters developing on the skin and if it gets really bad you can experience flu-like symptoms beating his fever headache so that is really severe cases no itching opinion of the skin would occur like this after when they seen there's no trying to heal so these are common signs a sentence of this sunburn but it's essential to know that repeated exposure to the Sun and regular sunburns or dangerous to the health of your skin because sunburns can cause damage to the DNA in your epidermis skin cells so the UV lay alter is healthy DNA disrupting the normal arrangement of your strands therefore leading to a mutation so you have a mutated DNA in these cells and this can lead to premature aging over time so that mutated DNA can lead to reduce skin elasticity wrinkles and hyperpigmentation so when you have that dark areas appearing on the skin and then the worst the worse effect would be malignant melanoma this is the most dangerous skin cancer and can result in dark moles expanding in size over time due to the build-up of the mutated cells so essentially that is what cancer is when you have the mutated cells multi-plane replicating themselves and getting more and more that is what causes the malignant melanoma so this is when it gets really really bad so what are some the home remedies for sunburn relief to soothe skin and speed up the healing process it's good to take a cool shower use cold compresses on the skin or play any of your following treatments aloe vera gel milk of magnesia that works for sure calamine lotion so these are easy remedies that you can use at home so you need to protect yourself it's important that you cover your skin up if you're gonna be outdoors where a broad room Heights wear sunglasses to protect your eyes a play broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion sprays absorb UV rays and especially make sure that you got a sun protection factor of 30 and up and things I'm covering the shaded place example a tree a tent the main thing is to cover up your skin and protect it from the UV light because you can actually get sunburn within 15 minutes of sun exposure you know it sounds kind of crazy but it's the truth so in terms of a plain sunscreen it's important to actually make sure you're a player sunscreen at least thirty minutes and before sun exposure and when you're in de Sun for long periods of time ensure that you were player sunscreen reapply every two hours more often if you are sweating a lot or you know going into the city water that can wash away the sunscreen so the key thing is to protect yourself to cover up your skin so even if your skin is beautifully concentrated with the magical pigment melanin would be careful in the Sun and just use sunscreen if you found this video helpful feel free to subscribe like and share and don't forget to hit that notification bell

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