Hey there Tiktakers! Welcome to a new Scary Tuesday. Surfing the creepys pages of the internet
we have found one of the creepypasta that has left us more traumatized so far. A childhood destroyer tale in every sense, we
are talking about the true story of Phineas and Ferb. But before we start, we’d like to introduce
you to our new project, My Life Sucks, in which we’ll draw your most embarrassing anecdotes
and stories, and we’re sure they’ll make you laugh for a while! We’ll leave the link to the channel in the
description box and at the end of this video. And now, let the horror begin… Phineas and Ferb is an original Disney Channel
series created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh. It was officially released on February 1st,
2008. The series follows the adventures of Phineas
Flynn and his British stepbrother Ferb Fletcher during the summer holidays. Every day, the boys embark on a big new project,
which bothers their sister Candance, who always tries to reveal their mischief to their mother,
Linda Flynn-Fletcher, The brothers have a platypus as a pet, called
Perry, who leads a double life as a spy for the OWCA, the Organization Without a Cool
Acronym, which is in charge of disrupting the plans of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, a mad
scientist who wants to end the Earth. This is the story of the series we all know,
but sadly, the true origin goes back many years, to 1993 in a small mining town called
Iultin, in Russia, now a ruined place that has practically disappeared into the snow. In a humble house lived with his family a
girl named Candace Flynn, victim of a childhood full of upheavals. Candance had a younger brother, Phineas, who
was too hyperactive. When they were just babies, their parents
divorced, remaining in the care of their mother, who never paid enough attention to Candance
for all the work her brother required. They moved to the city of Danville in the
United States and her mother remarried the British Lawrence Fletcher. Lawrence had a son with a severe case of mental
retardation, Ferb, who could barely speak. Candace was always excluded, she felt she
didn’t fit into the family, and so she developed a boundless imagination. Every day Candace told her mother “the incredible
feats” her brothers had performed in her absence. But they were so unlikely that she never believed
them. Her mother, already bored of this situation,
decided to take Candance to a specialist, psychiatrist Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who diagnosed
her with severe schizophrenia. He was prescribed a lot of strong medications. As a result of the use of these drugs, Candace’s
situation worsened. The psychiatric drugs intended to calm her
erratic impulses also had side effects: she was reliant on the drugs for everything… Even though she was always on medication,
Candance couldn’t stop imagining her siblings doing thousands of crazy adventures. Seeing that nothing worked, she was recommended
to keep a diary as a therapy, in which she captured each of the adventures of Phineas
and Ferb, explained in great detail. Seeing that the doctor’s recommendations had
no effect, she moved on to using hard drugs to escape from her mind. At 14, Candace Flynn was already addicted
to LSD, which led to an increase in her already distorted appreciation of reality. Early in 2007, Candace Flynn was found dead
in her room, along with a written note on the last page of her diary. Forensics deduced that Candace had died of
an overdose. By the end of the year, Candace’s troubled
mother offered the stories to the scriptwriters of the series and on February 1, 2008 a world
premiere of Candace’s altered world, called “Phineas and Ferb” was released. Do you think it’s true? Everything seems to fit together… But we’re convinced that it’s all a lie, although
it’s very scary, isn’t it?

100 thoughts on “THE TRUE STORY OF PHINEAS AND FERB | Draw My Life

  1. My most embarrassing time was at Cascades campus,it was fancy night and I was signed up.we went up I forgotten about the cartwheel and did it,then EVERYONE saw my underwear 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  2. In the next Scary Tuesday, can you do Margaret Schlosser's story?

    (p.s. i know her story is a tragic story and not a scary story but margaret's death is terrifying if you think about it)

  3. They released the show the same day and the year of my birthday! (1 February 2008)Why the hell did I just knew this…..

  4. I almost broke my arm…
    One day was just any other day… Wake up, go to school, go home, rest, and play…
    I was just 3 or 4 that time and was still in need of parental supervision.
    So me and my 2 brothers were on the back truck of my uncle, (like the RV?) I was leaning down cause I saw something…
    The truck stopped and I nearly fell.
    At least that's what I thought, and sooner the car started moving forward before I could even get back up the truck
    So I fell arm first and kind of pushed back my arm with a painful snap.
    As I cried, my grandmother rushed me home instead of going to the hospital,
    Cause it was just a sprain…
    She raped my arm with a soft bandaid, and made me stay home for about 3-5 days
    After the fifth day I started going back to school and made sure I never went back on a truck ever again…


  6. Just 15 hours late! Love your videos! Your other video.. "Someone under your bed 👅" made me stay up that hole night… Also.. Two of my newborn puppies died 😭
    One of them died because they didn't have any milk from their mother ( November 11/19 )… And the other one died today.. ( November 12/19 ) because it crawled behind the mother and got… Crushed to death but that's not important.. 💔

  7. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 childhood ruins

  8. Noo! My fav cartoon characters!!??
    Now I cannot watch phineas and ferb anymore!!😥😥😥

    (oops I mean 4th fav cartoon)

  9. Phineas Flynn (Real): This is why, we shouldn't uses satanic performing skills during season break…. 8/

    Ferb Fletcher (Real): Indeed brother, never performing satanic things for season breaks and anywhere else! >:/

    (After they taught a lesson, by not performing any rituals satanism).

  10. My family told me that phineas and ferb are dead thats why when her sister calls her mom her mom never saw them.

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