Today, we are gonna talk about one of the
most mysterious cases of the last years, the death of the young girl from Canada with Asian
origins, Elisa Lam. Her death seems like something taken out of
the mind of a clever killer, and for some people it is the perfect crime of the last
century. In January 2013, Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old
student at University, decided to go on a trip around the US on her own. She wanted a change and wanted to visit the
West coast of the country and Los Angeles, city of stars. Her starting point was San Diego, in California. When she arrived in Los Angeles, she went
to the old Hotel Cecil, nowadays called Stay on Main. Elisa called her parents every night to tell
them how her adventure was going. She was planning on going to Santa Cruz on
the 31st of January, but her relatives never got any news on whether she had made it there
safely or not. Worried about her, they contacted the authorities
and they started an investigation. The staff at the hotel said they had seen
her alive that day, but there was no trace of the young tourist. Her disappearance was notified and they put
signs all around the city. There wasn’t a single clue, until, going
over the surveillance cameras of the hotel, they found something disturbing. It was a recording where Elisa went in and
out the elevator, looking nervous, pressing hysterically all buttons and talking to herself. It seemed like she was running away from someone
or suffering a psychotic attack. The weirdest thing was that the doors of the
elevator didn’t close until she disappeared on the hallway. This disturbing video of the elevator went
around the world and became viral, showing the chilling last minutes of Elisa Lam’s
life. After several weeks of investigation, a complaint
from one of the guests in the hotel would take the detectives to the location of the
young girl. The water system seemed to be having pressure
problems – the water coming out of it was muddy and tasted weird. When they checked the tank on the rooftop
terrace they found the dead body of Elisa, floating in state of decomposition. There werent signs of trauma, abuse or agresion. The autopsy confirmed she hadn’t taken any
kind of psychoactive substance, and it all pointed to a natural death caused by drowning. The water found inside her lungs was the same
water there was in the tank. Elisa’s medical record revealed that she
was bipolar, but that didnt explain how she had ended up there. The access to the rooftop terrace was restricted,
and the cover of the tank was too heavy – even the firefighters had to make a hole to reach
the body. So…. How is it possible that Elisa got herself
inside the water tank? As an answer to this mediatic case, conspiracy
theories and possible explanations didn’t take long to start appearing, to try and shed
some light on the case. The Cecil Hotel has a dark history with a
number of murders and cases of macabre suicides. The serial killer Richard Ramirez “The Night
Stalker”, guilty of killing 14 women during the 80s, had been living in that hotel. Also The serial killer from Vienna, Jack Unterw(V)éger,
the Austrian prostitutes killer stayed at the Cecil Hotel, where he committed several
homicides. The Cecil Hotel has a dark history with a
number of murders and cases of macabre suicides. The serial killer Richard Ramirez “The Night
Stalker”, guilty of killing 14 women during the 80s, had been living in that hotel. Also The serial killer from Vienna, Jack Unterw(V)éger,
the Austrian prostitutes killer stayed at the Cecil Hotel, where he committed several
homicides. Other theories talk about the supernatural…
the gloomy history of the hotel is surrounded by ghosts. There are many testimonies from tourists that
say they’ve been victims of attacks from the great beyond in their rooms. Maybe, it was a spirit the one that perpetrated
the murder, possesing the young Elisa. Some internet users detected a similarity
in Lam’s behavior with that of the Japanese movie from 2002 Dark Water, by the Japanese
Hideo Nakata. In the film, where an evil spirit uses water
to attack, Elisa’s death seems to be represented, with elements in common, such as the scene
in the elevator or the water tank. There is this crazy theory on the Internet,
that says Elisa pushes the button for the 4th floor first, by which a ritual originary
from South Korea starts, in order to go to a different dimension. The order she should follow in the buttons
would be 4th, 2nd, 6th, 2nd, 10th and 5th. The circumstances surrounding her death are
so mysterious that they inspired the plot of many TV series, such as “How to get away
with murder” and the fifth season of “American Horror Story: Hotel”. On TV, the Spanish tv show Cuarto Milenio
(The Fourth Millenium) also talked about this. 5 years have gone by and nowadays nobody knows
what really happened to young Elisa Lam. Just as Black Dhalia’s case and other terrible
crimes in history, it remains unsolved. Do you have any other theories, Tiktakers? Did you know Elisa Lam’s story? Stay away from elevators and be careful which
hotel you go to if you travel to Los Angeles, Tiktakers!

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  1. I think she was playing the elevator game…..and she was posesed by a ghost or something….to force her to kill herself but I still don't understand how did she end up in the water tank….Right now I really wanna go to that hotel! But too bad USA is too far from my country

  2. Ugh whoever killed elisa lam or a ghost killed her THEY SHOULDEN'T HAVE DONE THAT SO THIS LEGEND WOULDENT HAVE BEEN TRUE

  3. And think about it why is the elevator game traviling to a diffrent dimension maybe she went in that dimension and a ghost killed her leaving her body in that water tank and she goes to the elevator to kill everyone who talks to her or look at her for revenge

  4. Her arm in the video, nobody payed attention to that
    It was moving in a non-humanly way
    She was looking in and out of the elevator and at one point she covered her ears
    I seen the footage and heard doors opening and closing
    She also looked like she was talking to someone or something down the hall
    People from the hotel complained about seeing dead celebrities and claim to have seen other paranormal activities
    But thats still not enough evidence

    The water thing(wat ever its called)
    Yes its too heavy for her ALONE so could there have been more than 1 person involved
    And her clothes was in the water too
    This also leaves me with many questions

    Did the water thing show and forcs of entry?

    What was she saying and WHO or WHAT was she talking to?

    Does her bipolar issue have anything to do with it?

    What was wrong with her arm?

    But still

    Im just a 13 yr old -^-

  5. That is a paranormal game that game is called elevator to onother dimension the number she pressed is exactlly 4 2 6 2 10 and 5 to end the game you should enter the same elevator and press the 1st button if the elevator door has open cheack your surrounding firts if it is odd go back to the same elevator and press the button1 and dont turn your back.pls dont play this game.


  7. MAYBE this happened :
    (Elevator game)
    So she was in the elevator
    Nervous and starts pressing random numbers
    The pressing of random numbers had me thinking
    And you mentioned the elevetor game

    So when she was in the elevator , nervous and starting to press random numbers
    She may press the numbers from the elevator game
    And after that the camera saw closing the door but she wasn't there anymore
    And then she was found dead in the water tank

    So maybe after pressing the random numbers
    She was already in the other world
    And technology doesn't work there
    So it only recorded when the doors were closing
    So maybe she went out and used the stairs
    She started to lose her concentration and started being scared
    Because her surrundings were different
    And she got lost
    And then she is found dead in the water tank

    So ye that's kinda all

  8. She was super thirsty so she got guys to help her push the water thing up and they said "have a good day miss" and then she jumped in to drink but drank too much.

  9. There's a very good theory i read but its not very scary, its just pure logic. Basically is
    – She accidentally press the hold elevator button ( the button to hold the elevator for about 5-10min for moving stuff), and there's one in the hotel's elevator
    – She try to close the elevator ( hide form the elevator's eye, make sure no one pranking her, press random button)
    – When she found out the hold button she decided to go to the roof, taking photo ( alot of her instagram have roof view pictures ). The lock was very easy to open, not as hard as they claimed. An urban explorer tried about 2 month after the incident. Anyone can go through.
    – the tank already open so when she tried to take photo, she fell.

    Its just a misfortune incident cover with magic and demon. If the hotel security was as good as they claimed, this never happenend. Felt bad for the girls and her curiosity.

  10. I think that her body suddenly appeared in the water tank like kinda teleporting and her soul went to the other dimension but is sent able to get back

  11. I heard that the girl played the elevator game and went to a different dimension. But apparently only her soul went to the dimension, and she died…

  12. Right- I'mma move from LA now thank u-

    Jkjk I like to check out haunted stuff but will immediately regret once I hear or see something

  13. Somebody could have made a different passage to the water tank, or could be a worker there, or could have snuck by and used tools or something to get it open if not a secret passage into it.
    If nobody got on the elevator by the fifth floor aka a black haired woman because that's what happens on the right floor in the elevator game if you have dont it correctly by theory,then Elisa was herself and the water tank homicide is still a mystery, BUT, if she did it correctly, then she could have been possesed and gotten super strength from the sprint who was inside inside her which I deem very unlikely.Her death could have something to do with her room number, something going on at home maybe she had a love app thing and got a stalker.

  14. READ!

    If she wants to suicide why go to L.A? Or why go to the water tank? I mean she could just hang herself or jump..right?

    And how could she carry the cover of the water tank?

    Why isnt there many cctv?

    Maybe she was doing the elevator game? Cause in the "real" cctv footage it was like she was waiting for someone.

    Why didnt the elevator close?

    Why did she press to many buttons and then walk away?

    If she crawled in the tank how was it closed back up?

    Or her "weird" actions in the cctv footage was not weird. Maybe she was trying to trigger the sensor of the cctv and when it really didnt want to close she just walked out and went to another elevator?

    I think the hotel payed the police to close the case.

  15. Hello, TikTak,
    I love your scary Tuesdays, I enjoy watching them and having nightmares at night, just kidding. I forget all about it. Anyway, thanks for the Scary Tuesdays! That is my favourites series: Scary Tuesdays. Hopefully, you can start a ton new series! Maybe… Sad Monday, Flirty Thursday and others. I love your channel! 💕

  16. Did they keep tasting the water even though it tasted weird.. like stop tasting it and complain on the first day it happened..

  17. I think I know what is it!
    So she played the elevated game by accident, she walked out and might of talked to the spirits. That killer might have possessed her and killed her to trap her soul!

  18. I never a dealing that the elevator thing she was doing was actually the elevator game where after pressing the buttons correctly you are supposed to get to heaven but if pressed wrong you get to hell

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