The Strongest Man in History: Painting Challenge | Exclusive | History

The Strongest Man in History: Painting Challenge | Exclusive | History

– No visit to Stoke-on-Trent
could be complete unless we went back
to my high school. I’ve got a lot of memories at my
high school, mainly bad ones. After you.
– Thank you. – I suppose a lot of the
teachers wouldn’t like me there, but there’s one teacher that I
did actually get on with. Hi, Miss Claire. – Hi. How you doing?
– I’m good. – I’m Mrs. Hume now.
– Oh, is it? Mrs. Hume. How are you?
– Things are good, thank you. – I haven’t seen you for ages.
– I know, I know. Long time. – As a kid, I was very
mischievous. I was always the class clown. I think that’s ultimately
what led to me becoming the World’s
Strongest Man was being the class clown
at school. – You were a first-year teacher, and you had to deal
with this guy. That must have been
intimidating a little. – Um, well, not really. Because actually, he was
quite intimidating everywhere else in school,
but in the art room, he was always quite sweet
and charming. – I actually enjoyed art out of
all the subjects. I mean, art was my best subject.
I was really good at art. – Yeah, you were.
– I was. See? Today’s competition, the guys
are going to paint me. I’m going to be marking these
guys on use of color, shadow, brush strokes, a bit of
everything, really. – Wow, my ass doesn’t really fit
in this chair. – Your ass doesn’t fit in any
chair. – How about we just do a nice
sort of Roman pose like that? – I’m gonna need some more
paint. [ laughter ] – There’s one thing that’s
exactly the same between being being an artist,
and being a strongman, and that’s technique. Because if you don’t have good
technique, you’re not going to be successful at either one
of them. So exactly how does this make us
become an honorary Hall? – Because I was good at art,
and still am. So if you want to be
an honorary Hall, you’ve got to be good at art. – Huge biceps. – Come on, guys. One minute
and then brushes down. Let’s go. [ music ] [ laughter ] – Is that a house?
– Yeah. – My plan for Eddie’s painting was to be as detailed as
possible and true to Eddie as
I possibly could. – Brushes down.
That’s it. It’s done. Let’s hold all three up. I was actually really impressed
with Oberst’s painting. I love his use of color.
His imagination. It was literally like a
five-year-old kid had drew that picture.
I really liked it. I think the worst one would be
Brian Shaw’s. – Yeah, of course.
Terrible. – I actually thought he was
pretty accurate. – Thank you!
[ laughter ] – I did say he was pretty
accurate. Maybe slightly off,
unfortunately, but pretty accurate.
– Oh. – It’s a real tough one between
these two now. I mean, Nick’s is good.
He’s put a lot of effort in. He’s got the detail. But then Oberst has just got
such good creativity. I do really appreciate that
you’ve actually captured the sun smiling down on
Eddie Hall. But the winner is… Nick Best.
– Yes! Ha-ha! – I like what Nick’s doing. He’s doing a really good job of
capturing my muscles, my abs, the tattoos,
the face. He’s doing a pretty good job. – I think I’m really beginning
to like this honorary Hall
competition, guys.

100 thoughts on “The Strongest Man in History: Painting Challenge | Exclusive | History

  1. OMG how infantile, contrived and ridiculous. Pointless level 100%.
    And what are OB and Old Nick doing anywhere near The Strongest Man in History programme?

  2. At 2:04 i starting crying of laughter. Look at those 3 400 pounds kids showing their kindergarten work of art xDD oberst is the funniest one it looks like a child's xDD

  3. Wow pause at 2:19 Eddie is so huge compared to that teacher and wtf he isn’t even fat he has a visible 6 pack wtf

  4. Lmfaooo the teachers face was PRICELESS when she initially hugged Eddie & looked at who he was with..priceless 💎

  5. Crazy that the dude looks almost fat with a shirt on then he takes his shirt off and dude even has abs. And before anyone says anything, I understand the difference between a strong man/power lifter and a bodybuilder. I am just saying I'm impressed with the aesthetics he possesses.

  6. Starting to think this is less about strength and more about getting paid to compete w your bffs on Network Television.

  7. She's still good looking imagine how hot she was when eddie was in school lol. That's why he was sweet, he had a crush on her.

  8. no offense, but how do all teachers remember their students later in life? dont they have like gazillion students throughout career

  9. Wow Nick managed to win this painting challenge even though he's 50 years old and definitely not like these young guys.

  10. Looks like they were painted by 5 year-olds, lol. Yikes. Except maybe the left at least looks like a little bit of effort put in.

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