Hey there Tiktakers, and welcome to a new
Scary Tuesday. Are you ready to go into one of the most mysterious
places in this planet? Hold on tight, because we are entering the
world of Area 51… Area 51, also known as Groom Lake or Homey
Airport, is a military based built in 1955 in the South of Nevada, in the US. Its a US Air Force testing area, tho the government
never really explained what those text are about exactly. Their main objective is uncertain, and its
classified as top secret. Access is restricted to the public, and around
the area there are armed guards patrolling and watching the perimeter. It’s also forbidden to fly over the area
without permission. The routes to get there are long and full
of warning signs to dissuade visitors. This secrecy has turned Area 51 into a place
of great interest, especially for conspiracy theorists, who have even related it to the
UFO phenomenon. Specifically, after several unofficial reports
speculating about the facilities hosting bodies of aliens. The incident that led to all these theories
has its origin in the city of Roswell, state of New Mexico. On July 2nd 1947 a farmer found the remains
of an aircraft with the shape of a flying saucer on his ranch, and he reported this
to the local sheriff. Not long after, a newspaper published the
news. The US Forces rapidly denied the event was
real, and explained it was just a weather balloon of theirs. This event raised a huge interest, and several
groups of u-f-ologists started to spread different conspiracy theories. The Roswell incident lost protagonism as time
went by. Until 1978, when the researchers Stanton T. Friedman and William L. Moore restarted the mystery. After studying several testimonies, they came
to the conclusion that it had been an alien incident. And they gained credibility when the Apollo
14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, said that thanks to his contacts in the top-level government,
he had the confirmation that it was true. One of the hypothesis suggests that after
the collision of the US Forces device, they captured several aliens, some of them nearly
dead, and carried out autopsies on them while they were still alive. Another very relevant event took place in
1989, when Bob Lazar, a supposed employee in Area 51, was interviewed on tv to talk
about his job as an engineer there. He said he had seen up to 9 flying saucers
and the bodies of several aliens, and also that after revealing this secret he had been
threatened with death But without a doubt, the weirdest thing related
to Area 51 is the project known as Abigail. After WWII, one of the most famous scientists
in there, Albert Wester, decided to start a new research. It consisted on experimenting on human beings,
with the aim to improve them and provide them with exceptional abilities. Due to the high risk this implied, nobody
volunteered. And as the experiment had to be done on really
reliable people, so they wouldnt give any information to the enemy, Wester decided to
use his own daughter as his lab rat. Her name was Abigail, a student in college
who started to have all kinds of experiments done to her body, with terrible consequences. Her physical appearance changed, drastically:
her skin was wrinkling and tearing, her teeth were growing out of control and her height
increased enormously. Everybody asked Albert to quit the experiment,
but he refused. And not because of any crazy ambition, but
because he knew if he stopped her daughter would die, she needing all the substances
he was giving her. The testimonies of people working on the project
were really scary. The cooks assured they were making huge amounts
of food they would take to a big cage where they saw Wester a lot, talking to his daughter. But Abigail wasnt the same young lady that
had walked in: she was a monster now, with no traces of humanity. Two years later, with no results and really
desperate, Albert killed himself. He left a note asking them not to kill her,
begging them to bring her back to normal. The ones in charge decided not to feed her
anymore, so the monster would end up dying, and so they’d get rid of the problem. Many said that, on the first night, they heard
cries and strong scratches around the facilities. One day the alarms went on, and they realised
the creature had left its cage. At some point, she attacked several workers
who had tried to defend themselves opening fire, with no results. After the death of several operators, the
decided to lock that section in Area 51 and hide that dark experiment nobody should ever
heard of, under any circumstances… We might never know the truth. It might all be people’s lies and inventions,
obsessed with conspiracies… or maybe, the strange creatures in Area 51 manage to escape
and we find them, one day, face to face.

100 thoughts on “THE SECRETS OF AREA 51 | Draw My Life

  1. would you enter the Area 51, tiktakers? be careful! There might be monsters behind the walls… 👽👽👽

  2. Alien: I don’t believe in humans

    Alien: too cute for this world

    Me: ReEeeEeeEEeEeeEeeEeeEeEeEEeEE

    Alien: and i thought we talked weird

  3. There's a possibility that there is an ALIEN for the reason they are testing in Area 51

    About the Year mid 1990,
    There was many lights flying above and stayed in its position in America ( I think above those New York buildings ) and up until now no one still knows what that thing is floating above.

    It's impossible it's just a lighting or helicopters with that many lights floating or flying above.

  4. A
    Abigail I
    Abigail is
    Abigail is c
    Abigail is cr
    Abigail is cre
    Abigail is cree
    Abigail is creep
    Abigail is creepy

  5. 1997: We're going to have flying cars in the future!

    2019: people planning to raid area 51 while some people make area 51 memes

  6. me: watches a few area 51 vids

    still me: signs up for raid and practices narutorun

    like if u comin to the raid on sep. 20 to SEE THEM AILENS

    they cant stop all of us…

  7. My dad used to work here and they just do human experiments, autopsys (on dead people), and try out things to cure diseases, or cure other sicknesses

  8. just it’s pronounced tiktacks not TIKTOKS

    edit = yes I’m not hating I think their language is kinda um…yee yee
    But ilysm anyways❤️🔥

  9. Welcome to the comment section where we have:

    •All kinds of foods 🍪🍙🌭🌮🍤🍕

    •Drinks 🥤☕️🥛🍹

    •Animals 🐕🐈🐇

    •Blankets and pillows

    •Extras: All of your pets are safe (if you have any,) Pillow forts, and lots of lights.

  10. area 51: oh yeah we're so okay nothing happening here yeah oh no these warning signs?? oh totally not suspicous AT ALL-
    area 51 raiders: oh yeah psh totally

  11. Or maybe it’s just a military weapon base and the world is a sad realistic place where everybody including you is your enemies and you can only kill yourself inside to adapt the cruelty of this world 😭 😭 😭
    Like I said,it’s all just a theory,a commentary theory. 👍🏻

  12. Me:Who say that aliens are nice
    Everyone raises their hands
    Me:Who say that they are not nice
    One raises its hand
    idk:What if it kills me
    Me:the what
    idk:the ailens
    Everyone booing at the guy who raises the hand
    Who agrees!?

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