For his next illusion the magician will
employ this curious looking device that has a long plunger on one end. Resting on a thin table this large box
is shown to be completely empty. Both the front and back sides are open
so we can see everything. The magician calls in one of his beautiful
assistants. Looking at her costume we can almost see everything. He wants us
to take a good look at the girl because she’s about to get inside that box. A perfect fit just like her costume. The magician calls in his other
assistants and the fun begins. They draw shades in the back and the
front of the box and secure them to the face of the plunger. The line drawing on
the front is a fair depiction of the girl inside with a little artistic
license here and there. We get the idea. He hands the girl a red silk handkerchief
as a lovely parting gift. Whenever a girl gets into a magical box
we can assume something is about to happen to her. As she continues to wave
bye-bye the magician backs up to the end of the
plunger. Without warning he pushes the plunger forward presumably crushing everything in its
path, but the girl is still waving? There’s barely enough room for her
inside. She pulls the handkerchief into the box and the magician pushes the plunger all the
way forward, completely crushing the girl. As we can
see there is nothing left inside the box except for the long plunger. The girl has been completely flattened.
Her lovely co-workers don’t seem to mind. Catty. The magician withdraws the plunger and
we can see that nothing untoward has happened to the line drawing of the girl.
But will her amazing lines fare so well? The assistants rotate the box so we can
see that the shade and back has also been restored to its original condition. And now to get a look inside. He gives a magical wave and commands one
of the assistants to open the shade. There’s the girl and she’s not the least
bit flattened. Another incredible illusion that demands
a credible explanation. So how did the magician crush his
assistant flat as a pancake? As usual the secrets are inside the box. The first secret lies deep within the
base. It’s actually much deeper than it
appears closer inspection reveals a trap door in the false bottom in a secret
compartment below that is nearly a foot deep. See? Lots of room to store a girl who is
physically fit The left side of the box isn’t solid.
It’s made of spandex concealing another hiding place. When the illusion begins the girl climbs
into the box and the shades drawn but with the shade open we can see how she
quickly opens the trapdoor and slides her legs into the compartment in the
base. She presses her back against the spandex
which allows her torso to hide in the side. Snug as a bug. The magician gives her a handkerchief to
wave through a hole in the top of the box. This creates the illusion that she is
still relaxing in the centre of the box. But without the shade we can see that
she is already in her hiding spot by the time the handkerchief is placed into
her grip. She pulls it down seconds before the
magician drives the plunger all the way into the box making it appear that she
has been completely crushed without the shade. We can see that the plunger can slide
all the way in without harming her even though it is pressing tightly
against her. The secret here is that the face of the
plunger is also made of spandex. When it presses against her it’s like she’s
being crushed between two soft pillows. Nice. All that’s left to complete the illusion
is to reverse the action. The plungers withdrawn and the girl
immediately climbs back out of the base. She replaces the false bottom and gets
ready for the moment of her big reveal. And that’s how to put a crush on a girl
without breaking her heart.


  1. this trick is soooo over done everyone knew there was a compartment in the box. also look at her hand as she grab the hankerchief.the way she sat as she got in the box grabbing the towel in a unnatural side.

  2. oh yeah THX to these magic / illusion exposed and how it's done nobody will go to magic shows anymore. take a way what little

    live stage fun there was left.

  3. Были бу у неё сиськи побольше – фокус не получился бы

  4. I love your videos they are so cool that I look at them everyday don't mind me I'm your best friend I love your videos forever and ever

  5. You are my BFF Forever don't Mommy I love your videos it's okay if you text me back my sister likes your videos to don't look at my best friend videos she makes me laugh so hard that I start to cry

  6. "There's the girl…and she's not the least bit flattened."
    Well played Narrator guy, well played indeed.

  7. watch this

  8. You know how you can tell the trick was already ruined? Before closing the box she was sitting on the right side. So then when she was waving the handkerchief it clearly showed she moved to the left side.

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