“The Road To Avengers: Endgame” Concept Art! | Earth’s Mightiest Show

“The Road To Avengers: Endgame” Concept Art! | Earth’s Mightiest Show

Is Spider-Man red or blue? [GASPING] Hi I’m Nebula’s first implant. I’m Lorraine. I’m always hanging out
until Proxima Midnight. I’m Langston. And this is Earth’s
Mightiest Show. Where we talk about
all the mightiest stuff in the Marvel universe. Including the news,
so let’s get into it. First up, fire up your calendars
because the red carpet world premiere of the new
film X-Men Dark Phoenix is this Tuesday, June 4. I’ll be there with
my pal, Agent M, as we bring you all of the
glitz, glamour, and Mutant action straight from Hollywood. You can watch it all happen
live this Tuesday on Marvel.com. This next one is so cool. We’ve got it right here– The Road To Avengers: End Game
is a new hardcover book that shows you how the
design of the MCU evolves throughout the
filmmaking process, taking 2D paintings or sketches
and then just turning them into real props and
costumes and settings, in the lead up to the
biggest film ever. You better believe it. Yes, we asked you all on social
what you would like to know more about the MCU, about
the sets, costumes and props, and you had a lot to say, and
we have a lot to talk about. So, Lorraine, let’s
talk about it. First up, I think
we should talk about “The Children of Thanos.” Yeah. I mean, their design is sick. Literally, they make
me ill because they hurt so many people. Their skin is kind
of weird and gross. I love Proxima Midnight, her
eye pieces and the eye makeup. Just seeing all the
really small changes they made to get it just
right, so that you get the best version of these characters. Oh, but how about
the Iron Man armors? Oh, what are
you talking about? I love Iron Man. I’m Team Iron Man, as
you know, so seeing all the different
Iron Man iterations of the nanotech armor, it’s– I love it. Make your own hall of armor– – Yeah, please do.
– –at home. There you go. I also love the
Storm Breaker design. You don’t need to get a
dwarf from Nidavellir. You can just check
out this book, because the design is awesome. Also it’s a real long
way to travel to the forge. Hey, speaking of long ways
to travel, the Quantum Realm is pretty awesome, because,
oh, it’s just a visual feast of weird stuff and water bears. It’s great. Well, it’s crazy to think,
too, that that whole– you know, that Quantum
Realm is completely created by the MCU and all
of the artists behind it. It’s so cool. There’s a lot of cool stuff. Oh, how about this though? Yggdrasil, the World Tree. I love this book because
even down to these teeny, tiny details, it’s just
a carving from Asgard, and it’s gorgeous. And it outlines the entire
connection of the nine realms, between Earth and
Asgard and Nidavellir and all those other places. All your favorites. And hey, looks
great on your wall. Looks– really looks
terrific on your wall. Yeah, get to carving, y’all. All right, you guys
look out for The Road To Avengers: End Game wherever
books are sold, and, of course, go see Marvel Studios Avengers:
End Game in theaters now. See it again.
That’s what I did. This has me
thinking, Lorraine, about all of these realms
in the Marvel universe. Yes? Yes? Yes? OK. Any reason, or just
you like to think. No, no! Of course, no, I have a reason,
because I got to catch it with podcaster turned to
Marvel writer Travis McElroy to talk all about his
journey into mystery. Oh, mystery. Check it out. Hey everyone. I am here with amazing
performer and podcast extraordinaire, Travis McElroy. Welcome to the Marvel HQ. How are you? – I’m doing great.
– Good. Thank you for having me. I’m glad to be amongst this–
this is a beautiful set. Well designed. We’ve got stuff on the shelves. – We’ve got tons of stuff.
– It’s great. I like it. Now, do you still read comics? I do. Yes. You know, I’m
spoiler– a nerd. I don’t know how you
have time to read comics, because you host and are
on a million podcasts. My Brother, My Brother, And Me,
The Adventure Zone, Shmanners, with your wife. Yeah. How do you balance
your personal and professional nerddom? Well, luckily, I’ve
somehow manipulated my career so that the spheres overlap. My Brother, My Brother,
and Me, it’s just all references to everything. Like, we have whole
episodes where our intro will be about
movie’s coming out, and we call them Watches. So we’ve done multiple
Thor watches at this point. Since you talked about My
Brother, My Brother, And Me, if you had to swap
out your your co-hosts and add two Marvel
characters, who would you– who would it be? That’s such a good question. Especially with
the style of show we do, I think it’d be really
fun to bring in Captain America, because I don’t think
he would get half the jokes we make, and that’d be really fun. Why is that funny? And then probably Star-Lord. Star-Lord would
actually probably fit the humor very well, I think. Yeah, he has a
buoyant and bouncy kind of podcast personality. Yeah, and very,
ascerbic but a little still like a positive
kind of sensing humor. What do you think the podcast
game in the Marvel universe is like in general? There’s probably a
lot of missed episodes, because they’re like, well,
we were going to record, but the bridge was
destroyed, and so I wasn’t able to get the studio today. I bet true crime is huge
in the Marvel universe. Like, the level of weirdness
you would reach in true crime. Like, and then the
whole city disappeared, and no one knows why. You mentioned you
and your brothers are writing a story for the
War of the Realms event. Massive. Tell us about that. So my brothers and my dad are
writing Journey Into Mystery, which we have nicknamed
Babysitters’ Club, because basically Balder
the Brave, the god, has been tasked with putting
together a team to protect Thor’s new baby sister, Laussa. He’s trying to
recruit these people, but he’s kind of been out
of the game for a while. So he goes to recruit
Hawkeye, and it’s Kate Bishop. He goes to recruit Spider-Man,
and it’s Miles Morales. They’re all rolling
around in an RV, just going across the American
southwest just trying to keep the baby out of harm’s way. And then they keep
finding themselves in sticky situations. [INAUDIBLE] like that. Since we have you here, on My
Brother, My Brother, and Me, you take audiences’ questions
and you quote, “Turn them, alchemy like, into wisdom.” So we thought we’d take
advantage of that perfect brain of yours–
– Thank you, thank you. Yes. And help settle
some Marvel debates. Can you help us out with that?
– Of course. Awesome. OK, so first up,
Wolverine or Cyclops? My first impulse is Wolverine. Like, I’ve got to
go with Wolverine. As far as like interesting. Scott’s not interesting. Scott’s always [INAUDIBLE] Yes, he is. What? No. He’s designed to be
the less interesting option to Wolverine. Is Spider-Man red or blue? [GASPING] Red? I think red. Because what I picture
when I think of Spider-Man is the white eyes,
web mask face. Cap’s shield, or
Iron Man’s suit? Cap’s shield. The amount of armor
he has, you’re gonna sweat your face off. True. OK, so you’re collecting
the Infinity Stones. Which stone do you get first? I feel like the
Time one, because then that’s going to clean up a
lot of messes we make later. Better helmet, Thor or Loki? Aesthetically, Loki,
but going through doors, going through any
kind of brush, there’s tree branches and
stuff, that thing’s getting caught left and right. I’m going to say Thor’s is a
lot more ergonomically designed. That’s nice ya. Better Marvel pet,
Lockjaw for Lockheed? I’m a big dog fan. And he teleports, too, so– Yeah, right? Well, and it’s also
just like, I get dogs. I don’t know what my
chemistry is with a dragon. I don’t know. Are they like cats? Like, I don’t know. And they like snakes? I’m not saying snakes are
bad, but a snake and I just never clicked. What do you think Cable
keeps in all of those pockets? Probably just dumb, loose
candy, bits of wire he’s found. What are your general
thoughts on Fin Fang Foom? You know, I love it. I like the purple shorts. I like an onomatopoetic name. It sounds like he couldn’t
decide what his name was, and he had three
different options, and he would ask
someone, like, what do you think of Fin Fang Foom? And they’d say,
like, just all three? And he’d be like oh, yeah. Travis, you’ve solved
all of our debate. – Yeah.
– Thank you. – Just go ahead and burn those.
– I have to. Just throw them
right in the fire. Thank you so much for
hanging out with us. And you all, please,
go to McElroy.family to find out all the goings
on of the McElroy clique. Yeah, we’ve got
podcasts there, video stuff, the
stuff we’ve written, upcoming live shows,
all that stuff. Yeah, and you
gotta check out War of the Realms
Journey Into Mystery written by the McElroys. And you can remember it’s JIM. That’s how I remember
Journey Into Mystery, JIM. Oh, I love that he
calls his book “Jim.” That’s what I call all my books. Really? I’m like, hey Jim,
hey Jim, hey Jim. Because I have a lot of books. Don’t they get confused? Ah, it’s fine, Alyssa. Listen, the first three
issues of War of the Realms are out now, with
two more to go. Yeah, War of the Realms,
if you guys don’t know yet, is a big old comic event by
Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson, which
kicked off in April, but it’s continuing
through June. Yes, and also
if you don’t know, this story depicts
Malekith who is now waging a war on Midgard– that’s Earth. And he has conquered the
rest of the nine realms, and using their forces,
he’s going to try to take out our Marvel heroes. But it’s not going to happen. Heck, no.
OK. Some really good moments. We don’t want to spoil anything,
but what have been– maybe we want to share your
favorite moments. Well, like we
were talking about, I love seeing the Marvel
superheroes jump into action. They have to, because the story
opens with a bunch of frost giants and monsters
and stuff coming to essentially just Manhattan. It’s the worst you
can ever imagine. And Malekith riding
a winged tiger. It’s nuts! Holy smo- I forgot about that. It’s so rock and roll. There’s a tiger YEAH There’s
a tiger with wings in this. Are you kidding me? Yeah, what about you? I that Thorry talks. Thorry of course is Thor’s
big old dog who talks, but talks like a dog would. So he’s like, “I want to bite. Can I bite man?” Like, living for it. Also, I love when all of
the Valkyries ride in, the entire valkyrie on
all of their pegasus just being bad asses. I’m– it’s– I want it
tattooed on my soul. It’s how I feel. We know. Sometimes you can get confused. It’s confusing, the reading
order of these big events. So we are linking a War
of the Realms reading list so you don’t miss an
issue of the action. Yeah, and then tell us
your favorite Thor villain, and use the hashtag
#EarthsMightiestShow, and tune in for the red
carpet world premiere of X-Men Dark Phoenix on Tuesday, June 4,
on Marvel.com/DarkPhoenixLive. – We’ll see you next time.
– I’m Lorraine. And I’m Langston. And this is Marvel. Your universe. Yeah.

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